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Which one of these fitness models is hotter?

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Started: 8/22/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am voting on Tamara D over Vicki. It's very close and Vicki is certainly no slouch, but here is what I like about Tamara D.

This girl is 5' 2" and weighs 130. Her measures 39 inches and it's unbelievably sexy. Sort of reminds you of the days of voluptuous women when women were not very fat. Every watch those old movies with those stars? Like Marilyn. There was also one I watched with someone named Jane Russell. Ooooo la la!!! A nice rear is hard to beat.

Tamara D video

Vicki video


You can't debate which model is "hotter", because beauty is subjective. Personally, I think Vicky is more attractive, but there are probably people who's dream girl looks like this:

But, that aside, Vicki is waaaaay hotter. A ss isn't everything.
Debate Round No. 1


Datxdude, I agree with you that is not everything, but these larger, rock hard rear ends are the trend right now. Women are either doing rear end workouts or getting butt implants. I'm not much into to trends, but biting a rear end hard has always been my thing.

Both of these women focus on the rear in their videos. Even Vicki says things like how to get a big butt. Vicki's rear and legs are excellent, but they are not voluptuous like Tamara. Neither girl has huge, voluptuous breasts, so the butt is the X factor.

Someone also mentioned posting a different video of Vicki. I actually think that is the best one. If you think another one is better, then please post.

Beauty is certainly subjective, but there are objective qualities that make one model more sexy than another. Tamara has more of those qualities in her video by far.


True, Tamara has a bigger derriere . However, this has been established. We are not arguing what the current trend is, we are arguing which model is more sexually appealing. (I have posted the definition of "hot" below.) Personally, I view Vicki as more attractive because I think she has a prettier face, and I don't care about a)ss. However, you do, and this is probably why you view Tamara as more attractive.

As for people being attracted to the a)ss, this is not a new trend. On the contrary, Sir Mixalot's song, "I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie" was released nearly 20 years ago. Big butts have been perceived as attractive for awhile now (many years before that song was even released).

hot adjective (SEXY)
" informal - sexually attractive, or feeling sexually excited
This doesn't mention anything about butt size.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, of course, people have always liked a.sses. Big butts however, have only been popular among black people until recently. You would not have heard a white women dare talk about a large rump until the past few years. Years ago, a big rear had nothing to do with being in shape or having a rock hard rear. Black women in jeans will give you a boner, but it's a different story when those pants come off. All of their fat butt comes tumbling down.

What's new is that the big butt is not from fatty flesh. It's also new for white women.

The extra sexiness comes in Tamara's actions in the video. Most of the video is boring, so just check the first minute and last minute of the video. She has great interplay with the camera. Watch how she touches her thigh in sexy fashion. She then turns around showing her sensuous She has the audience in the palm of her hand and she knows it.
She also does well with detail. She glances at the camera very quickly, knowing all the boys are harder than a rock at this point. I don't even see that sly glance from professional models. The end is good because she just ad libs an ending that seems to not conclude or be scripted, but Just fairly natural.

Tamara combines the natural camera interplay, the extra sensuousness, and the girl next door with the hint of wildness. Vicki has some of this, but not to the degree of Tamara. Tamara also has the more voluptuous and sensuous, which is the goal and point of both girls.


My opponent has used this entire round to write his sexual fantasies:
"Watch how she touches her thigh in sexy fashion."
"She glances at the camera very quickly, knowing all the boys are harder than a rock at this point."
"Tamara also has the more voluptuous and sensuous"

And make claims founded by no evidence whatsoever:

"What's new is that the big butt is not from fatty flesh. It's also new for white women."
"Years ago, a big rear had nothing to do with being in shape or having a rock hard rear."
"Tamara also has the more voluptuous and sensuous, which is the goal and point of both girls."

Claim #1- That's what a big butt is. Fat. It also consists of muscle, but if you want to talk about which girl's butt has more fat in it, it's Tamora's. Not that any of this matters, because, as I have repeatedly stated, beauty is subjective, and having a big rear end doesn't mean that one girl is more pretty than the other.

Claim #2- No proof for this claim whatsoever. Also, again, we aren't arguing about current trends, we are arguing about which woman is more attractive. Again, however, this is impossible to do with logic, because what you find sexually appealing, others might not. I'm just saying Tamara is not more "hot" than Vicki, in my opinion. I can say Vicki has a prettier face, or better breasts, (which are both true statements for me), but I can't back up my claims with logic or evidence of any kind. In the end, this is what the argument would look like:

Guy #1-No SHE'S hotter!
Guy#2- No SHE'S hotter!
Guy#1-Nuh uh
Guy#2-Yeah huh

Sounds like a stupid argument, doesn't it?

