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Who can make the BEST rap?

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Started: 4/28/2011 Category: Arts
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In this debate, I shall attempt to create the best ORIGINAL rap, and my opponent will do the same.
Here is the structure of this debate:

Round 1 is solely for accepting
Round 2 the rap topic is about yourself and your family
Round 3 is a parody of round 2
Round 4 is a topic of your choice (free style)

Rules: NO COPYING AND PACING FROM OTHER SOURCES (If it is discovered that you are copying and pacing from other sources, you must forfeit the debate and admit to copyright infragment.)

Good luck.


Rap is not really my thing but I've been a fan since the beginning.
Debate Round No. 1


Good luck to my opponent. Here is my fist rap.

Yo baby yo baby yo baby yo,
I am kohai and from con-o-wing-o
I am 16 and have blue eyes,
I blonde hair,
And play piano

Yo baby yo baby yo baby yo,
Mi familia es interesante (my family is interesting)
Y mi familia es amable (and my family is loving)
I don't take any BS,
And am a skeptic.

Back to you, con.


The place called home is Queens
The Year was ninety three
The age was 17, times were wild as can be.

The D's were always amped
to do a little dance
when they did a stop and frisk
to find more than a gram

My boys who didn't deal
They used to rob and steal
to help pay the rent
what's leftover? let's get bent

We'd go and find some shorties
go drink a couple forties
Get some rollin papers or a philly, gettin silly

Would have liked a dutch
but the price was just to much
when you have the munchies
and it's almost time for lunch

It was always fun and games
but things got rearranged
friends started getting locked
one got caught with a glock

Detectives doing work
Half my people getting murked
Knew I had to change my ways
Or I wouldn't see another day.

But mom she didn't raise no fool
I always kept up with the school
got the education down
just so I could leave my town

When it was finally time to leave
I felt a sense of great relief
Some they chose to disbelieve
I even caught a little grief

I made out to college
paid thousands for the knowledge
Debate Round No. 2


Due to copyright violations and the lack of moderation to this site. I am closing my account perminatly. I appologize to my opponent.


Victory by default. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3


kohai forfeited this round.


Kindly vote for Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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