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Who Would Make a Better Animorph?

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Started: 8/12/2014 Category: Entertainment
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First of all, I would not normally challenge someone like Thett to a debate. These people have much more worthwhile things to do than to accept debate challenges from noobs. I will understand completely if Thett decides not to accept this debate. He's a busy guy.
However, a few days back, Thett expressed some interest in the topic which I was preparing to debate. That topic was the "Animorphs" series by K.A. Applegate. So, I thought that perhaps Thett would like to debate this topic. I certainly do.
I checked out my opponent's current debating status. All of his current (as of the time that I'm writing this) debates should be in the voting period in about four days (as of the time that I'm writing this).

So, in the event that Thett accepts this debate challenge...

First Round is for acceptance. If Burden of Proof even exists in this debate, then it is shared.

Rules (they can be changed beforehand if my opponent finds them unacceptable):

In Round 2 both of us will each come up with a scenario to defeat the fictional Yeerk infiltration of Earth using the Andalite morphing powers.
A large knowledge of the books beforehand will not be required for this debate; what you need to know will be told in the "Setting" section below.
In Round 3 I will create an argument exposing perceived flaws in your plan. Then, on your turn you will defend your scenario and criticize my scenario. In Round 4 I will reply to defend my scenario only; I won't be allowed to attack your scenario in Round 4. Finally, on your turn in Round 4 you will just say "Pass". That way, we will both have attacked the other scenario once and have defended our own scenario once.

Setting (May be changed beforehand if my opponent objects to the current setting):

The scenario takes place in an unnamed medium sized town/city in California. The starting date is June 1, 1996.
You are (insert name here), and your age is somewhere in between 13-16. A teenager. You have a mom, a dad, an older brother, a younger sister, and a dog. Your older brother goes to a club called the Sharing, which you know nothing about at the time, except that ever since your brother joined he has been acting strange.
On the night of June 1 you are walking home from the mall. You decide to take a shortcut through an abandoned construction site, something you often do with your friends. However, tonight you are all alone as you walk through the construction site.
Suddenly, an alien spaceship crashes into the construction site! You are not hurt in the crash of the alien ship.
You walk up to the alien ship, curious at what it is. Suddenly, an alien emerges from the ship. It is wounded, and you approach it. Through telepathic means it tells you that it is of a species known as Andalites. It tells you that Earth is being invaded quietly by alien parasites known as Yeerks, which enter people's brains through their ears and then take control of their bodies. He tells you that anyone could be a Yeerk, and that there are no clear signs that a person is a Yeerk "controller", other than the fact that every three days they go to a "Yeerk Pool" for the Yeerks to receive nourishment. If a Yeerk doesn't receive nourishment from "Kandrona Ray" (found within the Yeerk Pool) in three days, then they will die, and if it's controlling a host at the time that it dies then it will come out of the host through the ear, leaving the host unharmed. You are not told where the Yeerk Pool is.
He tells you to enter his ship and come back out with a blue cube, which is known as a morphing cube. You do as he says and retrieve the morphing cube. Having touched it, you have gained the ability to morph into any animal which you first acquire the DNA of, which is done by touching it and focusing on acquiring its DNA. He tells you that in order to morph you must concentrate on becoming that animal and to become human again you must concentrate on becoming yourself again. Morphing is not a painful process, and usually it only takes a few seconds.
The alien, whose name is "Elfangor", tells you that you must use this power to combat the Yeerks. He also warns you that you must never stay in a morph for more than two hours, and if you do then you will be stuck in that morph permanently.
Before you can protest, suddenly a fairly large group of Yeerks surrounds Elfangor. You manage to avoid detection by hiding behind something. Suddenly, an Andalite (who Elfangor explains is the galaxy's only Andalite controller, under the control of a Yeerk known as Visser Three, who oversees the covert infiltration and eventual conquest of Earth) walks up to Elfangor. Visser Three, using the Andalite Morphing Power which he alone among Yeerks has thanks to his Andalite host, morphs into a very large alien creature and swallows Elfangor whole.
Then, you panic and run off. You are chased, but you get away and none of the Yeerks see your face, skin color, hair color, or gender.
You go back home and go to bed. During your encounter you recognized only the voice of your school's principal, who you conclude is under the control of a Yeerk.

You will begin writing the scenario at the point where you eat breakfast the next day (on June 2, 1996) and see that on the news the police are saying that last night some teens were playing fireworks at the construction site and that a reward is being offered for information on the identities of the teens in question. Of course, I will also be bound by this setting.

I really hope that Thett accepts this debate challenge. If he does, then may the better debater win.


I accept!
Debate Round No. 1


Hi, my name is Bubba. I can't tell you my last name, or where I live. Because if I do, you could be a controller right now and you'd might them all about me. And then it'd be all over, and the human race would be forever enslaved to the Yeerks.

