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Whether homeschooling should be illegal

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Started: 8/1/2013 Category: Education
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I am voting against whether homeschooling should be illegal.

1st round will just be acceptance


I accept. For the record, I'm being Devil's Advocate.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting justin.graves!
I will now be arguing that homeschooling should not be made illegal.


1) Homeschoolers statistically rate significantly higher during test-taking in all subjects. Studies also show that homeschoolers graduate at a higher rate than their peers. If homeschooling produces better grades, then it should not me made illegal.

2) Contrary to common belief, homeschoolers are not goofy, unsocial nerds. I know several homeschoolers that are just normal people like you and me. Homeschooling does not strip a person of all social life, rather it gives them a chance to be shown the world in a different light.

3) Almost every homeschooler that I know loves what they're doing and doesn't want to quit to go to public school. Making homeschooling illegal would only upset the community.

4) When comparing homeschooling DSS scores to private and public schooling, by the time homeschoolers graduate from high school, they are quite literally off the charts.



Now, I don't quite understand my opponent's prompt. "Whether homeschooling should be illegal." I typed in whether homeschooling into Google and came up with "Did you mean 'Weather Homeschooling?'" So, I think that's what is what my opponent means. So,

1. If someone wants to become a weather man or a meterologist, you can get a good start learning at home. There are cources you can take to learn more before college. I see nothing bad about that.

2. It helps you be more socially accepted. When you can just look at the sky and know if it will rain or not, you are a good asset to have around.

3. You will get to be on TV someday. Every kids dream is to be on TV, so why wouldn't you want a kid's dream to come true? I understand that homeschooling is great, as my opponent stated last round, but I don't understand why she doesn't like weather homeschooling.

I await my opponent's response.

Debate Round No. 2



1) My opponent says: "I typed in whether homeschooling into Google and came up with "Did you mean 'Weather Homeschooling?'" So, I think that's what is what my opponent means. So,"

I meant whether as in an issue. Whether would also be accompanied by the words "or not." Ex. Whether or not Barack Obama should be president, Whether or not abortion should be legal etc. These issues are shortened by dropping the "or not" to make them simpler Ex. Whether Barack should be president, Whether abortion should be legal, etc.

All my opponents previous arguments are now negated.


OK, that makes sense now. My opponent is against questioning whether homeschooling should be illegal. Well, Bruce Lee once said "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." I think you need to question everything and see whether you believe it and why. Not doing that would be a gross intellectual downfall. That, and not wording your debate questions well. Or else those dang trolls will get into it and who knows WHAT will happen then. And then all those people who are so sarcastic that you can never tell if they are being serious or not...

To summarize:

1. Everything needs to be evaluated.

2. Word your questions well.

Thank you and good night.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by justin.graves 5 years ago
Hey, phil42, mind opening up your private messaging so we could chat about DDO?
Posted by Poetaster 5 years ago
Why don't you state the resolution as "Homeschooling should remain legal," and argue as Pro? It's much simpler and will avoid positional confusions for the readers and voters.
Posted by JustinAMoffatt 5 years ago
I'm a bit biased ;)
Haha but I was gonna take this if you were Pro. But you're not. :)
So good luck!
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
While depending on the parents involved it can be terrible, those few cases don't pollute it enough to change the law.
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