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White folks are hurting U.S. society more than helping. -race relations.

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Started: 5/8/2012 Category: Society
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This is a one rounder regarding society and oppression. I am taking the side that white people are the problem in progressing society. Progressing meaning advancing society to a more equal humane place for humans to live in. Was Malcolm X wrong in calling every white person a devil? I state he is justified for the white oppression that has occurred and is occurring currently.

In U.S. society the dominant color is white. Many white folks subtly and overtly feel that they are superior to others. Example: 2 persons of color finely dressed (a couple) are at Macys waiting in line, behind them is a white man (syle=homeless)- the clerk calls next and points to the white man. (true story but I told the people in front of me to go who did not looked shocked. It seemed in my head that I was more shocked. As I was pondering this issue one day perhaps they were not shocked by the clerk giving way to white dominance due to this situation occurring before. For me I was not a happy camper but I did not understand why they were so unfazed. Perhaps it is the usual as they might have got a DWB ticket on the way home. (driving while black)

Color, Ethnicity – for white people it is Italian, german, irish, polish, etc. EX Hey Johny what are you? Irish and Italian. Do you know john that irish guy?
For people of color the ethnicity talk seems to die down when compared to a white individual. A person is just black. Not Liberian. A person is just a Latina, etc.

White privilege: White people have made contributions to society. Their white privilege enables them to become a police chief in the county of X. There is less of a chance to be killed by white on white violence. A study proved that A. White person with a felony is more likely to get a job than a person who is black who applies at that same position. My goal here is to not state how white people benefit and progress society but are the problem to progressing a more civil democratic society. The white blood line is apart of U.S. society for better or worse, but other bloodlines cannot rise from underneath this sytem of oppression. White folks need to acknowledge their privilege and then choose to actively conquer racism.
What is at stake: scarce resources do whites want to give that up? Nice neighborhoods, hencerforth good school systems. The idea of whiteness. Jobs. Higher education.

U.S. society: A racist society is white dominated, white privileged, white elevated. The oppressed people are people of color.

Wealth distribution: in the U.S. the top 10/20 percent of people own the majority of scarce resources. That being money, private ownership, investments, and so forth. While the remaining 80 percent of people are in a round in a boxing ring for scarce resources against other people. This idea of whiteness elevates the whites in the 80 percent in their contribution of obtaining better jobs, homes, schools, etc. Imagine the time of Senatus Populusque Romanus SPQR-Rome. The lower 80 percent represents plebs as the top 20 percent represent patricians. The plebs fought for the law of the 12 tables and won power. However the plebs in the U.S. are so differentiated and divided that the majority of white plebs do not want to give up their scarce resources. Historically the plebs turned the patricians private property into public property. (hence there is SPQR written on manholes, telephone poles, etc). Wealth is unevenly distributed in the U.S. Overall White folks are in a better position than people of color, in obtaining these scarce resources that are mainly dominated by the top 20 percent of most wealthy people in the U.S. The U.S. is number 2 in child poverty rates in the world, Mexico formly at number one. For the children in poverty it is not generally white men. This website states though the U.S. is fourth which is still extremely disturbing due to the U.S. being a developed or really overdeveloped nation.

Ills: White people are a huge factor of societys ills. A white person just breathing is the problem. At the same time is the solution. Whites can either subtly or overtly oppress people of color. But do whites really want to give up their communities, political advantages, wealth, schools, high education, housing and so forth?
The messages of the blood lines: the black race has not given their full message to the world. "The Negro race have not as yet given to civilization the full spiritual message which they are capable of giving. I will not state that the Negro race has as yet given no message to the world" –stemming of Du Bois thinking other blood lines such as the English have given their message to society. The English bloodline is apart of the 8 major bloodlines Du Bois states.
W.E.B. Du Bois The Conservation of Races page 135

The problem- The problem here is white people. For example as I live in a decent communitie I am effecting another community sociologically. For example I (white) have the luxury of having a full police force in my town. The luxury of living in a good community. I live in fact 10 blocks from another almost world. That world is the ghetto. Where because of my white privilege, resources in the hood are hard to come by.

Racial movements towards equality-A Malcolm X approach- A Philadelphia black panther stated that "if you want freedom go out and kill white people". Killing is immoral, however the message is strong. White people do not want to give up their scarce resources. How then can people of color get it. One method is to take it. To create tension of the mind that is famalilar to Ghandi and Dr. King is out the door, regarding these comments.

The U.S. Crime- Essentially the oppression of black folks dating back to the days of the middle passage from Africa. The racism that still occurs. Young black males being sent to prison systems to profit private prison companies such as geo group. Profit over humanity. The more prisoners the more capital. The CEO of this group is George, Zooley (white).

Society is a mess: In conclusion White people are the problem and the solution due to them being the problem. Overall white folks are the problem in society. White people are an inferior race of humans for being superior subtly or overtly to people of color in society. Where are natural laws that obligate whites to dividie scarce resources to people of color? White people have come along way in their oppression and will continute to oppress as long as they physically can. Is the Philadelphia black panther wrong in his comments. Perhaps rendering an evil for an evil is immoral as Socrates justified morally with crito, but thinking further how can a oppressed race find humanity against a race who profits over their inhumanity. White people are the problem.

