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Where does the white man live?

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Started: 5/28/2011 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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A resolution based on simple logic: If the red man lives in the red house, and the blue man lives in the blue house and the black man lives in the black house, then the white man does not live in the white house.


I accept this debate, and look forward to a very interesting challenge.

I am a little bit uncertain about what my stance is to be on this- as my opponent was unclear. However, in his opening statement he made the claim that "the white man does not live in the white house", so I am assuming that this is what he is arguing.
My job, then, is to prove that, given the previous premises, I must use simple logic to show that the white man lives in the white house.

My opponent begins by saying that this is a resolution "based on simple logic". There are two types of simple logic, according to Aristotle, inductive logic and deductive logic[1]. He also gives us three premises to work off of: "The red man lives in the red house", "The blue man lives in the blue house", and "The black man lives in the black house". These are the only three premises that we can assume are true, and our conclusion as to where the white man lives must be drawn logically from the three previous premises.

Deduction would prove the conclusion by showing that the white man does indeed live in the white house. However, deduction, in this case, is not possible. I must instead turn to induction as the method of determining the conclusion.

Through inductive logic, I must make a generalization based on the previous premises, and use the generalization to provide the most likely conclusion. For example, consider the following premise: The sun has risen every day for my entire life. I could make the generalization that the sun rises every day, and come to the conclusion that the sun will rise tomorrow. I have no deductive evidence, but I have used inductive reasoning to reach the most likely conclusion.

I will attempt to do the same here. Our premises are:

1. The red man lives in the red house.
2. The blue man lives in the blue house.
3. The black man lives in the black house.

I can draw a generalization from this that says that:

The (color) man lives in the (color) house.

Therefore, I can reach the most likely conclusion that:

The white man lives in the white house.

Debate Round No. 1


jar2187 forfeited this round.


As my opponent has forfeited, I ask that you please vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by quarterexchange 7 years ago
The President lives in the white house
Posted by i8JoMomma 7 years ago
he used to live in the US....not no its all about....towel heads.....pud packing tea bags and illegals hopping across the border like jumping beans
Posted by Brian314 7 years ago
I asked "Which is correct?", and you replied with "Yes". That doesn't answer the question. Which side am I arguing?
Posted by Brian314 7 years ago
I just realized that I accepted this debate without really knowing which side I'm arguing. Am I arguing that the white man lives in the white house, or that the white man doesn't live in the white house? At first, when I saw that you ended your statement with "the white man does not live in the white house", I assumed that you meant that as what you were arguing as Con. Now, looking back on it, I realize that you could have meant that as part of the resolution, meaning that you would be arguing that the white man does live in the white house as Pro. Which is correct?
Posted by Cliff.Stamp 7 years ago
No the correct answer is that underneath we are all the white man and thus he lives in all of our houses, except Freedo who denies that houses or white men exist.
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
Obviously you are just gonna say "Obama!"
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