On June 2, 1996, the day after my encounter with Elfangor which would radically change my life, I woke up at 7:13 AM. It was a summer day, no school to be had, so I was able to sleep in late. Or at least, that was considered late in my family.
But the truth be told, I hardly got any sleep that night. I was too terrified to sleep, and I actually vomited once in the middle of the night, after waking up from a particularly nasty nightmare. That scene kept replaying in my head over and over again like a broken record, Elfangor being eaten by Visser Three in morph.
Anyway, when I woke up that morning, I wondered if it was all a dream. Yeah, I told myself. It had to be a dream. Something like what I experienced last night only happens in the movies.
Looking back, I wish that the TV wasn't on during breakfast that morning. If it wasn't, then I'd be able to dismiss what I saw as some kind of dream or hallucination. Perhaps, I'd be able to reason to myself, some freakazoid slipped some drugs in my soda while I was at the mall last night.
But the past can't be changed, at least, not without the help of the Elimist (but that's not important right now). What I saw on TV was an older policeman who said:
"Uh, we're, uh, looking for some hoodlum who was, uh, playing with fireworks at the *censored to maintain anonymity* construction site last night. Some locals have mistaken it for aliens but, uh, I can assure you that there are no aliens in the town of *censored to maintain anonymity*. Nor anywhere else on Earth for that matter."
Fireworks? First of all, what I saw was definitely not fireworks. Also, I didn't even have fireworks with me there. I'm not that kind of kid, you know?
Also, I could see it on him: he was lying. His eyes shifted nervously left and right.
This report confirmed that I wasn't merely dreaming; something had happened at the construction site last night.
But how could I confirm that what I thought happened actually happened? There was only one way to be sure:
I had to morph. I had to become an animal using Andalite morphing technology. And I had to do it in secret, because Elfangor had said that morphing was Andalite technology, which meant it probably wasn't something that an Yeerks besides Visser Three had. If I was caught morphing, then word of this would spread and the Yeerks would know that a certain kid was using Andalite morphing technology. In other words, either I was an Andalite in human morph or I had encountered an Andalite, most definitely Elfangor last night, which meant I knew about the invasion. Their invasion relied upon total secrecy, so they'd have to either kill me or turn me into a Controller.

So, after breakfast I found my dog Homer, who was in my brother Tom's room. Though I felt like a complete idiot doing so at the time, I laid my hand upon Homer's morph and acquired his DNA. It was weird; it was like he went into a trance while I was acquiring him.
Anyhow, after I had acquired Homer's DNA I went into the bathroom and locked the door. If anyone knocked on the door and if I was still able to talk with a human voice, I'd say that I really had to go, if you know what I mean.
Well, I focused on becoming Homer. At first nothing happened. But then I tried again, and my hand turned into a paw. Homer's paw! I looked in the mirror; my ears had become dog ears. I was slowly becoming Homer.
This was an electrifying experience; I continued going, not just because I wanted to confirm everything that Elfangor said, about the Yeerks and all, but also because I knew that it'd be freaking awesome to experience what it's like to become a dog.
Finally, about a minute later, I had done it. I stood on my hind legs, using the bathroom table as a support. I looked at myself in the mirror; I was Homer! I was a dog! My dog!
Using my human intelligence, I unlocked the door to the bathroom and stepped into the hall walking on four doggy paws. Thankfully no one saw me enter or leave the bathroom.
I was about to walk around the house experiencing what it's like to be Homer, but then I realized that the real real Homer was still inside. So, I went back in the bathroom, locked the door, and became me again.

Realizing that everything Elfangor had said was true, I realized that it was my destiny here on Earth to defeat the Yeerks with this newfound, indescribable power bestowed on me by fate. It was up to me to save the human race. And I knew that in order to win, I must devote all my time and energy that I could to the goal of defeating the Yeerks.

For the rest of the day I attempted to acquire as many morphs as I could without drawing suspicion to myself. I acquired my neighbor's outdoor cat, a morph which I tried out in my room (the curtain was pulled over the window first) after lunch.
Finally, by the time that several hours had passed, I realized that I could not defeat the Yeerks with the morphs of a dog and a cat.
So, I after I watched an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess that night, I went to bed. Or so it seemed. After all the lights were turned out I snuck outside. If I was caught, I'd have the perfect excuse: one of the popular kids at my school was having a late night party. This much was true. So, if I got caught, I'd tell them that I was trying to sneak out to this party.
Fortunately, I was not caught and I managed to sneak out of the house.

Once I was outside of the house I morphed into my neighbor's cat and took off running as fast as I could...for the zoo. It took me approximately an hour and forty four minutes to get there; I could tell because I used my cat eyes to see the zoo clock once I arrived.
Once I slipped past the Zoo Gate Entrance I morphed back into my normal self, keeping Elfangor's warning about not staying in a morph for over two hours close to heart.
Then, I morphed back into a cat and slipped in and back out of zoo exhibits, acquiring animal after animal after animal.
After I was finished, I was confident that I had the tools needed to defeat the Yeerks, or at least have a fighting chance.
Then, becoming human again and then returning to cat morph (as a "pitstop morph") I returned back home, became human again, and fell asleep almost the moment my body touched the mattress. I even forgot to brush my teeth.

The next day, on June 3, 1996, I finally took my grand plan into action.
Using Hawk morph, I spied upon the town from the air. I landed close to a suspicious warehouse where people were coming in and out enough masse, and I demorphed back to a human in a place where I knew no person or security camera was watching and I then became a fly. Flying close to the ceiling, I infiltrated the building and...discovered the Yeerk Pool. And boy was that underground structure massive. I learned that it had entrances all over the city, including at my school. After surveying the area I escaped and made it back home without being detected. No one noticed I was gone, as I told my folks that I was going to the mall.
When I got home I wrote down the names of 15 confirmed controllers.

