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What northwest state is better? Washington = pro, Oregon = con

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Started: 7/23/2015 Category: Places-Travel
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I sincerely believe that Washington is a superior state. Without even getting in to things such as natural beauty, Washington's position in the US gives a big boost to its economy and thus the quality of its cities. Seattle is becoming one of the most important cities in the techinal world, with thousands of youngsters flocking and bringing culture with them. The rich pnw culture, although shared with Oregon, is on fully display in Washington's brilliant land.


I believe Oregon is the better state by far. One it's a much more scenic state with an amazing coast, great waterfalls, great lakes, and much more.

Also Oregon has no sales tax which means you save a lot of money when you want too buy things and can buy more extra things and not worry about the the tax.

Lastly Oregon is one of the best biking friendly states in the nation
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response. Let's put your points under the microscope and see what we can find.
First, you said that Oregon is an extremely beautiful state. Although I can not deny this I don't see how this can be used in this argument because the two states have essentially the same "land to work with."
Moreover, you say that Oregon is better because there is no sales tax. Although Washington does have sales tax, it rebalances the scales with income tax, so this argument is refutable as well.
Lastly, you say that Oregon is a more bike friendly state, although it is very bike friendly, SO IS WASHINGTON!
Please tell me something that makes it stand out over Washington. Thanks


Blazers forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I don't know why you didn't post last round, but I will continue nonetheless. What makes a state "better" is its livability. Washington has a superior livability because first of all, it has more job opportunities due to the presence of large corporations such as Microsoft, amazon, and Boeing. Moreover, Washington is a generally safe state with low crime and calm neighborhoods. It also has an extremely large amount of tourist attractions, from Pike Place Market's stalls, to the majestic hills of Mount Rainer, Washington has it all. As a resident of over ten yesrs, I have found what Washington truly has to offer and have been able to enjoy its many amenities. Thanks for this debate.


Sorry my internet froze at the last moment so I couldnt sumbit my rebuttal

If you want to see how scenic Oregon is look at this website for proof

While yes washington has no income tax , Oregon income tax actully give you benifits like a College saving plan which some of your tax money helps you pay for college

In addition to biking Oregon is an amazing running state to evidence by olympic trials held there every time

Also its college UO has a reputation for being one of the best business schools in the northwest, as it founded Nike and it s marketing program is ranked one of the best in the nation

You talk about great buisnesses, Oregon has the world Nike headquarters , and the US Adidas headquarters

In colleges Oregon has one of the best private schools in the Northwest in Reed which is much harder to get in then UW and gets you in great grad schools

Finally Oregon is a much cheaper place to live then Washington
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: PRO for conduct because CON forfeited a round. They both did not have any spelling or grammatical errors. CON was the only side to actually use and site a source. I think this is a tied debate on convincing because this debate is based souly on opinion. And neither side actually persuaded me that one is "better" than the other.