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When passing by someone in a hall or isle, should one do so turning one backside to them or crotch?

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Started: 4/18/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is a question of etiquette. There are of course situations where one may not prefer to turn their backside. However I am keeping this to encounters between decent people with honest intentions. I say it is appropriate to turn ones backside to someone when passing by them in an isle or close hallway.


When passing someone seated, there are people who would prefer you didn't pass them with your backside near their face. There is also a fear that a person might sit on your lap not knowing you are there. People seated could just stand up if they don't want to risk being sat on or smell something unpleasant, but if they did that they'd still have their crotch area brushed by someone's backside, which I wouldn't mind if it were an attractive woman, however I'm sure both women and men wouldn't want to excite strangers.

When passing someone standing in a tight space, I think people would prefer people to pass with their crotch to them, if anything does rub it is likely to be the belly. As you squeeze through you can say 'sorry' to their face, whereas if you pass with your backside to them you're unlikely to say anything as they wouldn't have seen your face and if they do hear you say something they won't think you mean it.

Pass with crotch to people all the time.
Debate Round No. 1


If one were to accidentally sit in someone's lap due to losing balance it may be uncomfortable. However if one loses their balance while passing a seated person with the crotch a sexual harassment charge could result. It would be difficult to determine if it were an accident when ones crotch is planted in someone's face.
Passing someone in a hall turning ones back is less threatening. It's submissive in nature. Especially if one were passing by a lady. As I said in my opening all this is assuming a situation in decent society.


If someone tries to pass someone in a tight space with their crotch facing them and they then accidentally lose their balance, their crotch would be nowhere near that person's face. This is because it is natural to put your hands out to stop yourself falling while also moving your bum away to regain balance. Even when falling flat on the floor, you're not going to want to bash your knees, you want to touch the ground or something with your hands as soon as you can to minimize damage to yourself, so your crotch will be the last thing to touch anything.

People usually prefer to lean against a wall with their backside to it, as that is most comfortable. When someone does the opposite i.e. something they'd rather not do, it tells you they are a nice guy and that it's okay to pass without saying anything since it is polite to talk to someone's face and impolite to talk if they aren't facing you. Passing with your backside to a person instead of your backside to a wall is least comfortable for you.

If someone turns their backside to me in a useless attempt to help me I might pass with my backside to them but I wouldn't worry about which way I pass in that situation as that person has made a decision that makes them feel mentally (though not physically) comfortable either way.

The only reason why you would want to pass with your backside to someone is if you don't want to ask for their permission to pass, or don't wish to apologize to them for squeezing past them. Put yourself in their position, would you prefer someone asked you if it was okay to get past you, or said 'thank you' for letting them pass?
Debate Round No. 2


As far as where or how an unstable person's crotch might land you can't know for sure. A face or crotch can be just as uncomfortable for some people to come into contact with as a clothed buttocks is for you. You may find it more acceptable that your gentles rub on someone's belly. But most of us would have less issue with a quick rubbing of the backside. I'm sure most females would feel very uncomfortable with your gentiles rubbing on their belly.
Passing by a stranger has nothing to do with the most comfortable way for you to talk to them. The two of you are in passing. The best course of action is the one that leads to the least amount of interruption and intrusion. The face and the gentles are far more intimate in nature. You aided my argument describing the "nice guy" would do the least comfortable thing for himself. Which you stated would be turning his front side to the wall.
Finally the question in debate is not should you ask permission to pass. The question in debate is not whether you would say thank you or any other verbal expression for that matter. The question in debate is simply when passing by someone in a tight space should one turn to one's backside or crotch. The backside is the least intimate and intrusive. It is a somewhat submissive action moving on with your business and not disrupting anyone else. That is the polite thing to do. It's as you put it "what a nice guy" would do.


In round two I explained how a person's body falls, anyone who has fallen or who has seen someone fall i.e. everyone, should know this is true, which is why I didn't bother to support this with evidence. Pro seems to think that when someone falls accidentally they lose their reflexes or control of their body, and so when passing someone with their crotch toward them they could accidentally land in such a way that may be considered sexual harassment. Below is a video of people falling which proves Pro is incorrect, if you pause after 1 second you can clearly see that when someone falls forward the offensive part of their body is last to touch the ground (or person), and when falling backwards the bum is first to hit the ground. Thus there is no reason to be afraid of accidentally causing discomfort using my method to pass someone.

I am fully aware of the question. Considering other people's preferences is important when making any decision. It is also important to think about what is comfortable for you. Keeping your backside to a wall is far more comfortable than facing it, this is why school children may be told to face walls for punishment. Two people could face each other with only their shoes touching, but when both turn to face a wall their backsides will touch. This means that passing someone with your backside to them does not create more space. It is only polite to turn around when someone else wants to pass you.

Pro says "most of us would have less issue with a quick rubbing of the backside" he has not proven this. If you face the person you are passing, that person will know you have seen them, and know you won't rest on them. They will believe you are considerate and are more likely to want to say 'thank you' since they can do so to your face. Being able to see your facial expression makes it easier for someone to believe you mean what you say. Whereas a person who faces their back to someone will appear inconsiderate even if he says 'sorry about that'.

Thanks for creating this debate, hope you have found it enjoyable too
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Youdontknowjeff 2 years ago
I have found this debate enjoyable. Thank you for engaging. This was my first real debate on this site. While I believe I'm right, con has made a somewhat convincing arguement to me. It's a subjective issue but aren't most of them. Thanks again mostlogical.
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
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