On June 4, 5, and 6 I discovered the identities of even more controllers. I confirmed the identities of nearly 100 controllers by June 7.

Since then, I've been conducting a campaign of surveillance on the Yeerk Pool and the kidnapping of controllers. I've ambushed controller after controller when they're alone, utilizing grizzly bear morph. I grab them and take them to a secluded spot in the woods, where there is an empty cabin. I leave them there tied up and hanging upside down, using some rope that I stole from a Hardware Store. I also blindfold them, and once a day I return to those woods to give them some water.
After three days the Yeerk within them dies and falls out. When this happens, I release them and ask them (the freed human) to join me in the fight against the Yeerks. I talk to them while in bear morph and using telepathy (which comes with the Morphing powers).
If they simply want to get on with their lives, then I'll blindfold them again and leave them in a random location in town.
If they say yes, then I give them a gun, several of which I have stolen from a gun shop while in bear morph a few days ago.

My army is growing. My soldiers live deep in the woods, living off the land, along with anything that they are able to steal. I maintain my cover of a normal kid, liberating an average of 20 controllers a week (with the help of my soldiers).
When I gain enough followers we will stage a surprise attack on the Yeerk Pool, destroy the Kandrona, go public, amass as many followers as we can who are armed with seized Yeerk technology, and defeat the Yeerks wherever they may be. The people don't know that I'm a kid; they think that I am the mysterious savior of humanity who has the power to morph. With humanity on my side I cannot lose!


I can't tell you who I am, where I live, any of that stuff. What you need to know is that everyone is in danger and I'm the only one who knows there's a problem, let alone being able to do anything about it. I'm utterly alone, awash in a sea of enemies and helpless to resist their rising tide. Perhaps not quite helpless. I focused on my dog which I had acquired the hour before. Once more I felt the itchiness as fur began to sprout, my spine curving as I became a quadruped, my ears elongating. This time, I stopped it mid morph. I had been thinking nonstop since my encounter with the Andalite, and I'd come to the realization that if I was going to make any difference in this war I needed to make sacrfices and I also needed to be prepared to do whatever it takes to win. This was an existential conflict for the entire species--I would take no prisoners, show no mercy, and do absolutely everything necessary to win.

Before I could begin doing anything I needed information. First things first, I needed to get as many morphs as possible. I went around the house and acquired a number of insects, but I needed something more powerful and useful. The next day, I went to The Gardens--a kind of amusement park/zoo near where I live. Sneaking into the back and, using a baseball bat, I knocked the head trainer unconcious, bound and gagged him, stuffed his unconcious body into a janitors closet and, most importantly, acquired his DNA. I morphed him and changed into his clothes. From there it was a relatively simple matter of ordering the other trainers to subdue the animals if necessary and ordering them to leave me alone with them while I demorphed, acquired the animals DNA, and remorphed. I acquired a lion, an elephant, a gorilla, a cheetah, a bald eagle, a hawk, a dolphin, a polar bear, and a shark.

I recognized the voice of my assistant principal at the site of the murder that day, so I resolved to follow him after school the next day telling my parents I was at the mall. It turned out to be a quite fruitful endavor--I followed him to a meeting of a club called The Sharing where he was a prominent member. So certain were the Yeerks that they had removed any threat after defeating the Andalites that they talked quite openly of their plans for the invasion so I learned that The Sharing was actually a front for the Yeerks to get more controllers.

It was only two days into my private war when my parents realized something was amiss. Though they did not say anything, I knew they were getting suspicious of something going on in my life. I also realized that my brother, a member of The Sharing, was almost certainly a controller. As despressing as it was, I resolved to leave for my safety and theirs--as hard as it is, this war required my absolute attention and was a full time job. After a day scouting the woods for an abandoned shack to take up residence, I took a few essential supplies and went off on my way. If all went well, I would see them in a few months.

I spent a few weeks of following around and identifying known controllers before I did any action. I kept a manifest of each controller with their name and address. I got into a few fights with human controllers and, once, a Hork Bajir but I was generally very good at stealth and since I left no one alive (and left no bodies) I don't think the Yeerks suspected much of anything. After a while, I managed to acquire a Yeerk security chief and got as much information as I could while in his body--I got a manifest of *every* human controller along with plans detailing the Yeerk miliary capabilities, numbers, and locations. Apparently outside of a few redoubts in Japan, the entirety of the invasion force was in California. As for numbers, let's just say, there was a reason they were relying on a stealthy invasion. I made copies of the information just in case and left it buried under a floorboard in my hideout in the woods.

This was all I needed to put my plan into action. I snuck onto a train bound for Washington DC with this information. When I got to Washington, it was Saturday night. Knowing there was no mail the next day and therefore little risk of the evidence being lost, I deposited the information into a public mail box, taking careful note of where I left it, and broke into the White House.

