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What would win in a fight 4 Raptors or 1 T-rex?

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Started: 3/5/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I think that the Raptors could with out a problem (Maybe not with out) take down a T-rex. You the contendor will be fighting for the T-rex.

1) Acceptence (first statment)
2) Argument
3) Final statment/rebuttal


I accept this debate. Seeing as my opponent did not define any terms, I would like to post a few definitions.

Raptor: : a bird (such as an eagle or hawk) that kills and eats other animals for food [1]

I look forward to my opponent's opening remarks.

Debate Round No. 1


Nice, I was going to use the definition to my advantage (though it can be a disadvantage) because from what I've seen most people on this site are not to keen in looking up definitions. For this I'll be using the prehistoric bird; Adasaurus (It's not nearly as well known as more famous raptors like Velociraptor or Deinonychus, but the fact is that, technically, Dromaeosaurus ("running lizard") has given its name to the entire raptor line--a group of bipedal, feathered, predatory dinosaurs better known among paleontologists as "dromaeosaurs.")

Now I believe you'll be using , now ant that one beefy animal? But it does have limitations, such as it gets easily tunnel visioned (as far as we know) and the fact that it'll be going up against a pack of four Adasaurus, which by their name 'running lizard' these little things are fast, and could easily out run a Tyrannosaurs especially with the size advantage in a close corers terrain such as a forest. Now with that in mind we should also establish an area of which this battle would take place, lets say A small area of cleared forest, surrounded by a thick forest (The open area for the T-rex and the forest bit for the Adasaurus) on top of that lets throw in some water ( such as a lake) on the upper end of the clearing.

Now that we have the area they are in we can resume, like the T-rex the Adasaurus have sharp claws, and like its cousin the Velociraptor it has one large claw on each foot, given like most prehistorical animals we don't know much about them so other then what I just mentioned there is not much more on them other then, we know they were feathered with a slight exo-skeleton.

I will now give it up to you good sir.


As my first piece of evidence, I'd like to post this link relating to a t-rex vs. two velociraptors.

Now, with this in mind, we must take into account the new characteristics of the Adasaurus. It's size is presumably smaller than that of the velociraptor being only 5.9 feet long in comparison to 6.8 feet long. My opponent has graciously stated that, indeed, these little buggers may run faster than that of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, is may not be the case. It's believed that, with the T-Rex's massive legs, it could run up to 25 miles per hour and cross about 15 feet in one step.

Allow us to do a quick look at what the T-Rex has to offer. I will be listing many of its physical traits, including those that may be non-advantageous to it. Standing 20 feet tall and 40 feet long, this behemoth of a dinosaur weighed roughly 8 tons. It came prepared with two, three-clawed feet on powerful legs that allowed for great strides and powerful steps. In the terrain that was described above, I've no doubt that the Adasaurus may be able to out-maneuver the T-Rex. I do question what would happen when the behemoth barreled straight through the trees though with the propulsion of these legs and its thick, 5 foot long skull.

Inside the T-Rex's skull, we are looking at a mouth that is made for killing. Pairing the T-Rex's mouth with its neck, this dinosaur's teeth have been rumored to shatter bones with one bite. The sheer size of the skull forced the T-Rex to compensate with large neck muscles allowing it the extra oomph behind its bite. It is estimated that in each bite, the T-Rex exerted up to 4 tons of pressure per square inch.

One thing I will ultimately concede to in this debate is that the tyrant lizard was a bit of a dunce. Its brain was thought to be about the size of a peanut. However, in this tiny brain, scientists believe that much of its sensory ability was dedicated to smell meaning that this baby was a hunter. The T-Rex also had excellent vision. With its eyes set in the front of its head, it had vision not unlike humans. Scientists believe that the depth perception of a T-Rex was rather decent. The Adasaurus can run but I would like to see it hide from this deadly combination.

Finally, it brings us to the tail of the T-Rex. This massive thing acted as a counter-balance to the T-rex's massive noggin. One sweep of this thing would bring enough force to at least knock the wind out of such a small foe like the Adasaurus.

I look forward to my opponent's rebuttals.

