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White people don't owe anyone apologies

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Started: 7/14/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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White people don't owe anyone apologies. The whole concept is a fraud. People say the U.S. owes Japan apologies to Japan for WWII. People say Whites owe Blacks apologies. I am against this concept.


Apologies are one thing, and I do believe that we have likely already done this, to a certain extent. I would also probably say that using the term "white people" are too generic in most cases of owing apologies. For example, Europeans are not responsible for bombing Japan.

However, eventhough I agree that Americans do owe apologies, we are definitely not the only ones who need to apologize, and are definitely owed apologies to some extent. Speaking of Japan, certainly they should apologize for launching an attack against us in the way that they did. In fact, I don't excel in the subject of history, but weren't we not even involved in the war until after they attacked us.

While Japan may be a good example of us being owed apologies, other apologies owed from others to others would have to be the Arabs\Muslims owing apologies to many other nations and races. For starters, they began their expansion conquests after Muhammad began his Islam religion, his successors when south into Northern Africa. The result was the trade "triangle", or better known as the Slave Trade where new believing Muslims worked with the Arab Muslims who migrated to N. Africa and those africans that didn't convert were sold off to Europe and America.

So, you see, "whites" really aren't the only ones who need to apologize for the slavery, and other people also need to apologize too, for what they did to other people.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't think Americans or whites owe apologies to Japan. Why?

1)Most people alive during WWII, American or Japanese, are now dead. Your grandchildren do not owe apologies for your behavior. For what purpose? If you went to Japan and apologized to them, most would look at you like you were an ancient whacko spilling a bill of goods that is meaningless today.

2)The Japanese bombed the U.S. first. They also supported the ideological regime known as the worst in all of modern human history.

If you are half white and half Japanese, you are in quite the conundrum as far as satisfying any Progressive apology tour.


Whites do not owe blacks apologies for past "wrongs".

Does racism in America exist? Yes, and on both sides. With the majority? No.

In a debate with Jessie Jackson Dinesh Dsouza said he could not understand where Jackson was coming from. He pointed out that He and Jessie Jackson were the same color. He naively attacked Jackson's claims of which Jackson responded,"Well, it's unspoken racism." Dsouza said this was when it hit him. The difference between his view and Jackson's view was Dsouza was from another country. He was from somewhere in the world where deadly, daily "real" racism was rampant. He said he realised Jackson was not comparing America to another country or place that actually exists on Earth. He was "comparing it to Utopia".

(Dinesh Dsouza on his debate with Jessie Jackson-video reference)


The idea that whites need to apologize to blacks is a senseless dichotomy. Why?

1)Define whites.
2)Define blacks.

Take Barack Obama for example. He's essentially half white and half black. His mom was white. His dad was black. Does he owe an apology or does he deserve to get one, and from whom exactly?

And if we claim him as black, are we to consider that his black ancestors were not from America but Kenya, and never faced "American racism" by means of being Kenyans living in Kenya?

3)Do mixed raced "whites" owe apologies?
4)Do mixed raced "blacks" deserve an apology?

5)Blacks themselves had slaves in the times of slavery in the U.S.

6)Native Americans had black slaves. Do the Natives owe apologies, or does everyone owe them apologies for taking their land, and do they owe apologies to other tribes who their forefathers stole from other tribes? If you are 1/3 Native American, 1/3 Black, and 1/3 White, you are in quite a progressive leftist pickle as far as apologies are concerned.

7)The Civil War, to free the slaves was fought between? Whites and Whites. Do the Whites who fought to free the slaves get a "dat a boy" from the black community now? Probably not.

8)Blacks tend to vote Democrat by far. They stuck with the Liberal whites who are the political descendents of the KKK. The blacks in America sold out to the party of the Klan for Plantation Politics.

(Hillary's America trailer for anyone interested- It talks about the agenda of the holding down of blacks by plantation politics in order to enslave them still and buy votes from them at the same time.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by rezleader 2 years ago
If white people can't apologize for their mistakes or black people can't apologize for their mistakes, where does that leave us. No one owes anyone anything, but people who make mistakes should admit them and apologize. Simple.
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