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Who is better Naruto or Goku (for Naruto)

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Started: 4/20/2015 Category: Entertainment
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OK first of all yes i am a Naruto Fan which is why i for him. So lets get started. I believe that many people look at gokus ability's when it comes to destroying galaxies and start to forget other characters ability. IL start by stating Naruto's power's

- Sage mode
-Immense amount of Ashura's chakra
-Control of Nine-Tails
-Befreindment of Nine tails
-Sage of Six Paths body power (truth seeking balls)

People seem to forget that Naruto has control over many truth seeking balls which nullifies all attacks, can be expanded and shaped into any shape and size and when touched by somebody other has a similar effect as particle style which allows it touches whatever it touches to dust.
All Naruto would have to do is cover himself over by the Truth seeking ball to block out all attacks no madder how strong it is. And Goku being the idiot he is would probably attack the truth seeking ball directly into the ball which would turn him into dust.

Not only that anybody with basic genjutus could kill him such as kurenai and even Naruto since he could summon the frogs Ma and Pa and while waiting in the ball they could prepare the genjutus and kill him right there.


Goku and Naruto are very popular characters with Anime and Manga. Dragonball and Dragonball Z are arguably the most recognizable anime in the world today. The simple fact is that unfortunately for my opponent, Goku is vastly stronger, faster, more skilled, more experienced, more talented, and more accomplished than Naruto.

I would like to also point out that my opponent never says when these fighters are fighting each other, or what training they have accomplished hence I am going to established that Goku is at his stage at the end of Dragonball Z, however it should be noted that even as a young adult without any transformations Goku would be able to destroy Naruto in a fight.

I want to discuss Goku's abilities first review why he is clearly the better fighter in this situation.

Martial Arts Training and Physical Ability:
Goku is a master of many different martial arts, in the the third volume of Dragonball the original manga, “Tenkaichi Budookai Hajimaru!”, Goku starts his training with the Master Roshi. He completes super human feats such as lifting impossibly large boulders and running 100 meters in 8 seconds. That defeats most Olympic athletes and this is before Master Roshi even begins starting to train either of them. Another factor to consider is that at this point Goku, is only 12 years old.

Goku would come to defeat many martial artists in his first world martial arts tournament and achieve second place despite no other people of even close ability to Goku. He only got second because his own Master entered the competition to keep his ego down.
Goku then goes on to train with Korin/Karin who is hailed as the God of Martial Arts in the Dragonball universe. However, Goku is so skilled that despite it taking Master Roshi 3 years to complete Karin's training, it only takes Goku two days. This is what allows him to defeat Mercenary Tao.

Goku receives additional training from Mr.Popo and Kami-Sama, who is the God of the World.
Mr.Popo teaches Goku how to be faster than lightning. Now, lightning goes about 224,000 mph based on air conditions. That's 107,290 meters per second! Now you could say this wasn't in the manga however, there is evidence his even faster than that based on the manga. For example, after his training with Karin it is shown that he can dodge lasers which depending upon the frequency move at the speed of light.

Goku then receives training from King Kai and learns many things including the coveted yet never attained by anyone but Goku, Kaio-ken. At this point, it is shown that Goku can at least lift 2 tons with each limb.

After this is trains with many others and for many other battles that just further improve his skills. In fact, all the training prior to King Kai, equates to approximately half of his training.

Now my opponent may say that Naruto has many techniques as well, including Sage Mode and Nine-Tails. The problem with these modes are that for Sage Mode, you have to be completely still and since this fight is one on one, it seems unrealistic that Naruto will be able to achieve it. While initially transformations take a lot of time for Saiyan Warriors, they can do it almost instantaneously after they have mastered the technique. Another problem is that while my opponent mocked Goku for being unintelligent, the fact is that Goku often makes plans in the middle of battle against many different opponents and isn't some big dumb brute when it comes to strategy. The battles with Cell, Tien Shinhan, and Frieza prove this.

I would like to remind voters and my opponent that not only is Naruto weaker in his strongest form but he also failed three times at the academy. Not only that but for most of the manga and anime Naruto has been known for his poor chakra control.

To even touch Goku, Naruto would have to be in Six Paths Senjutsu mode simply because Goku knows Sky Dancing(flying). And this still assumes that Gokus own immense quickness is not enough to put him away before he can even transform which is a big if.

Now my opponent brings up the truth seeking balls but this is a non-starter. They are only able to counteract all forms of Ninjutsu which Goku clearly doesn't use. They don't block ki.

My opponent provides no justification for why Naruto never covers himself with a truth seeking ball in any of the manga, and furthermore it is never shown to actually turn anyone to dust. The Third Hokage does claim that they can but it never happens. Furthermore, they can be destroyed by Evening Elephant and senjutsu enchaned tailed beast ball. This just shows that powerful techniques can defeat it.

My opponent doesn't say why genjutsu is an immediate defeater to Goku so its a red herring. He needs to explain why anyone with Genjutsu could kill Goku. I should remind everyone that Goku has been shown to read minds.

I would like to also state that Goku is simply not human. He is a saiyan and naturally more capable warrior than any human that could ever live. A better comparison for this battle would probably be Krillin vs Naruto. And even then I would say Krillin has an advantage.

Debate Round No. 1


mindmich forfeited this round.


I extend my argument.
Debate Round No. 2


mindmich forfeited this round.


I extend my argument.
Debate Round No. 3


mindmich forfeited this round.


I extend my argument.
Debate Round No. 4
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