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Which has the Higher Benefit wait to have sex AFTER Marriage or Having Sex BEFORE Marriage

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Started: 11/20/2017 Category: Philosophy
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Which has the higher benefit wait for sex till after marriage or sex beforehand?
No sources or articles needed, prefer personal opinions,ideas and thoughts
Voters should Vote based on which argument they felt would be beneficial from an OBJECTIVE STANDPOINT, not a bias vote based on personal experiences.

Round 1
Acceptance State your Stance Simply in short form initially we will get into deeper understanding of your stance in Round 2 also ask a question at the end

Round 2 through 4 Depth of your stance. Counter arguments with a question at the end

Rd5 No more New arguments, stick with only what has been previously presented, so make sure you make as many different arguments as you can beforehand. Closing Statements.

I am Pro....My stance is that it is more beneficial to have sex after marriage(I am not indicated a command or should) only what I believe is best practice

Will you use a cop-out stating an analogy that you have to test drive variable X to see if it works?


Sex is a huge part of a relationship. Human beings are attracted to each other because of pheromones and physical attractions. For millions of years sex is what keeps the human population going on this planet.

Now marriage is a religious ceremony that has nothing to do with human survival. Marriage is an agreement between a couple to stay together through thick and thin. Currently our marriage and divorce rate is at 50% as people realize that marriage is not natural.

On earth out of the billions of species of animals, insects, reptiles, there are only 8 types of species that stay together after mating. This could be called a marriage. Most animals mate and go their separate way. Humans are a type of animal, we just happen to be on top of the food chain and have the largest most intelligent brains. We have created this notion of marriage. We believe that by not having sex before marriage that it will somehow become more special if we wait until after marriage.

The problem with that is, sex is a form of physical release and every human needs it, now a lot of people have their own fantasies and fetishes and a partner might not be into the same things, so when that doesn't happen, usually the male will look for it somewhere else. Therefore there will be adultery which in turn will eventually lead to a divorce.

This is why I say try it before marriage, because if it sucks, why would you want to stay with that person for life. You don't go to a car dealership and just buy a car without test driving it. You don't buy a big box of food you never ate without sampling it first. What if the food sucks, now you are stuck with it. And then what will happen, you will discard it. It is the same thing with sex and marriage. What if the sex sucks. Then your marriage is over.
Debate Round No. 1


I knew they would come up which is why I said this at the end of round 1
Will you use a cop-out stating an analogy that you have to test drive variable X to see if it works?"

I already knew that is the route everyone takes, test test,....the thing is we are not science projects humans shouldn't be just tested upon, especially without their knowledge and especially not for selfish reasons. Such as If the sex sucks I'm out of the relationship. There so many things wrong with that I don't even know where to began. But before I get into that, let me state my Position a bit more clearly.

I am not stating that the actual act of sex will become better because of Marriage itself. My Stance is that, it is more special to reserve yourself for the one you will spend the rest of your life with. If you slept with 10girls and the next girl is just another 11, it doesn't seem Special enough of a gift to give to someone you spending your rest of your days with and yet you give her something you gave every other girl. How special would it be to say that you want to reserve that gift for a later to focus on the love and relationship and character building first. Which brings me to my last point.....

Lets say the sex is good BEFORE you get married, but then after you get married....the following things happen, which are real examples that have happened.

Perhaps the partners get in a car accident, they are scarred down below and they cannot function the same so that GREAT SEX you had before will no longer be the same...will you then dump them for an superficial reason because sex was bad, when it was great beforehand, you decide to throw out all their fun personalities and the treasure moments you spent together to get to know them?

People have gotten diseases that that stopped them from having sex physically
People have mental disorders or take medication that destroyed sex drives
the list goes on....So would you just instantly drop your mate after the fact?


First of all there is nothing special about two people getting together and humping the crap out of each other. Especially not for guys, guys can have sex and move on, for women it's more emotional. We are mammals and at any time around the world 2 people are doing it like on the discovery channel.

People don't stay together out of pity unless they are very religious. All humans have needs and if those needs aren't met they will move on to someone else. What you are describing is an unrealistic fairy tale of romance and love. Real life does not work that way and my proof is the 50% divorce rate.

Another perfect example of peoples needs are priests. Priests swear an oath to God and celibacy yet how many have raped alter boys. And why do they do it? Because you can't deny someone a natural instinct to have sex. You can pretend to, with some secret oath but in the end priests break down and end up molesting boys because of their natural instinct, no different then a natural instinct to blush when embarrassed, or fright and flight instinct. These instincts have been in human bodies/brains for thousands of years and you can't replace them with a notion of a love story. Marriage is a ceremony made up by humans to bring a union of man and woman together, this is not a natural act, it's a cultural act.

