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Which team won civil war? (pro-team cap, con- team iron man)

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Started: 5/8/2016 Category: Movies
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I have watched captain america 3 : civil war and I think it is safe to say that team iron man is the winner, for captain america failed to impact the Sokovia Accords in any way, his entire team has been declared as fugitives and bucky was "shut down". While it is closer to a draw, if I have to pick a side, I pick team iron man.


Thank you for this chance to debate. Warning to anyone reading this, there are spoilers ahead.

There are two questions in this debate. First, who completed their objectives. Second, who won the actually battle.
The objectives of Team Captain America are as follow:

Keep Bucky safe(not dead)
Don't be under control of the UN
Stop the other Winter Soldiers
Stop Zemo
Not be captured

Now, which of these did they not achieve?

Let's see, Bucky is in safe hands. He isn't well yet, but he isn't dead or in jail.
They did not sign the Sokovia Accords, so they still control themselves.
The other Winter Soldiers are dead. They didn't do it, but oh well, done is done.
Zemo is in jail.
They are all free and not in jail.

Team Captain America completed their objectives. They also won in the battle, in the sense that they escaped and were able to go to Siberia. Every objective that they had was completed.

Now, I see no reason, other than that Team Cap did poorly, showing that team iron man won. I look forward to the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


megatronnus forfeited this round.


My opponent has not answered this last round, so I will use this opportunity to show how Team Iron Man failed to achieve his objectives, and essentially lost his team in the process. Once again, we are discussing a movie, so there will be major plot points discussed.

So, what is Team iron man trying to do in the movie?

"First, capture (or kill) Bucky
"Get the Avengers to sign on with the Sokovia Accords
"Keep the Avengers together*
"Stop Captain America from escaping the airport
"Capture the rogue Avengers

*This was also the goal of team Cap, although to a lesser extent. Both teams failed in this regard

So, which of these goals were accomplished? Let's see,
"Bucky is in friendly hands, who will help him get free of Hydra.
"Iron Man, Vision, a paralyzed War Machine, and possibly Spider-Man are the only "Avengers" to sign the Accords, so out of 12 possible people, they get 2 yeses, one paralyzed yes, and one 15 year old maybe.
"I can reasonable say that the Avengers are broken right now. They could have reunion later, but not yet.
"Captain America and Bucky both escaped the airport.
"All of the rogue Avengers are now walking free.

So, team Iron Man failed in their objectives. Not only that, but they are barely a team anymore. Let's check on the members.
"Iron Man: Leader of the husk of the Avengers. He also has Captain's shield.
"Vision: Helping Iron Man rebuild the Avengers. I'm not sure why he is staying, but he is.
"War Machine: Paralyzed, but Tony Stark is his friend, so he doesn't need to worry too much.
"Black Widow: Not actually team Iron Man anymore. Tony call the cops on her. She is now team Black Widow
"Black Panther: Currently housing Captain America and Bucky. He is now team Cap
"Spider-Man: Somewhat clueless, but still team Iron Man
"The governments of the world: The government is the secret member of team Iron Man. They keep on governing.

So, team Iron Man is down a lot of people, with others emotionally or physically scarred.

Let's run through team Cap now.
"Captain America: Down a shield, but he is pals with Black Panther now, so that shouldn't be a problem. He is free
"Falcon: Free
"Scarlett Witch: Free
"Hawkeye: Somewhat weak still, but free
"Ant-Man: Free
"Bucky: Bucky has locked himself up, because he is danger to others. A loss for team Cap
"Black Panther: He is now on team Cap.

So, as far as team members go, team Iron Man is down two, with one paralzyed. Team Cap on the other hand is down a shield and Bucky, but gained Black Panther.

So in no metric does team Iron Man win, with the team in tatters, while team Cap at the very least breaks even or exceeds its previous strength. Team Captain America is in a far better position and came out of the civil war on top.
Debate Round No. 2


megatronnus forfeited this round.


I believe I've made every point that I need to.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ragnar 1 year ago
(spoiler alert) I think it's safe to say that Team Zemo won.
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