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What should be done with immigration?

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Started: 11/5/2015 Category: Politics
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I believe we should build a better fence and double border patrol. Any illegal immigrants with a criminal record or criminal activity should be deported. The others should be able to become guest workers not citizens.

Ask me questions on how I will do this and debate against me.


I thank my opponent for respondid back in short notice, and will argue similarily about being against illegal immigration. However, I will argue that building a bigger fence or increasing funds for border patrol isn't the way to go. The way to go, which I will be arguing, is to reform the system on coming to the country legally. How so? By making it much more easier, faster, and more efficient than coming in illegally.

I will explain more in my argument, and wish good luck to the opposing side for this debate in both conservative view points.
Debate Round No. 1


This country currently has about 12 million illegal immigrants and something needs to be done. The fence on the border right now is completely useless. It is very easy to pass through and not doing what its supposed to. The border patrol doesn't seem to be working to well either. I suggest we build a much better fence and double the border patrol. I know this will cost a bit but I have ways to pay for it. The money will come from cutting many government funded programs such as Planned Parenthood, many pieces of healthcare, and cutting down welfare.

There needs to be something done about the illegals already in the country also. Deporting every one of them is unrealistic and Amnesty is unfair to the American people. Any illegal with a criminal record or any involvement in criminal activity should be deported. The other illegals should be able to become guest workers but not citizens. I believe this plan will work and fix the immigration problem in the U.S.


President Ronald Reagan once said in 1979 to Holmes Alexander “Some months before I declared, I asked for a meeting and crossed the border to meet with the president of Mexico. I did not go with a plan. I went, as I said in my announcement address, to ask him his ideas — how we could make the border something other than a locale for a nine-foot fence” (1).

I learned this fact recently myself that the biggest Conservative in the United State history supported immigration, even illegal immigration. Now before I get into my argument let me state that I disapprove illegal immigration for the fact that they receive more rights than our countries veterans (2). For this, I am against it but wish to provide a solution that will benefit our country as well as resolve conflict on opposing sides dealing with this issue.

Fixing the System to Come in Legally to the United states

I Legal Process
For this argument, I wish to provide the process on how to become a legal immigrant before my solution comes through. Stated in the article "Entering America Legally A Long, Costly Process" (3) "'The general point is, and my interesting perspective is: the legal process is a brutal process – it’s extraordinarily lengthy, rigorous, cumbersome and expensive – and crossing the border, ironically, is so much easier … and scumbags can come here, and American-loving people like me have to scratch and claw and bankrupt themselves practically in the process,' Adams said. Real complicated, at there has been events in which by the time the approvement comes to come in legally takes 23 years. Not worth the wait at that point, and hence the reason of why they come here legally (4).

II Solution
The solution to this issue is to reform the system to make it easier for illegal immigrants to come into this country. The first is to put heavier funding for background checks by the FBI for immigrants. The process is as follows: "Interagency Border Inspection System (IBIS) name check, FBI fingerprint check, and FBI name check" (5). Funding for the FBI's technology for conducting background checks will make the process go faster.

Secondly, drop the cost into coming to the states legally after the background checks. The price for it is about $2500, which for an immigrant 98% of the time they are trying to come into the states for employment or for family, they don't have that type of money (6 & 7). At least dropping it down to about $500 is better for them to come in legally.


I Recieve Equal Treatment Compared Similarily to Those in the States
The first main advantage is that rights are recieved equally than those who have lived in the States for years. There is no unfair treatment, and everyone can be happy. As well as they will pay an equal amount of their service in the United States, similarily to everyone else.

II Does Certain Tasks
Now in the United States, I like to point out how spoiled we can be at times. If we were given the choice between working on a farm to a fast food restraunt, at least 85% of Americans would select a fast food restraunt because of a higher pay (8). The United States is standardly greedy, and I admit myself as being greedy, but because of this; less people will work on farms. Who will take the job? Immigrants would because of willing to work for any pay, compared to the United States (9). Because of this, we can keep a stability in the farming of our society.