Debate Round No. 2


That was a nice one my friend, first lets bring up some of the facts you stated lets go with the first one that caught my eye " behemoth barreled straight through the trees though with the propulsion of these legs and its thick, 5 foot long skull" now I can't deny if this thing came at my smashing though the tree I'd be shitting my pants (please excuse my language), but sure the T-rex could easily smash trough these 'twigs' but we need to take in count that smashing through anything that large would impair sight and through off the scenes as well as well as cause a mass amount of sound (of which could be used to cover up movement)

Next lets go through; "Standing 20 feet tall and 40 feet long, this behemoth of a dinosaur weighed roughly 8 tons. It came prepared with two, three-clawed feet on powerful legs that allowed for great strides and powerful steps." These are beastly, compared to the Adasaurus no daught about that, the Adasaurus specs are; At six feet (two meters) long and two feet (.7 meters) tall, normally about he size of a large dog, Adasaurus weighed only 33 pounds (15 kilograms) and may have had feathers. Like Velociraptor dinosaurs, it was bipedal with a big, sickle-like claw on each foot. Now it doesnt say how large the claw was and because of this we'll just use (or say) that it was about the size of a Velociraptor's claw which was; sharp, deadly, sickle-shaped, retractible, 3.5 inch (9 cm) long claw on each foot (located on each second toe) and we'll also say that it can run around the same as a Velociraptor (Due to them being similar in many ways) Velociraptor may have been able to run up to roughly 40 mph (60 km/hr) for short bursts. When we compare these two things (T-rex to Adasaurus) they are very different. ( Now I hope you are fine with me basing all my facts on the Velociraptor due to the limitations we have on the Adasaurus, when I picked it I thought there was more on it xD) Now these things hunted in packs, and similar to other Raptors they were relatively smart and have good communication with one another; another thing id like to address is ; "This enlarged claw, which could be over 6.5 cm (2.6 in) long around its outer edge, was most likely a predatory device used to tear into prey, possibly delivering a fatal blow" Now we'd have to assume that this claw could penetrate scales (specifically that of a T-rex), as well as; The jaws were lined with 26"28 widely spaced teeth on each side, each more strongly serrated on the back edge than the front, now looking trough the Wiki I couldn't find any thing on the bite force, (such as you could find with a T-Rex) but I look something similar as a reference (1 newton = 0.224808943 pounds force, so 1394 newtons would be 313.38 pounds force ) these bite force is based off of dogs that have a similar mouth layout as that of a Raptor.

Next lets look at; "its brain was thought to be about the size of a peanut. However, in this tiny brain, scientists believe that much of its sensory ability was dedicated to smell meaning that this baby was a hunter" Raptors (as well as pack hunters in general) where said to be the smarter ones of a group, but this doesn't mean much in a scenario like this , it'll be mainly on the 'fighting power' of the animals, but we can't just rule it out, being smart and witty can be a large determining factor to a fight.

Now lets look at; "tail of the T-Rex. This massive thing acted as a counter-balance to the T-rex's massive noggin. One sweep of this thing would bring enough force to at least knock the wind out of such a small foe like the Adasaurus." Why yes the tail is a great foe to the Adarsaurus, the tail could easily wimp them out in one hit, and going behind the T-rex in general would be death (lets look at Jurassic park, when the raptors are fighting the T-rex, such as in the video you linked, they avoid the back tail area and jump on its back, and in doing this the T-rex then shakes to get it off, then right after turns to engulf another Raptor), now this shows the smarts of the Raptor as well as the strength of the T-rex.

Good debate and I look foreword to your rebuttal, it was fun good sir.

Sources sited:


What I would like to do with my final round is utilize all of the facts that have been put into place and attempt to simulate how I believe this would play out should this deathmatch occur. You, as the voter, will have to use your imagination a bit and try to imagine a sort of "Deadliest Warrior" type of scenario. DO NOT START PLAYING THE YOUTUBE VIDEO UNTIL NOTED TO DO SO BELOW

Utilizing the terrain that my opponent has provided, we shall imagine the landscape being a sizeable clearing in the center of a forest (the size of the clearing has been changed to accomodate the idea of a lake). On one side of the clearing we see the shining, shimmering glow of a lake under the sun. On the other, a large 20 foot tall, 40 foot long beast comes lumbering out of the forest with a large thud. The Tyrannosaurus Rex stands looking out at the clearing in all of its muscular glory. It lumbers further into the clearing when it stops. It senses something in the woods stalking as if the tyrant lizard had suddenly become prey.

A blur is caught from the corner of the T-Rex's eye running behind a tree. A twig is heard snapping on the opposite side. Suddenly, an Adasaurus comes from the woods to the T-Rex's right, luring its attention. As the T-Rex turns to face its newfound foe, suddenly three more Adasauri (proper pluralization?) burst from the forest. One coming from the left, one coming from the right, and one coming from behind. Here, the T-Rex's instincts begin to kick in. It would appear lunch has come to him on this fine afternoon.

As the Adasauri surround the T-Rex, the behemoth lets out a deafening roar to attempt to intimidate its foes. As the T-Rex swivels about, he manages to catch one of the Adasauri unaware with his massive tail thus breaking its neck as it impacts into the side of its head. The situation very suddenly comes down to three Adasauri against one Tyrannosaur. The two Adasauri on the sides of the T-Rex begin to charge as the third attempts to keep the tyrant lizard's attention on him by feinting as if he were going to charge as well.

