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Who is better despite injuries? Dez Bryant or Calvin Johnson

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Started: 4/20/2016 Category: Sports
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I think Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson are both great game changers but, overall Calvin Johnson, I think he is a better receiver when it comes to playing the ball, he's tall , he can jump, he has hands for days, and he's pretty fast. When it comes down to megatron there is no better


Number one, Calvin Johnson is retiring like a wimp. Number two, Calvin Johnson did not help his team win like Dez Bryant did. Just look at their records. Number three, Dez Bryant is still progressing while Calvin just quit like a wimp. In 20 years, Dez Bryant will have the better stats than Calvin because he was in the league longer. This will make him more likely to get in the Hall of Fame. Number four, Dez Bryant is a good trash talker, unlike Calvin. Number five, every receiver in the NFL is decently tall, fast, and can catch pretty good. THAT's WHY THEY ARE IN THE NFL. Number six, I want to devote this argument to the one and only true god, SHREK.
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