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Who is better, Gaara of the Desert, or Minato Namikage

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Started: 4/18/2012 Category: Entertainment
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I think that Gaara of the Desert is a better fighter than Minato Namikage. the rules are simple, can use anything to back you up including manga, websites, etc. good luck.


I thank my opponent for instigator of this debate. Anyhow, as Con, I will be stating that Minato is a better fighter than Gaara. I am assuming this first round is for acceptance. I will provide a definition of better below.

Better: of superior quality or excellence, or morally superior; more virtuous.

Thus, for this debate, I must substantiate that Minato has a superior or more excellent battle style that can overcome Gaara's, or that Mina fights more morally than Gaara does.

I allow my opponent to make his argument in the next round.

With that, I hand over the next round to Pro.
Debate Round No. 1


As pro,it is my job to prove Gaara is better than Minato. OK for starters, Gaara is untouchable in MOST cases, (with the exception of Sasuke's Chidori and Diedara's Clay Bombs,) because part of his sand automatically covers his body and protects him from anything touching him. Also he is the host, ( or Jinchurikki) for Shakaku the sand demon, thus having a lot more chakra than most ninja. he can fight both on land or in the air, and has a absolute defense. only another Jinchurikki can keep up with him.
plus Minato's Rasengan would be useless against Gaara, seeing as it won't be able to penetrate his sand. so with these arguments and others for next round i ask my opponent to rest his case.


I thank my opponent for presenting such well thought-out arguments. I will go ahead and rebut his case, and then make my own arguments. In addition, I would like to ask my opponent to agree to this rule: No new arguments can be composed in the last round.

This debate is about who is a better fighter. In essence, I will show how Minato can use his own techniques to match Gaara's.
Gaara is untouchable in most cases.

Indeed, this is true. However, it should be noted that Gaara's involuntary shield of sand can only protect in front of him, and leaves him exposed from the back [1]. If he wants to protect his back, he would have to voluntarily do it.

In addition, Minato too is also untouchable in most cases. His Flying Thunder God Technique allows him to instantly teleport wherever he has marked his kunai [2].

He is the host for Shukaku, giving him alot more chakra than most ninja.

Minato, as Hokage, would be undoubtedly a very powerful ninja. He too would have immense chakra levels as all Hokage have.

Only another Jinchuriki can keep up with him

False. Minato, with his special marking, could easily teleport to Gaara in a yellow flash, allowing Minato to always be able to catch up with Gaara.

Minato's Rasengan would be useless against Gaara, seeing as it won't be able to penetrate his sand.

I believe this to be false. My opponent admits himself that Sasuke's Chidori was able to smash Gaara's shield of sand. Rasengan, a jutsu which is equal if not more powerful in strength through Chidori, should be able to smash the Shield of Sand.

My opponent's arguments have been adequately rebutted. Now, I will go ahead and make my arguments.

I. Minato could defeat Gaara in battle.

If Minato could defeat Gaara in battle, it would show that Minato is a better fighter. Allow me to begin.

The battle begins, with the two fighting in a flat grassy field. Minato and Gaara face each other, unaware of each other's abilities. Who will attack first? I will show both scenarios. If Gaara attacks first, he would have to either use his sand, or engage Minato in taijutsu. The latter would be useless against Minato, whose taijutsu skills are above the charts [3]. Minato could dodge any sand attacks with his reflexes, and proceed to charge in on Gaara. In essence, this would be same as Minato attacking Gaara first. If Gaara attacked first, Minato could easily change the scenario.

Minato charges in on Gaara, dodging his Sand attacks. Gaara would have to either use his shield of sand to protect himself, run in and try to attack Minato. The first would be useless, as Minato's rasengan could break through the shield of sand. Should Gaara charge in, he will lose. Minato could use the same tactic as he did when he fought Tobi [4]. Minato could throw a kunai. It should be noted that Gaara has still not noticed any of Minato's Space-Time techniques. Gaara, thinking the kunai a joke, would easily dodge it and try and attack Minato. Then, Minato could teleport to the kunai and slam Gaara with a kunai.

As stated before, Gaara's shielf of sand can only voluntarily protect him when the attack is in front of him. Minato will be striking behind Gaara. Gaara would have to voluntarily set up the sand, but can't since he won't have enough time to react. Hit by a big rasengan, Gaara will be badly damaged, and be marked with the Flying Thunder God Seal. Should Gaara try and run or fly away to heal himself, Minato could easily teleport to Gaara, and attack him with another Rasengan. Gaara can't take many Rasengans, and would eventually be defeated or dead.

II. Minato fights more nobly and morally than Gaara.

Readers, I think this is pretty obvious, but I will go ahead and argue this anyways, and show Minato is a better fighter due to being more morally superior, fitting with the definition I have provided. In Part I, Gaara is cruel and heartless, and fights unmorally, which heavily contrasts with Minato's morality in battle. There are many examples during the Chunin Exam arc, but I will only show one example. During Stage 2 of the exams, Gaara went up against of Team Shigure. Instead of letting them live, Gaara cruelly killed all of them with his Sand Coffin [5]. Again, the fact that Gaara could kill someone so easily and heartlessly goes to show that Gaara is a less morally superior, and thus not better fighter than Gaara.

Minato, on the other hand, has fought nobly. He was willing to die for his son and the whole village when faced against the Nine Tails, showing Minato's honor.

In short, Minato is more morally superior than Gaara in battle. This would show Minato is better than Gaara, if one looks at the definition of better in this debate.


I have rebutted my opponent's case by showing how Minato could match Gaara's battle techniques, meaning neither would be a better fighter. However, I have shown in my two arguments that Minato is better than Gaara, both in battle and in morality.


