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Whether safe sex should be promoted through education at schools.

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Started: 11/21/2014 Category: Education
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1) Now more than ever young men and women have been suffering from numerous STDs and teen parenthood still remains as one of the most important issue of the younger generation, therefore It is very important for young adults to learn about the many sexual transmitted diseases that exists and how to avoid becoming parents at a young age; they should have the option of learning the Information, statistics, and treatment guidelines of STDs as well as how to take good care of themselves to avoid any unwanted pregnancies and they both can be achieved by teaching kids, as early as it is convenient about safe sex. Teach them why it is important and how to perform it.

2) Although it is understandable that abstinence is the best way to go, unfortunately the sexual desire of many teens cannot be controlled- there is a point when a young teen becomes aware of this fundamental desire to be part of something or someone special
and the experimenting begins and it is important that when this happens they understand what it's the right thing to do.

C) Therefore, safe sex should be promoted through education at schools.


1) How is it the governments place to teach kids about safe sex at School? Parents should be the ones to talk to their children about this.its their Job, some do not feel comfortable having their kids learn this. School should be a place of learning and focusing on your future, not on how to put on a condom! Teaching the kids about sex and practicing safe sex is just feeding them the idea that if you use contraception there is no consequences for your actions!
2) they should be abstinence till marriage, might be difficult but possible to not cause STDS and prevent pregnancies.
3) therefore, safe sex should not be promoted or advertised through education at schools.
Debate Round No. 1


In America, education is considered a human right. Parents are not necessarily expected to take it into their hands to teach their kids about history or math so the government gives the kids the opportunity to learn about many different things. Why should safe sex be any different than any other subject? I personally believe that in its everyday life a person would most likely need to know how to perform safe sex than how to solve a quadratic equation, if not then just as important. We cannot automatically expect parents to teach their kids about safe sex because what if they never explain the whole concept? the problems that have already been caused by parents not having proper talks about safe sex with their kids are extremely and shamelessly high.

Young adults should not be expected to wait until marriage to have sexual relations. They should be encouraged but in the world in which we live in today, let's be honest, they cannot be expected to.
and therefore not teach them about safe sex would be barbaric. We should start now before is too late; before more kids start suffering from STDs that they were not even aware of to begin with, or before its too late and kids start dropping out of school to become teen parents and let's not even get into the topic of the psychological effect abortion has on young women.

This taboo of talking about sex to young adults has to stop for their own good and that is why, once again, I believe sex should be promoted through education at schools.


1) Contraception was the most popular topic that parents said should be covered in sex education lessons, followed by puberty, homosexuality and sexually transmitted infections. Sex in General is a very sensitive topic and can bring curiosity to a child/Teenager to do things that they probably aren't even ready for.
2) This is a sensitive subject and parents have their own way to approach it and want to control what their children know, even more so at a young age.
3) therefore it should not be taught in schools,
Debate Round No. 2


Every person is different, what may be the right and perfect time for some may not be so much for others. That is why we cannot just expect all of the kids to start being sexually active around the same age just because it is easier to. Teenagers should be taught that having sex is a very serious thing, that it isn't a game and explain to them the very serious outcomes of unsafe sex. Just imagine all of the unwanted pregnancies and STDs related cases that would end.

I completely agree that this is a very sensitive topic and it would be so perfect for parents to take the time and explain to their kids the importance of safe sex, but the reality is that most parents do not do it. Some parents do not even have a good relationship with their kids and that creates zero trust between them to converse about sex much less about safe sex. There are also other parents who straight forward just do not feel comfortable talking to their kids about such a sensitive topic and to be honest they may not have all the answers and information that a professional can provide.

Safe sex should be promoted through education at schools.


1) i understand what your saying, what do you Mean by having The option if learning it? Accord ding to you, there's no option of learning it because if they teach it at a school they would teach it to everyone
2) even if they do teach this in which in my case when I was in highschool I knew about it, many of us don't think and still do things like have sex with out protection not thinking about pregnancies or STDS
3 ) therefore they shouldn't teach it at school .
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Harold_Lloyd 2 years ago
"How is it the governments place to teach kids about safe sex at School? Parents should be the ones..."

Yes, but when it becomes glaringly apparent that the parents aren't doing their jobs, the govt is required to step in to fill the void for the public good.
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