There, sitting in the oval office in all of his glorious licentiousness, was President Clinton himself. I prove to him my story by morphing. I tell him everything I know and have his men fetch the information from the mailbox. We discuss and come up with a plan.

Clinton knows that our only chance of victory is to act quick and decisively with the element of surprise. The President sends his orders down the chain of command, effective immediately. As I'm writing this, special forces units are on their way to abduct every known human controller and lock them away for three days. National Guard and regular units will march into the Yeerk pool and slaughter all of the Hork Bajir and Taxons, and our units in Japan are being ordered to take out the Yeerks there. The entire military is mobilizing.

With a quick and decisive victory culminating in the destruction of all of the Yeerks ground forces, humanity may just have a chance.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, I must admit that my opponent's response to the scenario of a Yeerk silent invasion of Earth has been interesting to read and I can tell that he put effort into it. That being said...

1. The Head Trainer
You imply that you knocked him unconscious with a baseball bat. However, hitting somebody on the head hard enough to knock them unconscious is also likely to cause brain damage or even kill then.
If you kill him, there would later be an investigation. It'd probably take less than 24 hours for somebody to discover the body. And forensics scientists would figure out pretty quickly that this man died from blunt trauma to the back of the head. And since you said that from the point of attacking the guy to the point of going to Washington was several weeks, that'd be enough time for them to conduct an investigation. They'd check every security camera within a one mile radius and they'd see you sneaking out into the back. Not to mention they'd question every person who was there at the Zoo and they'd discover that you were the most likely perpetrator. And you can't say that you conducted the operation at night (when the 1990s cameras wouldn't be able to identify you) as you explicitly said "day".
You might say that you'd sneak out into the back of the zoo while in morph. Well, I must ask...what morph would be big enough to allow you to carry a baseball bat?
Also, your plan so far relies upon the assumption that you'd catch the man by surprise. If you did not catch him by surprise or if he turned around before you could hit him in the head, he'd not only prevent you from hitting him but also have you arrested for assault.
Bottom line: you'd go to jail for either murder or assault. You can't do anything from jail.
If you ended up in prison and you escaped by morphing, you'd either be caught morphing on a prison security camera or you'd be seen by another prisoner.
In this case, the Yeerks would know all about you and they'd hunt you down and kill you before you could make it to Washington.

2. Acquired the animals
You said that you'd have the zoo staff "subdue" all the animals (likely meaning bring them all in one place) so that you could morph into them. Such an operation would be very difficult (try to "subdue" a shark or a polar bear) and they wouldn't do so unless you had a good reason. You may very well just be fired and you'd get nowhere near the animals.

3. Following Chapman
You said that you would follow your Principal (whose name is Chapman). What morph would you use? Would you use a morph at all?
First of all, how would you know where Chapman was going to be? Remember that it is June; school's out, making it impossible for you to "follow him after school". It'd be unlikely that you could just go to his house and follow him from there, because it's unlikely that you know where your school principal lives.
If you used human morph (or no morph at all), he'd realize relatively quickly that you were following him. In this case, he would have the Yeerks capture you and make you a controller. If you then escaped before they could do this to you, they'd realize who you were, hunt you down, and kill/yeerk you.
You could not follow Principal Chapman in the larger morphs (cheetah, polar bear, shark, elephant, etc) for obvious reasons. You would have to either use a dog/cat morph, a bug morph, or a bird morph.
In sharing meetings or inside schools they wouldn't allow a stray dog or cat. An insect could be squished, eaten by a predator (such as a spider), or repelled/killed with bug spray (it might be done in an outdoor setting). Or, they might bring out the fly swatter. If you were an insect which was incapable of flying, you either would be too slow to keep up with Chapman or you would be noticed stalking him. Or you'd be eaten by a predator or squashed.
Then we get to the use of an eagle or a hawk.
While at first this may seem like a good idea, neither animal could follow principal Chapman inside. Also, an Eagle's hearing is only so-so.
As for a hawk's hearing, it is considerably better than a person's. However, you would still have great difficulty distinguishing the various sounds. How could you identify Principal Chapman's conversation? Especially indoors? Obviously, you couldn't get right up close.

4. Running Away
You said that you would run away from home "for my safety and theirs". As there's no reason to assume that you've had survival training, what makes you think that you could survive in the woods? What makes you think that the authorities wouldn't find y, as according to the age range provided in Round 1 you are a minor, meaning that they'd search for you?

5. Fights
There would definitely be a criminal investigation after people kept disappearing. And as every one of those people was a Yeerk, wouldn't the Yeerks realize that someone (presumably an Andalite who somehow managed to end up on Earth) was picking them off? When they realized this, they would begin utilizing technology which distinguishes controllers from non-controllers, and your ability to enter and exit the Yeerk bases would be no more.