4. Naruto Shippuden Episode 248: The Fourth's Battle to the Death!!

Debate Round No. 2


first off i would like to say i agree with my opponent with the idea of no more arguments in the last and final round.
i would like to point out that it is mentioned that gaara's sand automatically goes to where the damage is about to take place, regardless of gaara's will. you say the rasengan is equal or more powerful than the chidori, but i argue the case you made about the rasengan and the sand. the chidori makes the hand a blade that can slice through anything including lighting, while the rasengan is pure charkra made to blow apart. two completely diffrent concepts.
this is what one of my links had to say. Suna no Tate (Shield of Sand - The automatic sand shield that acts independant of Gaara's will. Whenever Gaara is danger of harm, it flicks up to guard him from damage. It can withstand nearly any standard attack, whether it be shuriken projectiles, needles, or even explosions. It has been defeated by Lee's high-speed taijutsu, in which the sand shield can't keep up. speed is his only weakness, and i doubt Minato is faster than Lee.
if you do get past that you got to deal with the armour of sand. Suna no Yoroi (Armor of Sand) - The armor of sand is an extremely thin, but dense layer of sand that lies directly on Gaara's skin, protecting him should the Suna no Tate fail to protect him. However, this requires an immense of chakra to compact the sand together, and it slows the user down as a result of the extra weight. Thus, Gaara only uses it unless he absolutely has to. But the effectiveness of the jutsu is undeniable--it can more often than not render an attack absolutely useless. It's also why Gaara appears 'cracked' when he gets attacked.
so in effectiveness, (and i ask my opponenet to go to my link below and read his attacks,) no matter where Minato teleports to and lands, gaara has the advantage. plus if he went shakaku form, Minato would have his hands full. you say gaara would'nt know about Minato's space-time jutsu, but Minato is famous for his space time Jutsu, so gaara would know about it being kazekage. i think that in this battle Gaara has the upperhand. also all gaara has to do is wear Minato down. now i await your argument


I thank my opponent for presenting a well-thought out case. I will go ahead and begin now.


Firstly, it seems Pro completely drops my morality argument and my rebuttals. This proves that Minato is able to match Gaara's power with his own techniques. It also shows that Minato is better than Gaara. I have to prove this last point to prove the debate.


It seems Pro seems to heavily rely upon the defensive capabilities of Gaara's sand in this argument. He also seems to be challenging the strength of the Rasengan.

My opponent admits that Chidori can break through Gaara's sand. Rasengan and Chidori are of equal power. Proof? Look at any occassion that Naruto and Sasuke have clashed their Rasengan and Chidori against each others' hands. Neither side ever seems to win out, indicating an equality in power. In fact, Rasengan could be even more powerful. The best example of this is during Naruto's and Sasuke's first fight, when Kakashi deflected them into the water towers. Sasuke saw that Chidori made a bigger dent on the front of its tower, but when he checked the back of the tower that the Rasengan hit, it was completely blown out, indicating Rasengan is stronger. [1]

If Chidori, a jutsu as powerful if not weaker than Rasengan, can break the sand armor, I see no reason as to why Rasengan could not break through it.

I will go ahead and bring up another point here: Minato can outspeed that shield of sand.

This automatic shield of sand can be beaten. Indeed, Kimimaro was able to outspeed this sand. When Kimimaro brought up his Clematis: Vine up to Gaara's eye, no visible sand shield was around him. Indeed, it is believed that Kimimaro would have pierced right through Gaara had Kimimaro not succumbed to disease [2]. Minato could easily outspeed the sand too.

I will go ahead and reiterate the battle scene. Minato and Gaara charge at each other. Minato could throw a kunai like before, and Gaara will dodge it. Minato teleports to the kunai behind Gaara, Rasengan in hand. Minato outspeeds the automatic sand shield, and Gaara cannot make a manual shield of sand since he cannot react fast enough. Even if he does, the Rasengan will break through, as shown above. Gaara would be hit by the Rasengan anyhow.

I have shown how Minato could defeat Gaara in battle.

My opponent brings up a good point: Shukaku form.
Minato should be able to defeat this. If Naruto could, I see no reason why Minato, a much stronger ninja, could not be able to defeat this form. Minato could summon Gamabunta, and hit Gaara, who will lose his Shukaku form upon waking up. Gaara will be passed out, while Minato could finish him with a space-time Rasengan.

My opponent says Gaara will know of Minato's powers. However, in the beginning of the scenario, I state that they would not know of each other's powers. He says Gaara will know since Minato is famous for space-time jutsu. Minato was deceased by the time Gaara was Kazekage. Gaara really would not know about Minato's abilities, nor would Minato know about Gaara's, proving my point further.


Although this was rather short, I do feel it is all that necessary, since in this round Pro primarily focused on Gaara's sand.


1. Naruto Episode 108: Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds.
2. Naruto Episode 127: Vengeful Strike: The Bracken Dance!

Debate Round No. 3


i agreed to no arguments in the last round so let the voters decide


That's not exactly what I meant by no new arguments in the last round.

I meant only rebuttals of previous points or re-explaining of previous points. However, it is my fault for not explicitly stating so, and it would be bad conduct to post an argument here.

Nonetheless, voters, vote on who you think deserves to win!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Varactyl 6 years ago
I am completely shocked that the instigator made the statement " i doubt Minato is faster than Lee" when several times throughout the serious it is acknowledged that Minato is one of the if not the fastest shinobi to have ever lived.
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
Strange indeed.
Posted by kyro90 6 years ago
It just does. Idk why.
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
Why laugh at a debate?
Posted by kyro90 6 years ago
It makes me laugh whenever I see a naruto debate. Idk why. xD
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Reasons for voting decision: multi win because of better argumentation, and the fact that minato would beat garra
Vote Placed by SarcasticIndeed 6 years ago
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