Claim #3- These women are fitness instructors, not models. Their "point" is not to have a big a(ss. It is to show people (specifically women) workout techniques.
Debate Round No. 3


If you can't provide evidence for your choice, then your choice has not been substantiated. There is objective evidence on what people find attractive. For instance, studies evaluate what people find attractive in a face. As an example, people generally prefer a more pointy nose than a flat one. Your only claim for Vicki being hotter is her face, but you provide no basis for this choice. Also a certain look can be considered hot, but a face by itself is usually not described as such.

The debate is about who is hotter. You define hot as sexy, and I will accept that. A rump is part of sex appeal. It is one area that will sexually stimulate a person. A face will usually not give you a boner, at least by itself. Boner inducing parts alone are the rear, the breasts, legs, etc. These are combined with action that gives a woman sex appeal.

The parts and actions are measureable. One example is the classic 36-24-36. Much of it is also binary, as in it's there or not there. Both women perform sexy action, as in getting down on all fours. Tamara however, provides the additional, such as the thigh touching, hair swinging, and sly camera glances. These objectively occur.

Yes, their point IS actually to have a big Vicki even says that her video here is about getting a "big, round butt." Watch for quote about 30 seconds into this video: Again, these are objective. The goal is to have a big butt and Tamara wins that contest. The fantasy part you speak of is a consequence of watching the video. After all, who would not get a hard on watching either one of these girls?

Next point. I think the blond hair of Tamara gives her an edge over the dark hair of Vicki.

I am partial to dark hair, but I have to acknowledge that blond hair is somewhat objectively better. Blonds have traditionally had this higher aura than dark hair. Redheads can be this exceptional enigma and brunettes have this dark beauty, but more often than not, the red-blooded American male has this fascination, intrigue and infatuation with the blond. Blond Marilyn Monroe had it over anyone in pin-up girl history.

The blond hair is also more appealing in the nether region. Even if a girl shaves her hair, the blond hair is often more appealing in that area. The shaven dark hair can appear more coarse, like a shadow. The blond hair seems more subtle, velvety, gentle, delicate. Even a slightly furry blond area can be more appealing than shaved dark hair. If you had to look at a full bush like in some older girly magazine you find at a garage sale, then you would rather see a big blond bush than a big brown bush.


Paragraph One Rebuttal - I can go into specifics about what I find attractive about Vicki's face, if that is what you want me to do. (I will do this at the end of this rebuttal.) What I meant was that you probably won't agree with me about what specifically is attractive about the faces of the two women. This logic can be extended to, say, the butt. You care about the butt, and I don't as much (as long as it isn't wrinkly.) There isn't an argument after that. I would like to ask Pro to go back to my Claim #2 rebuttal. (No, a)ss doesn't matter, yes it does, no it doesn't, yes it does....). You can argue about what most people find attractive, but it should have been stated in the title of this debate if that's what it is about. Now, as for what I find more attractive about Vicki's face. I like her hairstyle better, and I like the style of her eyebrows better. I also like the build of her face better.

Paragraph Two Rebuttal - Again, sex appeal is different for every person, because everyone can be sexually aroused by different things. As for the last three sentences of this paragraph, my response is that people can be aroused by anything. Many people DO get erections just by looking at someone's face. We wouldn't, but people do.

Paragraph Three Rebuttal- Yes, things that people find sexually arousing can be measured. I'm not sure what you mean by this, though. This doesn't matter because everyone is sexually aroused by different things. Some people think big a)sses are more sexually arousing, and others think that small rear ends are.

Paragraph Four Rebuttal- That is a different video. And just because SHE doesn't have a big butt doesn't mean she isn't knowledgeable about workout techniques that help people get one.

Note:Vicki is a blonde in the video that you originally posted. That is the video we are debating. Not that this matters, because, again, people can be aroused by ANYTHING. Dark hair, red hair, and yellow/white hair.

In the original video that you posted, Vicki was a blonde. So everything after paragraph four is irrelevant.
Debate Round No. 4


First of all, I would like to thank my opponent. I was wondering if anyone would actually take up this debate. American men have been wussified to the point of being afraid to discuss the finer points of women. It's hard to find this discussion on the internet sometimes, let alone in person.

Second, he has excellent taste. He likes Vicki's face and it certainly is a face to behold. I don't think either woman is a classic beauty, but they are both certainly cute. I would describe them as pretty or cute, but the debate is about who is hotter. That entails a few different aspects, some of it being body parts and physical action.