As the two Adasauri draw close enough, they leap up and dig into the sides of the T-Rex using the large claws on each of its feet. The T-Rex roars in pain as the raptors slice at its skin with their claws. Using the technique shown in the afformentioned YouTube video, the T-Rex attempts to shake off the intruding raptors. As one is shaken off, the other gets just jostled enough to where it faces the large, flesh-ripping teeth of the behemoth. While the T-Rex rips the second Adasaurus apart, the remaining two make haste back to the forest to regroup.

Realizing that his prey is getting away, the Tyrannosaur attempts to give chase to no avail. As the dinosaurs move further and further into the forest, the Adosaurus has proven its agility and speed by outmaneuvering the T-Rex. As it stands in the forest, the T-Rex attempts to use its acute sense of smell to locate its target. He acquires the scent and turns in the direction that it is coming from. There, upon a fallen tree, stands one of the Adasauri. The T-Rex begins barrelling through the forest, bashing through trees and breaking branches with it's thick, mighty skull. For once in its life, the Adasaurus stands there " shitting its pants" (under the assumption that said dinosaur was even wearing pants. I mean, it was a dinosaur. We'll call these pants the hypothetical pants of theoretical possibilities. Yay dinosaurs.). The T-Rex begins to rip into the third Adasaurus.

After it has enjoyed its meal, the T-Rex finds itself incredibly disoriented. Its vision has been blurred and it may be slightly concussive after breaking through trees and branches. Its small mind is unable to comprehend exactly what is happening. As the T-Rex stands dumbfounded, the final Adasaur makes its appearance and attempts what shall be its final stand.
(At this point, it is recommended you start playing the YouTube video)

The Adasaurus charges the T-Rex and makes the same leap onto its side that the second one did back in the clearing. The T-Rex, in its disoriented state, stumbles into a thick oak tree. The Adasaurus begins ripping at it with its claws in a mad frenzy, hoping desperately to put this behemoth down. The Tyrannosaur roars in pain once again, shaking the leaves above with the reverberations of its noise. As adrenaline begins coursing through each dinosaur's veins, a final wind is drawn and giving new life to each hope.

The T-Rex manages to shake the Adasaurus off of its side once more. This is it. The T-Rex charges the Adasaurus. The Adasaurus uses its small size and agility to its advantage once more as it dodges the frenzied snap of the T-Rex's mandible. The Adasaurus manages to get a claw into one of the T-Rex's eyes. With its depth perception gone, the T-Rex is unable to rely on sight as it once could. The Adasaurus makes its move to the rear of the T-Rex hoping to find an area to latch on to. In its frenzy, the T-Rex swings its body wildly, clipping the Adasaurus with its massive tail.

Taking this knock to the head results in a concussive blow to the Adasaurus, disorienting it. The Adasaurus stumbles against a tree as it lets out a desperate screech of its own, hoping more may hear its cry. Using this to help focus in on his target, the T-Rex steadies itself and uses its sense of smell to pinpoint where the Adasaurus is. As the T-Rex approaches his target slowly, the Adasaurus readies itself once more. Alas, the blow from the tail left it so it could not stand properly. The Adasaurus stands as well as it can, heavily favoring its right leg. The T-Rex lets out one more roar as it closes its jaw upon the Adasaurus' head, crushing its skull with 4 tons of pressure.

As the Adasaurus falls limp to the ground in the forest, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, tyrant lizard, king of all the dinosaurs, releases a final, triumphant roar into the sky. It has won and it has prevailed. Against all four, intelligent pack hunters, its strength, massive frame, and sense of scent has prevailed.

This is the battle of the T-Rex and four Adasauri. This is the debate to lead other "Raptor vs. T-Rex" debates into extinction. This is the end of it all. And when it is all said and done, the Tyrannosaurus Rex stands battered, bruised, bleeding, missing an eye, and victorious. The tyrant lizard has won.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by codemeister13 3 years ago
Ah, it's quite alright, Taylur. It was all in good fun. He's come back with a solid response. I'll get to work on scraping together some sources. Well done turning the tides back, sir. Well played.
Posted by IAlwaysWinDebates 3 years ago
Not necessarily, due to there being different definitions, its all on who the other person interprets it. I was going for a mix of both definitions.
Posted by Taylur 3 years ago
Raptor: "a small or medium-sized dinosaur that ate other animals" -- from the same source that con cited.

I hate people who play the ignorance card and twist the semantics. Context was implicitly stating 'raptor' in the dinosaur sense.
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Reasons for voting decision: A bizarrely entertaining debate. It really just comes down to who's tale one believes more as there really isn't much to objectively vote on. All in all I would say con arguments just seemed to fit be more believable.