III Economic Benefits
And of course one of the greatest benefits is an increase in our countries economy. With immigration allowed in the United States, our economy will benefit greatly. "According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, small businesses owned by immigrants employed an estimated 4.7 million people in 2007, and according to the latest estimates, these small businesses generated more than $776 billion annually". As well as promote more businesses within our country. For more benefits, you can check the source below (10).


Debate Round No. 2


I see your point and I agree. The legal immigration process is very time consuming and expensive and making this easier would probably help solve some of illegal immigration. More than 50% of illegal immigrants were convicted criminals in the last year ( Illegals that are coming over to smuggle drugs or other illegal activity aren't going to even try to come over legally. You talked about putting more funding for background checks and that is a very good idea but those coming over for illegal purposes know they don't have a chance and will just come over illegally. Even if coming over legally is made easier coming over illegally will still be easier and many will gravitate towards that option.

What are you going to do with all the illegals currently in the country? Are you going to keep the border the same as it is now? If you do nothing only few immigrants coming over for ONLY good purposes will no longer come over illegally. I agree that the legal immigration system should be fixed but this alone will not fix this problem.


I will agree, and it is true that there is crime with illegal immigration, however I will argue that no system is perfect.

A System Won't be Perfect
Lets take a look at building a wall, and increasing in border patrol. You can do that, but it will not stop all illegal immigration. You build a wall, they can dig a hole and cross that wall. In fact, the percentage of illegal immigrants in our country is 3.5% compared to others in the country (1). That is a small percentage, and I will admit that that half of that percentage is crime, but even so that is only 1.75% of the country. Yes there will be some crime because of course no system is perfect, however like I stated in the previous round "Which for an immigrant 98% of the time they are trying to come into the states for employment or for family" (2).

Response to Opponent's Questions
In this round, my opponent asked me a few questions and will answer them. For his questions, I will italicize them and give a response.

What are you going to do with all the illegals currently in the country?
We track them down, and deport them back until they do the legal system.

Are you going to keep the border the same as it is now?
I will say "yes" because if a majority of illegals are searching for a job, but the only reason they come here illegally is because of the system; the system needs to be changed. Also, its much cheaper to do this system than building a wall.

Debate Round No. 3


I see what you are saying but increasing our border will still keep a lot of illegals out. This is the same with your plan people will still come over illegally. You said that you would deport all illegals currently in the country. This is unrealistic and you would be removing hard working good people from the country. I agree that it would also remove the people who shouldn't be here but you can't just kick every one out.


You can actually because they have a card to determine if they are here either illegally or legally. And when I was referring to kick them out, I was more so mentioning that we should put some kind of influence on them to notify them "Hey you're here illegally, we will kick you out unless you follow the legal way to come here". So we won't kick them out physically, we will bring an influence to follow the legal system. We will at least give a chance for them before drastic actions are made, but if they fail to cooperate then that is when we kick them out physically.

To conclude this debate, I would like to state how this debate went. My opponent argued on putting a border fence around the United States, but he failed to provide any evidence on how this can be achieved as well as its benefits. While I provided a logical system, with evidence to support on why it needs to be reformed. Then my opponent failed to Rebuttal my arguments, by more so asking a question which I answered. The answers I gave to the questions, he did not follow through with a couner argument or anything. Also, in the final round, my opponent agreed with me that no system is perfect but failed to provide how is system is better than my own.

For this reason, I urge voters to vote Con! Also, I thank my opponent for this debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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I also forgot my sources by mistake. Here are my sources:
Posted by Haha9300 2 years ago
Posted by Haha9300 2 years ago
SnazAttack that would be fine.
Posted by SnaxAttack 2 years ago
If I debate this, can we both be Con about illegal immigration but provide different solutions on how it should get done?
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