And it doesn't work because as we see, the divorce rate is 50% and it would be higher if it wasn't for religion. There are many people that stay together simply because divorce is frowned upon like in the Catholic religion. It has nothing to do with sex. Humans weren't meant to be together for life. Men are predispositioned to procreate with as many females as possible. It's one thing to say to wait until marriage for sex but how many people are actually doing it. 5% of the population. And that 5% I will venture to guess are either Amish, Mormons or very strict Catholics.

Being religious is fine but it will not overrule a human desire for sex.
Debate Round No. 2


I don't think you mean to do this but your argument is going in several different directions but I understand you are just trying to give examples. However your logic if

Of...we got to have sex because it's natural can only go so far. You never answered my questions previously so I will post different ones because I can't tell if the other questions too hard to understand seeing how you avoided the questions I put at tbe Very end so they can Stand out.

So here some more don't ignore

If you like sex what's happens when you are old and you can't get it up anymore and Viagra and others medicines give you bad reaction and don't work. Are you saying its perfectly okay for your wife to leave you because you couldn't fulfill your needs? Should she divorce you?

*Hypothetically speaking* (so please don't. Bother telling me you this example doesn't apply to you. Because I'm not referring to you personally) but let's say you had a married daughter caught a disease and she couldn't have sex with her husband based on your logic are you an advocate for her husband leaving her to be alone because she couldn't have sex and divorce her?

The examples are endless the point is if you haven't established love FIRST before you got married then good sex or bad sex can't make a stable marriage. marriage requires more than just sex and. Netflix and chill. It requires a love strong enough to endure bad sex or any hardship. Strong to bring two different families together. So if you couldn't have sex God forbid after an accident if love came first then you will be able to endure if such a bizarre situation arises

So the idea of testing sex before marriage is pointless because again if it was the best sex ever before marriage who is to say After marriage there won't be an accident diseases or disorder that causes a disruption in all sexual activity. If you can't perform do you permit your wife to leave you? Because she can't get what she wants?

That's would be a tragic tale. A Fake love.


I'm going to answer all your questions in a clear cut and methodical, scientific method. You are basing all your ideas and suggestions based of a Harlequin romance novel and religious undertones. I'm going to set the facts straight in a logical manner without any love connotations, or feelings prejudice.

1. Getting old is natural and it happens to both males and females, the sex desire and drive depreciates and older people do not need to have sex as often as young people. I believe this is the bodies way of saying you are too old to procreate, therefore you don't need the sex drive, just like everything else in your body, it starts to depreciate. Men can still have children at 80, but women have a biological clock, If you can't fulfill your needs to a partner then hell yes they should leave you, why should they suffer because you can't get wood. Although the woman is more emotionally invested in the marriage so she might not. But older women do find younger guys (pool boy). It happens all the time whether you like it or not. Are you living your life or theirs?? Just like if the woman lets say became a vegetable and couldn't have sex, are you going to sit by her ventilator and bedside for the next 30 years while the neighbors 23 year old daughter is saying "Hey there big boy" You might say no here, but we both know you would be waiting for her naked in your bathrobe at the door in seconds.

2. The daughter question, Yes people can leave. Nobody should be in a marriage that they aren't happy in. It doesn't matter if it's sex or any other reason, if you are not happy then you leave. Marriage is a religious based ceremony that brainwashes Catholics into believing that you have to stay forever like their vows state. Well guess what 50% of the public disagrees with you. Not just because of bad sex or lack of sex, marriages do not work for all, just half the people, the other half see it differently. I'm out of space for more!!!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 7 months ago
Hey I appreciate the invite but I'm not the marriage type. I'm single and I love it that way, so I don't know how much I could contribute to this debate.

Here is my view on the whole marriage/ dating thing
Posted by QuestionGuy 7 months ago
hey Frankboy, I have a different debate you might like much better than this one

its much more entertaining than this one for sure Come on it will be great? let me know if you interested and I will open up a wife vs husband round 2
Posted by FanboyMctroll 7 months ago
It's time for the voting!!! LOL
Posted by QuestionGuy 7 months ago
no ill will towards Con, great points and great debate, I messed up and thought I selected 5 rounds and I guess i only had 3 lol
Posted by QuestionGuy 8 months ago
did you read what i said in the first round lol

i specifically said
Will you use a cop-out stating an analogy that you have to test drive variable X to see if it works?
Posted by QuestionGuy 8 months ago
accept the debate and i will show you how flawed that logic is
Posted by FanboyMctroll 8 months ago
I'm going to say, sex before marriage, because what if the person is just awful at sex. Sex is a big part of a relationship and if you get married and the sex sucks with that person, then you will find it somewhere else and then that in turn will lead to divorce.

Famous author McTroll once wrote

"Find your porn star now, then marry her, rather then finding out you married a nun who thinks sex is icky and now you are stuck with her".
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