6. Bill Clinton
Finally, despite all that I have said, you make it to Bill Clinton in the White House. You tell him about the Yeerks and you use your morphing ability as proof that something unhuman is going on.
But, how do you know that he would believe your story? He might think that you're a result of secret Soviet Experiments. Or, that you're with Al-Qaeda (technically they did exist back then and were known for at least one terrorist attack). Or, perhaps you possessed a mutant gene (in which case, they'd ship you to a lab to study you).
Or even worse: what if the President recognizes the existence of the Yeerks but instead of eliminating them he just captures one and holds a trial, wanting to know the Yeerk side of what's going on? What if he declares the Yeerks to be an oppressed (by the Arpatheid Andalites according to the Yeerks), misunderstood people and he declares them to be a protected species?
Or even if he realizes the danger that the Yeerks are, would he have the constitutional authority to detain US Citizens who have not been convicted of a crime against their will for three days?
And let's say that you accomplish the task of eliminating the Yeerks in America by means of a Federal Response to the crisis. Would Japan be willing (or able) to stop the Yeerks which have infiltrated its nation? It only takes a handful of controllers to escape Japan, breed more Yeerks, and start over again.
Also, if the User's knew that the U.S. Government was onto them, they'd escape from Earth (and later return with reinforcements) and/or destroy their technology so that the humans couldn't use it. So there'd be no technology left over from the Yeerk Pools to learn how to fight the Yeerks with their own technology.

I await my opponent's criticism.


Thanks, Pro.

Judges, note that in the comments section my opponent and I agreed to make this round my chance to attack my opponents case, and use the next to defend mine. I'll be mentioning my case in this round only to compare it to Pro's and show how it's better. I will not respond directly to the attacks he made until the last round.

The flaws in Pro's plan are numerous.

First, I propose that the proper way to evaluate war plans is on their overall viability as opposed to nitpicky details. If we were debating the viability of WWII strategy, we should place priority to FDR's Germany first policy over the minor logistical details like the length of the laces on the soldiers boots. Similarly, in our plans the many minor details like how one acquires morphs relative importance in plan structure has to be ranked below the overall mechanism for defeating the Yeerks because they can be easily changed.

With that said, by far the biggest flaw in my opponents plan is it's overall structural weakness and dearth of strategy. As a typical example, Pro's entire strategy falls apart if a single controller escapes his custody. Pro explains that he shacks controllers up to starve out their Yeerks and only returns once a day to deliver water. If a single controller escapes, he would lead his fellows to Bubba's hideout and ambush him. Humanity's only hope would be lost if Bubba screwed up a knot one day.

Bubba also let's freed controllers who don't join the fight go instead of killing or imprisoning them. Literally all it would take is for one of these controllers to be recaptured--and make no mistake, the Yeerks would be looking for them-- and Bubba's plan could be easily defeated once the Yeerks knew he was building an army. Take a weird Yeerk sympathizing human, (we know several of these exist, like Taylor), place a tiny tracking device on him, put a tiny hologram projector on his head to simulate a Yeerk coming out, or force a Yeerk sentenced to die to do the job, or in a million other ways make it look like the Yeerk has left the brain, have the traitor human accept Bubbas offer, then invade Bubba's camp and kill everyone.

Bubba also relies on doing all of this while maintaining his alias as a kid--one of the dumbest (but most interesting and appealing) aspects about the Animorphs series was that they kept their secret identities and lived double lives. While this makes for good storytelling, it makes for poor soldiers and the Animorphs constantly had to deal with sneaking away from their parents, from falling grades, from 8 hours of their day being devoted to school and therefore keeping them out of the fight, ect. Jake (the person we are replacing in this scenario) had to deal with literally living with a controller who, as we learn in book 41, eventually became somewhat suspicious of him. My plan is better because I run away from home--this serves to both keep my parents safe and out of the fight (by contrast, Jakes parents got enslaved and his brother killed) and gives me more free time to actually do stuff. Pro talks a big game on surveillance, but it's hard to imagine how he's going to do a good job of this if he's at school eight hours a day. How Bubba intends to maintain and lead an entire guerrilla army while also being a full time student and remaining at home long enough to avoid suspicion/getting grounded is beyond me. Prefer my plan because I make the tough, but necessary and realistic, choice to leave my parents behind.

Even more bizarre is Bubba's final plan for a grand invasion of the Yeerk pool with a couple hundred guerrilla fighters; Bubba characterizes this as a "surprise attack", except that the Yeerks would know that there was a resistance movement because dozens of their controllers are turning up missing and would therefore be on their guard. You should prefer my plan where highly trained military units take on the Yeerks in an actual surprise attack--the Yeerks were so complacent in their security before the Animorphs announced themselves that the five of them attacked the Yeerk pool with only three morphs fit for battle (one member was a horse, the other a hawk) and managed to get out alive. Pro's poorly armed and trained guerrillas would get squashed like bugs, assuming they even made it into the pool itself. After the Animorphs attacked the first time, the Yeerks seriously ampled up security--my soldiers will be able to enter the pool through simple staircases and likely won't begin fighting until they reach the pool itself. By distinct contrast, my opponents soldiers will likely have to contend with guards at all the entrances and hunter robots--things we saw the Yeerks implement in Canon after the Animorphs revealed their existence. The Yeerks would be tipped off about the attack almost immediately and be able to mobilize their forces to resist and hold the pool.