First rebuttal: Con has mentioned several times how these points can't be argued, but he undertook this debate. That does not strike my as logical, but so be it.

Second rebuttal: Con said Vicki's hair is blond, but that is only partly accurate. She is actually a bleach blond in the posted video. That was not the blond of which I spoke, especially considering that most women are not dying their muff hair. Even if they do, then the blond dye job still does not look as good as natural blond.

The last evidence is comparing pictures of the two women. I see that both girls have Instagram profiles. Compare the two. Remember that the debate is not who YOU think is hotter, but who presented the best case for either girl being hotter.

Vicki Instagram:

Tamara Instagram:

Both girls are certainly hotter than the planet Mercury, but Tamara is hotter by degree. Tamara combines natural and sexy camera action, a girl next door look, and a hint of wildness. Her legs and buttocks are more voluptuous. The Instagram pictures of her 39" in a g-string shows that her is not the fat butt of past years, but rather a new presentation of delectable sensuousness. All of these combined gives her the slight edge.


I would like to thank Pro for this debate. It has certainly been an interesting one.

That being said, here are my closing arguments.
First Counter Rebuttal: I accepted this debate out of curiosity. I wanted to see how Pro would logically defend his stance of Tamara being more "hot". This is because the idea of beauty, as I have stated many times, varies from person to person. Granted, there are SOME similarities in people's taste in men/women that they would like to pursue sexually. An example of this is that people usually like smoother skin, specifically in women. However, there are also many differences in what people perceive as sexually attractive. Some people like brunettes, others tend to like blondes. Some people like bigger breasts, and others like smaller breasts. You cannot logically debate that one of these preferences is more correct than the other, and this is because sexual preferences are determined by genetics.

Second Counter Rebuttal: It doesn't matter whether you weren't speaking of bleach blondes in your last argument. Again, it is irrelevant because your preferences are not admissible as evidence in a debate.

Third Counter Rebuttal: These aren't even really arguments, just Pro's sexual preferences. Again, some people think flat butts are more "hot". Are their preferences less valid than his? Unless he can prove that they are with logic, they are not.

Please vote Con.
Note: Since Pro hasn't stated otherwise, he now has full BoP.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by U.n 2 years ago
"but biting a rear end hard has always been my thing"

Do you actually bite the rear end hard with your teeth or is this just something you say. IOW have you ever literally, physically put your teeth on a woman's buttocks? Serious question.
Posted by U.n 2 years ago
"but there are probably people who's dream girl looks like this:"

Yeah... probably not.
Posted by frankabe 2 years ago
Okay, burden of proof. Thanks, but not sure why you're saying that. You picked one girl and I picked the other. It's just as much up to you to provide evidence. It's not a courtroom.

Also, what you're saying about Burden of proof is sort of contradictory to what you've said all along in this debate, since you said this is all subjective. I maintain there is evidence for these choices, and it can be shown. If you're asked to choose between a fat girl and thin girl, then most guys are more likely to choose the thin girl. The basis for the choice is weight. It's mathematical. The two girls in this debate are closer in qualities than a fattie and a thin girl, but this does not mean it's all subjective. In fact, you look more closely to make a distinction.

Much of what I have been saying is no different from competitions like beauty pageants and sports where there are judges (skating, skiing, gymnastics, etc.) There are certain criteria a judge uses to evaluate. You judge that criteria and pick a winner. It's not as objective as running a race, but you can still have criteria. This is counter to your view that it is practically, if not all, subjective. That is why you made very little effort, in any effort, to support your choice.
Posted by DATXDUDE 2 years ago
burden of proof
Posted by frankabe 2 years ago
Con, what is full bop?
Posted by robertacollier 2 years ago
OP is some kind of weirdo sex freak or something. Probably a descendant of Jack the Ripper.
Posted by mostlogical 2 years ago
Vicki looks way hotter. Pro must have another video of her that I don't want to see
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
Very tempting. I like Vicki better
Posted by provideoman123 2 years ago
Mr. Frank

I am glad these American women are so fit and healthy. Everywhere in the world that is not America, we think that normal (not actors or singers or models etc) Americans are all overweight and fat. I will show this to my friends to try and convince them that it is not true.
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Vote Placed by U.n 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Personally I would have preferred more pictures. Awarding a conduct point to Pro due to Con posting a youtube video of a 98 year old women in a hot fitness model debate. Bad choice, bad, very bad. I now need eye bleach!