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Who am I battle

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Started: 6/16/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Okiee Dokiee...
Here's the rules.
I give a who am I and you reply with 2 guesses and a who am I in return.
My response will then be 2 guesses and a who am I....etc, etc
Who am I's can be any length of words, however it must be one per round, and 2-4 stanzas (about the same thing).

Who am I?
An arch of sand along the coast
A moon a cresent at it's post
A joyful grin an expression of love
A sign of peace, brought on a dove

A bracket an emoticon, a letter
Nothing in the world can show happiness better
A hug a laugh a moment to share
I live on a face but not in a pair
Who am I?

One with the most correct guesses wins, if it is a tie, the person with the most creative answer wins.


This sounds fun. I accept.

You are the 'Sun' :) Or just light in general. That's my best guess.

Here's mine:

Who am I?
People want me,
but I'm not useful in my form.
You could say I am two-faced,
but I do not have a personality.

Time to time, I'm on the ground,
But not for long. :p
I get wrinkly when i get old,
But no one cares. =/
Who am I?
Debate Round No. 1


I was a smile.
clouds??? or a balloon...I have a feeling I am going to be bad at guessing:)

A glistening orb, shining pure
Upon a blade that must endure
I'm product of hate, longing or fear
With absence of love hope and cheer

I'm on a face, I'm one or many
No-one's immune, I cling to any
I course along a slippery slide
I have been frowned, I have been cried
Who am I??


hahaha woww. i was gonna say "smile" but you put 'grin' in your description, so I thought you wouldnt be something so close to that :( darn.

Nope. I was a dollar bill. :)

For your new one... you are a tear!

Who am I?
I make your strength fade
at the worst of times.
But I keep you safe,
I keep you alert.

I give you sweaty hands,
and make your heart grow cold.
I visit the weak,
but seldom the strong.
Who am I?
Debate Round No. 2


Oh god I was way off, am terrible at guessing. (although we don't even have dollar bills in Australia;)
Yaay you were right (technically it was a drop but close enough)
Were you fear?? or cowardice...

Here is my new one.

Who am I?
I am a voice, I am a cry
I have no mouth or tears or eyes
I differentiate between win and loss
I decide who is the boss

I am right, never wrong
I'm not weak, I am strong
I am merely just a papery thing
But I allow freedom to ring.
Who am I?


yea! you got it. it was fear :)
sorry about the dollar bill thing lol. ill try to pick more general stuffs.

Are you pride? or.... a flag(of a country)

Who am I?
I warm the soul,
Hot as a coal.
I am all-around,
but sometimes no where to be found.

A hum, a ring, a snap,
I'm even a clap.
Accompanied with voice is when I fly,
Never ever will I die.
Debate Round No. 3


Yaay! Good guess, but it was a vote.
umm...were you music, or love...

ok here's mine...
I am careless and free
I don't conform I am me
I tousle I turn
I help fires to burn

I'm calm, I'm angry
I eat branches when hungry
I howl and I roar,
I fly and I soar.


ThunderNick forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


samiam96 forfeited this round.


ThunderNick forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by samiam96 7 years ago
I was wind BTW
Posted by samiam96 7 years ago
I didn't really answer your question did I...
Different thing each round
Posted by samiam96 7 years ago
Ohhk I think I was a little confusing.
Round 1 (pro) -I post a who am I
Round 1 (con) - opponent posts two guesses to the who am I I posted in the previous round. Opponent also posts their own who am I
Round 2 (pro) - I state whether or not the opponent guessed correctly or not, provide two guessed and present another who am I

This continues until all rounds are up. Anything unsaid can be commented.
Posted by BennyW 7 years ago
I don't fully understand. So we use the format you set up to describe what we are and then try to guess what you were in the last round? Are we the same thing through the entirety of the debate or does it change each round?
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