Moreover, my plan deals with the confusing human element better than my opponent by capturing all of the human controllers at once. Best case for Pro and he actually manages to take the pool, there will be thousands of stranded human controllers ready to come and take it back. Indeed, the Yeerks would mobilize every controller and utterly crush Bubba's forces, but even if they managed to take the Pool they would have a mountain to climb in keeping it as wave upon wave of human controllers rush down to retake it. Once the Yeerks retook the pool as they inevitably would, Bubba's remaining forces (if any even survived) would have a tough time convincing anyone of their case after the Yeerks cleared away all visible evidence.

Piggybacking off of my last point, if the initial Yeerk pool attack should fail and open warfare breaks out, I'm in an infinitely better position than Pro. To the uninformed, my plan would appear exactly as it is: the military destroying an alien threat--and I already have the military on my side. While some human controllers would inevitably slip through and in some cases defeat the units sent to subdue them, the vast majority would be caputured under my plan depriving the Yeerks of both a huge portion of their military forces and of their credibility as few humans on their side remain. By contrast, Pro's plan would appear to be a handful (as few would've survived) of crazy unshaved ruffians appearing from the woods and making war on fellow humans--Pro's plan would quickly devolve into a three way shooting match between Pro's forces, the Yeerks, and the government trying to stop the violence in the streets where Pro's bandits would be outmatched, outnumbered, outgunned, and defeated very quickly. Indeed, it's likely that the Yeerks could sell the story of some weird band of cultists attacking people. It's certainly more believable than alien brain stealers.

It's worth mentioning that my plan ends a lot less human life and makes the enemy clearer. Most of the human controllers in my world are captured and freed, not killed in combat against the free humans and, since in my world we know who is a controller and who isn't, we can know generally who to trust and hunt down the remaining human controllers.

Another reason Pro's plan fails is that he leaves the Yeerks unmolested in another country. We do not know what country it is (in my scenario, I assumed it was Japan but this was just conjecture) but we are told in book 20 that one of the leaders of the UK, France, Japan, the US, or Germany is a controller. The US can be safely ruled out because President Clinton mobilized the military to resist the Yeerks in an alternate universe where the invasion becomes open in the book Back to Before which means that the Yeerks have a foreign presence of some size--enough to capture a leader and, presumably, the government of that country. Pro could demolish the Yeerks in California and they could still win by being careful and taking over elsewhere--where they are already entrenched.

Pro's plan gives the Yeerks key time to react and analyze the situation--it's simply much harder to envision a scenario where the Yeerks win against my plan than one where they beat my opponent. In my plan, the Yeerks would have to act *immediately* in order to win. The handful of Yeerks not in orbit who escaped the infantry attack would have to have the knowledge and foresight to destroy the Yeerk ships that are on the ground or else my soldiers will find them and the Yeerk tech advantage evaporates. The only way I forsee a Yeerk victory would be if they managed destroy enough of their military vessels hidden on the ground the have an insuperable air advantage and then manage to cow into submission enough people with their advanced military technology, but with their entire ground force wiped out it's hard to forsee how they would collect the people that they cow. To be sure, as quick and clean as it sounds my plan will, eventually, get messy but it offers humanity a pretty decent chance of survival.

Pro's plan on the other hand, is an extremely long shot gamble. Like I previously argued, Pro's plan leaves thousands (more?) of human controllers stranded after he takes the Yeerk pool--these Yeerks have nothing to lose and will fight fiercly to retake it. Enough of these surviving controllers would also be smart enough to remove Yeerk vessels from the ground--the Yeerks will keep all of their ships under Pro's plan. Even if Pro succeeded in taking the pool, the Yeerks would have an enormous tech advantage and sufficent numbers in surviving human controllers to use it--once open warfare began, the Yeerks could easily establish a beachead if they still had a significant portion of their human army left to them.

And this analysis assumes Pro's ragtag band can even escape unnoticed and take the Yeerk pool. They cannot. In my plan, I don't reveal myself until the timing is right.

Thanks, vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3


I apologize for taking so long to post, but here I am. The debate shall now continue!

First of all, I must make a confession: my scenario response is not completely original. In an episode of the Animorphs TV series, a freed controller kidnapped controllers and took them to the woods to free them. However, as he was quickly caught (though he later got away) and his plan was not described in great detail, it left many details to be desired. I could still call all that I wrote in Round 2 my own idea, as I went into detail. The man's plan which I drew inspiration off was not particularly specific. It didn't say what he was going to do after he freed enough Yeerks, nor did he utilize morph power (he hadn't gained the power from the cube). Also, it didn't say that he planned on arming his men with stolen guns (not that he succeeded in freeing any controllers anyway).
Anyway, that was just something that I had to get off my chest. I will now proceed to defend my idea from the criticism provided by my opponent in the previous Round.

