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Which of the significant political issues would you concentrate on if you were a party leader? Why?

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Started: 4/25/2015 Category: Politics
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What issues do TGAS students think are most significant?


I would focus on crime, ones castle can be brought down two ways, from invaders or from the people inside. Crime could bring everything down if not under control which could lead to country loss or destruction of the government in that country
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Posted by Thescarecrow066 2 years ago
VOTING TIME PLEASE vote for the guy who followed the rules
Posted by TBR 2 years ago
Yea, I don't see how to make a debate out of this.
Posted by iqpiblog 2 years ago
i would concentrate on finding ways to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in society..............starting with immediate increase in housing and dining measures for the homeless.

also i would immediately provide support to drug users and other vulnerable persons, and press for the decriminalisation of such persons.

Posted by Biodome 2 years ago
This is not a debate. You should make a poll for this, not a debate.
Posted by jworl 2 years ago
What is TGAS?
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