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Whether Women should be entered in the Military Draft

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Started: 10/26/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Women were not built like men. They are not prepared to be in front line combat like men are. They're mentality is different. You can't change that.


This round will be a bit short on mind end due to such a hectic schedule.

Contention 1: Allowed into the frontlines.

The one thing that we need to focus in this debate is the wording of the resolution in terms of allowed. We can see that many opponents of the resolution use arguments of harms of women injured in the frontlines and so forth. The resolution isn't a forcing of females into the frontlines, but a permission and the opening up of the role to women. Does this mean that all women would become infantry grunts? The answer is simply no. We currently are not aware of the numbers that would occur with the women being permitted into the frontlines, but we have to realize that this only opens the avenue for women to acquire MOS's that are in relation to frontline combat roles. For all we know, women might not elect to join the frontlines or military officers may discriminate to bar them from entry, but legally they are still able to acquire and apply for these roles.

Contention 2: Female numbers

One thing we cannot deny is the simple fact that women are a rising force in the US military. They currently make-up 14% of the military and do many other things for the US military to include nearly 16% of officers are women [1]. They only account for 2.7% of all frontline operations. We would have to see that looking at many arguments here that there are very little numbers here to be susceptible to harms in the military due to the fact that they are such a small number of frontline military, but they do make up a huge portion of officers, so we have to permit their lines here to see that there would be hindrance of the military operations if we fail to allow them in the frontlines and since their numbers aren't the largest, we could see that any harms would be mitigated.

Contention 3: Don't ask don't tell

In another argument, we can see that in 2011, that President Obama lifted Don't ask Don't tell. Many of the similar arguments against openly gays being in the military were similar to those of women, with sexual assault, troop sexual attraction, and so forth. The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell is a lead into the repealing of these archaic laws against women in the frontline.


1. (

Debate Round No. 1


If Women are allowed in the military draft, what would happen to those few families that lose both their mother and father? Especially those with children involved. The children would have no job and no money. Even if they did have money they would not know how to use it. I agree with you that they can be put in the front lines, or anywhere, but they should not be forced to register for a draft if a war was to occur. Honestly, I don't think Men should have register either. Women are always screaming for equal rights, when really it should be the Men. It doesn't make any sense to draft people unwilling to fight. If they wanted to fight they would join the army themselves. There are women in the military, and they are great, but they just are not built for combat. If they join willingly, sure, but a draft, no.


I would like to put out the disclaimer that I'm personally against the draft, but this has nothing against this debate.

I would like to remind my opponent that a simple register for the draft does not mean they will be called into service. We haven't had a draft in years since the Vietnam war. Registering for the draft does not mean much of anything, so my opponent's arguments are blown completely out of purportion in this debate.

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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by EnglandAm3 1 year ago
I agree with the Instigator Austin702. Women should not be entered into the Military Draft. I am a Women and I sure wouldn't want my daughter to go to the military if she doesn't want to.
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