1. Liberation
I described kidnapping Controllers and hanging them upside down while blindfolding them and tied up (including their arms, hands, legs, and feet). It's common sense that I would also search them for weapons so that they couldn't cut themselves loose. Also, I could blindfold them or cover their faces before taking them deep into the woods. Even if I didn't, it's not likely that they'd remember the way back. If they escaped from their uncomfortable upside down tied up situation (quite unlikely without any kind of tool) then it would take them quite a while for them to find their way out of the woods. Watching from above in Hawk Morph or using my sense of smell in dog morph, I'd be able to locate and recapture them before they'd find their way out of the woods' deep interior.
Also, knowing very well that my entire plan could be unraveled by being sloppy on the rope job, it's unlikely that something like that would happen.
Therefore, these factors considered, it'd be quite difficult for them to escape from captivity on their own. I would even check on them at night to make sure this doesn't happen.
Then, my opponent described the possibility of Yeerk-sympathizing humans, or perhaps controllers who have a tracker on them.
A controller would most certainly not have a tracker on them if their confidence in victory and the resulting carelessness was as major as you described. Nor would they go through the trouble of giving every controller a hologram.
But what about people who sympathized with Yeerks? Or what about people who refused to join the fight against the Yeerks? Well, I would do a background check (a simple version of it) on the people who I'd be liberating. I'd select Conservative individuals, who at the very least would not sympathize with the Yeerks. Most likely they'd hate the Yeerks. Also, I would try to find controllers who are Army Veterans, meaning that: A. They'd be willing to fight the Yeerks B. They'd have combat experience and I wouldn't have to train them (which I could do with an Army manual that I could steal from a bookstore with the help of a morph).
If I could not find a veteran, I would at least select individuals who are excessively patriotic and have been raised around guns.
If they refused to help me, they'd be blindfolded as I took them out of the woods. That way, even if they were recaptured or if they told the Yeerks, they'd still have a difficult time locating my base. And then I would perhaps switch to another location, not necessarily in the woods, like an abandoned building, and I'd take controllers there by blindfolding them, locking them in the trunk, and driving them there in his own car. I'd be in his morph so that I wouldn't look suspicious as I was driving. If I was pulled over, I would either accept my ticket or kidnap (if he was a controller) or kill (and hide his body in the car) the officer as a last resort. If I had lots of men in my army by the time that they had to move to the new base, they'd do so under cover of darkness.
Ultimately, a Yeerk making his way back to the Yeerk Pool would not ruin my plan.

2. Double Life
As stated at the beginning of Round 2, school is out, as it's Summer. Therefore, school would not be an issue for 2 or 3 months. If School was something that I needed to do, I would have one of my men (surely I'd have at least one recruit by 2 or 3 months) morph into me and attend school in my place. I didn't say that the Morphing Cube was lost, so it is in fact allowed to give someone else the power to morph. By this point I could run away from home without drawing any attention to myself or causing a police investigation (I could have my soldiers take shifts pretending to be me).
Overall, the "Go to School, Save the World" trope would not pose a problem.

3. Final Attack on the Yeerk Pool
My opponent has incorrectly stated that my idea would require me and my army to conduct a full-scale invasion of the Yeerk Pool. This is incorrect. All I'd need to do would be to destroy the Yeerk Device which emits Kandrona Rays, as well as take control of the Yeerk Fighters, which would allow me and my army to attack the Yeerk Mothership (forgot what it's called) in orbit of the Earth, completely cutting off access to supplies and reinforcements for the Yeerks who are now without Kandrona Rays. They would most surely die, freeing their controllers. I would then have access to their technology, and I would rally humanity behind me, using the big fireball in space as well as the testimonies of hundreds of people and the Yeerk Technology and Yeerk corpses to convince people that what I'm saying is the truth. At this point I could quite possibly have the President attack the Yeerk Pools, which is the cornerstone of my opponent's idea. The difference is, however, with THAT much evidence, the Federal Government would simply have to take action.
But is it impossible to attack the Yeerk Pool? Not really; six Animorphs (don't forget that now I'd have dozens or even hundreds of morph-capable humans in my army) successfully attacked the Yeerk Pool several times, going as far as destroying the Kandrona-Emmitting devices.
And also, we'd have the element of surprise, as I'll now show:

4. Secrecy
As shown before, it is unlikely that any Controllers would escape before dying, or that any humans who sympathized with Yeerks would be Liberated in the first place.
So what about the countless disappearing Yeerks, you may ask? Surely the Yeerks would take notice.
Not really. Considering that there'd probably be several thousand Controllers by the time the Liberations began, they likely would not notice. Or, they might assume that they've left to go begin the infestation of another town.
Of course, I would go straight to the Yeerk Pools in their morph and tell them that the Controller who I was impersonating was moving on to infest another town. Since I had been spying on them for a while, I'd have enough knowledge of the Yeerk Pool to pretend to be a Controller well enough. If they insisted that I regenerate through Kandrona First, I would "drop out of my host's ear" (using a rock) and then be sent to a cell. Then I'd receive my Yeerk again (or so they think) and then walk off.
If they had an apartment home, I could go move all their stuff into their car (in their morph) and drive off, though in reality I'd hide the car somewhere nearby where I could use it. If they had a house, well, I'd simply have them "leave it" with the door to the House locked and the window curtains drawn. It'd be a while before anybody noticed that the house was not moved out of, long enough to implement my plan.
Or, this house could be used for a base in an emergency situation.
So what about the former Controllers who refuse to join my army? Well, the Yeerks would not be looking for that former Controller (who they think left to infest another town), so they would likely escape.

I await my opponent's rebuttal to my criticisms. Vote for Pro!


Thanks for the debate, Bubba. I'll just respond to the attacks my opponent made in this round.