Three options I see is A. Whites give up scarce resources to people of color. B. People of color take it from the whites by any means. C. A classless society, where color would not matter.

Whites are hurting U.S. society more than helping overall.
White are profiting over inhumanity.


I'll start by noting that this is an abusive topic in general, and that Pro supports the statement that "every white person [is] a devil."

1. Pro poses a contention about how "many white folks subtly and overtly feel that they are superior to others." Because he provides no evidence to this claim, it can be thrown out immediately because there is no proof of this. Just because Pro says that someone called him instead of the minorities in front of him in a line, does not make this true either. This could easily be a story crafted to prove his point true. Pro cannot use this in this debate unless there is proof. I can easily say the opposite and claim it as a contention, but that would do nothing for this debate.

2. It turns out that African Americans and Latino(a) citizens do not talk about their race as much as white people. First of all, there is, again, no proof. Second of all, Latin Americans and African Americans have just as much of a diversity as White Americas. Mexican, Peruvian, Chilean, Nigerian, etc, however, are many races that can be described when a Latino(a) or African American person can use to describe their race. One is not just "black" everyone descents from somewhere. Just because minorities do not talk about it as often does not mean that society is digressing.

3. I will refute Con's point about minorities not being able to rise up from under "whites" with a single name. Obama. President Obama is indeed an African American. (Oh no! We must have forced him to be president to somehow tear him down just because us white folk are just terrible people). Pro doesn't realize how false his statement really is. There are many minorities that take positions above people of European decent. "The idea of whiteness" is not higher education and jobs. The idea of white people is that they are usually of European descent, and that is all.

4. I beg a source for Con's definition of U.S. Society. The fact is, Pro cannot say this without sufficient proof. Thus far, I have proved this not to be the case.

5. Maybe the top 10%-20% of the money is distributed throughout the white community, but this is not to say that these people are hurting society. However, even the minorities that make more money than the low-middle class whites here in America chose to live in poorer towns just because they wish not to be the minority [1]. No one wants to be the minority in the group, it's just common sense. I don't want to be the only white kid in a town of minorities because it is harder to fit in. Similarly, they face the same problem and chose to live where they do, expressing the stereotypes that Pro thrives to find for his debate. Another point is that though America may be 2nd in the child poverty rates, there are already more non-white children in the US than there are whites [2].

6. Pro abuses a point about the ills of society by claiming that "a white person just breathing is the problem." The solution he poses is that whites can subtly or overtly oppress people of color." This contradicts his entire case, and will be thrown out/used to support my own side of this debate. After this, Pro talks about blood-lines and how minorities have not yet given out their message. However, this has nothing to do with whites making the society worse, so it too will be thrown out.

7. Pro proposes the problem as "white people." This is basically rewording the resolution, as Pro's entire case should be about this. This contention does nothing for the debate. He also does not propose any proof that the benefits he has in his community directly affects the lack thereof in communities near him, such as the "ghetto."

8. Pro seems to pose a solution similar to killing white people. I would first like to point out that this is completely illogical, and second, that this quite was from over 50 years ago and is completely irrelevant. Slavery has ended and African-Americans have the same opportunities as whites, nowadays.

9. The organization that Pro talks about is national, and it is for people with real issues. It is not like slave trading, which Pro tries to describe it as. A white person runs it, are they really destroying our society by doing so? Pro wants us to believe this, however, it is completely false. This organization helps society, and does not hurt it.

10. "As long as they physically can" is the amount of time that Pro proposes that us white folk will oppress minorities. My one refutation is that in his anecdote about Macy's, Pro (white) allowed the minorities in front of him to go to the cashier first. He did not oppress them, even though he was physically able to. Whites are not proven by Pro to take every advantage they can to abuse minorities.

In conclusion to this debate I would like to say that Whites are not hurting the US society more than helping, because white have progressed our society to where it is now, along with minorities. If whites hurt the society more than they help it, being a dominant race, whites would be in ultimate power. Let me note again that our president is African American, thus proving Pro's side of this resolution to be false. President Obama was elected by white people too, correct? Does this mean that by electing Obama, we have decided to screw up the society even more? No.

Pro concludes with "white are profiting over inhumanity." The fact is, while being grammatically incorrect, this is false. White's progress because they can, as do minorities that are able to.

Thank you for this interesting debate, Pro.

Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Nur-Ab-Sal 6 years ago
Yeah it's obviously only white people who overgeneralize.
Posted by K.GKevinGeary 6 years ago
Its one round for 2 reasons, I did a 5 rounder and no one voted pro or con, so the other reason is I get the vibe that 5 rounders are a bit long so I just wanted to do a 1 rounder thats quick and simple, easy to ready, not time consuming.
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Vote Placed by X_mitchell 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This is a dumb debate white people pay for so many of the taxes in our economy
Vote Placed by darkkermit 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: One round debate. That's lame. PRO did not fulfill the burden of proof and didn't provide much evidence.