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White students in CA should NOT pursue STEM majors because of overwhelming Asian students in STEMs

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Started: 10/3/2015 Category: Education
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If you have attended a UC for a STEM major in the last ten years, the majority of classes you sat in were predominantly Asian (i.e. well over 50%). With the amazing emphasis on STEM education in Asian households in CA, and the overwhelming hiring trend of Asians by STEM businesses in CA, would you encourage your children today to pursue a STEM career despite ambitions (however naive at their age) to become scientists, engineers, doctors, etc.?


"would you encourage your children today to pursue a STEM career despite ambitions (however naive at their age) to become scientists, engineers, doctors, etc.?"

Yes I would.

I gladly take up this debate and look forward to hearing why you think white people should not pursue careers in STEM fields.
Debate Round No. 1


Projections of UC demographics in the next 10-20 years will have minorities (mostly Asians) making up over 70% of the UC student body. As a common sense approach to raising children, and having attended a prominent UC in the last five years, I would not want my child to be one of the only Caucasian students in his courses throughout college (like I was), nor be one of the only Caucasians in his respective job. Just like an Asian student does not want to attend a school or be in a job that is 70% Caucasian. With Asians only being 12% of the population, there is no reason for my child to have to be a minority and undergo the racism that minorities are notorious for expressing towards whites in this country.


While I agree with you that we are becoming a minority I disagree that we should tuck our tails between our legs and run from the challenge.

This is why we need MORE white kids going into STEM fields. not less. You are basically saying white people should stay out of the largest, best paying, highest growth field of study that there is.

Besides. Look at history. the vast majority of the greatest scientists, mathematicians, engineers, inventors. the vast majority of them were white. are you going to deny the world another Archimedes? another da Vinci? another Hawking or Nash?

Yes. Asians are talented but white people are extremely talented in these fields as well. and if history is any indicator they are extremely creative and inventive at solving problems and creating new ways to look at things.

This is not the time to sit down and hide in the corner and let other people surpass us just because its difficult.

now before you haul off and start calling me racist. I am just saying white people are at least as talented as Asians in these fields and it would do our children a great disservice to steer them away from these fields.

same with other races. although the topic is Asian vs white so I will decline to get into other races.

I just don't understand your argument. When life puts difficulty in front of you are you going to sit down and cry or are you going to break through it or die trying?
Debate Round No. 2


"I just don't understand your argument. When life puts difficulty in front of you are you going to sit down and cry or are you going to break through it or die trying?"

Cry. No. I have a condition where I can"t cry, physically"Just kidding.

I'm talking about the future generations. I wouldn't have gone to a UC if that mentality wasn't in me, you have to have it actually, but I"m not sure I'll have it in me to discipline my children to achieve perfect scores every time (literally) throughout school, nor would I want them to be that obsessive about grades and school, which will be 10x what I went through.

To prepare my kids for the demands of the future UC would absolutely deprive them of what I would call a traditional American upbringing. You know going to ball games, little league, bbq's, actually talking about shnit. It will be much less of the one I had. But maybe that"s what our government has positioned us to have to do. Maybe the American way is going out the window.

Times are changing and demographics, whether you admit you pay attention to them or not, influences the way we raise or kids. I hope we get to the point where becoming an engineer or a doctor won"t require calculus in elementary school, but that"s where were heading, and I guess I don"t want my kid doing calculus in elementary school, let alone middle school. I had a professor (in College) from Hong Kong who said he and all his friends were doing what we were studying in 4th grade! What? There"s no way I"m making my kid do that.


Well hey. Things are getting harder. I started Algebra in JH. my parents didn't start it until HS. and their parents never learned it at all.

so of course our kids are going to learn it even sooner. It's just the way things go.

the good thing is that if you catch them young enough you can teach hem almost anything and their minds will mold right to it.

IDK. I know its a depressing thing. But kids are tough. Just push them to be the best they can be. things will be alright.

and whos to say they even want to get into STEM? maybe they don't. but if they want to I think you have to at least get behind them and support that decision.

I mean I'm white. and I'm an engineer. and quite frankly I don't work with any Asian people. I live in Florida of course. maybe its different in California.

Maybe you are blowing this Asian invasion out of proportions a bit?

I mean something must have triggered this thought process? what happened with you that made you feel this way?
Debate Round No. 3
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