1. Head trainer

First, my opponents argument that we can't knock someone unconcious with a Baseball bat carries no weight because they can in the Animorphs universe. We know this because David knocked Marco out with a baseball bat when he rebelled against the team.

Secondly, my opponents entire attack here simply reeks of desperation. Maybe I would get caught on a security camera, but we know that in the Animorphs universe security cameras are practically nonexistent or else they would've been caught many times--this whole exercise is pointless anyway as I could acquire morphs in a number of ways and at the end of the day *I didn't even need most of them*. Moreover, since it's clear by my plan that I (and hence my character) have no moral reservations towards doing what it takes to win, I would just acquire and morph an adult male to do the assault and take out any cameras before demorphing and acquiring the trainer. My opponent made no response to my framework so you have to weigh overall strategy against minute details--I can just get morphs in a different way. Indeed, the vast majority of my opponents attacks here and on my entire case are tiny details that I could easily change, prefer my broad structural attacks on his case.

II. Acquiring

Another nitpicky attack--obviously there are ways to subdue and touch these animals or else they couldn't be trained. If the staff refused to cooperate and the head trainer was fired, I could simply get morphs in another way and at the end of the day I didn't even need most of them.

III. Following the principal

My opponent is right--I forgot that this starts in June. Still, locating the Principal would not be a difficult prospect at all--his name is going to be in the phone book or some kind of directory. Moreover he has a daughter that is in the same grade as the Animorphs so finding her house would be incredibly easy. Really this attack is just silly--my opponent presumes I couldn't find one man and figure out to track him in a Bird morph yet he can just randomly find the Yeerk pool? It's a double standad, but unlike his scenario it is not unlikely at all that a 13 year old kid could figure out how to track someone.

IV. Running away

My opponent says I wouldn't have the survivor skills to last out in the woods, living off the land--and that's probably true. That's why my plan is better, because as just one person I can easily fly into town and steal what I need with regards to food as opposed to trying to feed an entire army off the land. There would definitely be a search for me, but it's highly unlikely that I would be found as I would be living in a shack deep in the woods and whenever I went into town it would be in morph, whether as an animal or another human.

V. Fights

Honestly, I only included this aspect as a courtesy to my opponent--since the Yeerks don't know I exist and I'm surveying instead of attacking, there's literally no reason for me to ever have to fight them. The only reason I said I would get into fights was to keep my plan from being too perfect so as to be fair to my opponent because it's likely that I would screw up at least once and have to kill a controller--it would be presumptuous to assume I wouldn't. That being said, I outright said that I destroyed/hid the bodies after I killed them--if my opponent thinks the Yeerks will freak out and realize my existence based off of a few disappearences, his plan of creating an army hundreds strong of controllers who would've disappeared in the same manner is bunk.

IV. Clinton

This is the only attack Pro makes that I think has some merit. I highly doubt that Clinton wouldn't believe me, but if he doesn't I could always just knock him out, acquire him, and issue the orders myself. Really as out there as my explanation would be, Alien technology is a better explanation than the USSR or some other enemy--the United States has an extensive spy network and knew *exactly* what capabilities all of it's enemies had, and this was the 90s. With the USSR freshly defeated, the United States didn't feel it had any enemies. Moreover, I have enough evidence to at least convince him to send his men to retrieve my evidence I left stored in the mailbox.

Pro's attacks on Clinton are pretty baseless--we know he wouldn't do half of these things like siding with the Yeerks because when he found out about them in Canon he *did* mobilize the military to resist as much as possible. As for constitutional authority to detain controllers, that's an issue to deal with afterward but it's clear who would win in a court of law--these "citizens" have been compromised by the enemy. Once the initial battle at the pool is over, the President will explain the situation to the public and, since we've taken the pool, will have *tons* of evidence to back it up. There's simply no way that this attack holds water.

Then my opponent asks if Japan would be willing to help--even if they weren't, the US has a substantial military presence in the country so could do it themselves, but the answer is absolutely they would be willing to help--although we would have to free their leader.

Bubba then makes the attack that the Yeerks would escape with all of their technology--what Yeerks? The best part of my plan is that it wipes out essentially the entire Yeerk ground force in one fell swoop. Anything left on the ground would be ours because they would have absolutely no clue that anyone was onto them.

The resolution is negated, my plan is superior to my opponents.
Debate Round No. 4
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Yup, I lost.
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I thank my opponent for this debate which I shall probably lose.
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Crap. I have a feeling that I'm going to lose.
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really nice stories, I'll watch this.
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Crap; you remembered details about the books. I was hoping that you'd be oblivious to the details of the series, but it seems that I'm gonna have a difficult time exposing flaws in your plan.
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Oh flying solo. Alright.

And it's all good man. That sounds reasonable, we'll attack R3 and defend in R4
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I apologize if the original rules would make this harder for you; the point is that at some point both of us attack the other scenario and defend our own.
How about instead, we both simply attack the other scenario in Round 3 and in Round 4 we both do defense?
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Sure. You can defend yourself in the last round if you want.
And to answer your question, you are the lone Animorph (though you have the option of saving Ax and having him join you in your fight.
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Also, the cop in the news report said "teens" but your scenario doesnt have any other characters. Am I the lone animorph or am I in the place of Jake and I have his team to back him up?
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