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Who is right USA or Russia

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Started: 9/5/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I support USA, 100%.


First off I would like to say this is a GREAT argument. Now moving on. This is going to be tough to say but Russia is in the right because they are allies with Syria. What do you expect them to do sit back and watch a ally get bombarded by missiles? No, They will come and go up against one of the top navy's on the planet to help them out. The only bad outcome of this and it is sad to say but it is looking like the Cold War all over again. Also before I am done I would like to say I am a U.S. citizen I do not hate my country but I wanted to see what it is like on the other side. LOVE TO HEAR BACK!
Debate Round No. 1


Russia will reply back if their ally is bombarded with missiles. But in the G20 summit this week, Russia has said to USA that they will agree on USA decision to attack Syria, if USA proves 100% that chemicals was used in Syria to kill 1400 people. It would be foolish to start a war , because this will be a WW3 if this happened and a Nuclear one. This will affect them both a lot. Russia will be affected a lot because France, Australia, Germany and other countries have nuclear weapons or sharing with other countries whereas there is only Iran and China that has nuclear weapons on the Russian/Syrian side. As I end this argument, I would like to say that I have no grudge for Russia or the Syrians but I feel Russia is not in the right side and is not fighting for justice. P.s I am a Canadian Citizen, so I am not supporting USA since Canada is supporting America.


That"s what I was stating in my argument that they are an ally with Syria and will not tolerate seeing their ally getting crushed with missiles. On another note Putin does see that chemical warfare is going on and will not tolerate it. No, it would not cause WW3 it would be a Cold war, Russia does not want to use nuclear power at all they didn"t during the first cold war. Syria would just be another Vietnam. The reason for not using Nuclear power is a clear one it is because U.S. and Russia does not have enough financially to do so. Talking about Europe helping at all is a joke we all saw how Britain pulled out right away and didn"t want anything to do with Syria it will be just like that in all the others listed. Also Germany is a tossup on which side that country would go to but Europe all together would not go. While it seems Russia is still in the wrong believing they are right are still in full affect due to Syria being allied. Until evidence is found (Which IS true) Russia is right
Debate Round No. 2


As pro said:Until evidence is found (Which IS true) Russia is right

This statement especially 'Until evidence found (Which IS true...)' supports my second argument. It is true that Syria had used chemicals to kill 1400 people. Russia must agree and fight with the Americans to defeat the Syrian governments. Why should we have a WW3 or even a cold war with the Russians. America was right all along.

Russia though is an ally of Syria, they can cut their connections with them. For an example: In WW2 Russia at first was an ally of Nazi Germany. When Nazi Germany decides to invade Russia. Russia cut terms with them and joined the allies.

If Russia is not going to help America for the right cause just to show America that they are better than them, this may lead to the fall of Russia.

Nice debate.


This has lead away from the question that was asked which is who is right being there. All the evidence and G20 was a later time. The U.S. has no right on being at Syria because it is not their problem. We as a country has a lot more to worry about and it is not Syria. We cannot waste more money on stupid things Syria needs to figure things out themselves as this civil war rages on. No one helped the confederate side during the civil war did they? Not to my memory did any country help them. Russia is there to tell U.S. to back off while they protect their ally.

Completely off topic I would like to note one thing that I have noticed from my time here is that a debate can change to have the Con get the losing chance. As was noted in round 2 my opponent who was a good one mentioned the G20 summit. This was a day after the debate started. I guess ill have to get used to that.

Thank you for a Great first debate
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anonymouse 5 years ago
on what issue? most of the time Russia is right. i cant think of a time when the usa was right on anything, whether it was killing native americans, enslaving Africans, or invading viet nam.
Posted by Duncan 5 years ago
I'm more like 65% USA, I would support Russia if Putin wasn't in power.
Posted by TheEnergyHippo 5 years ago
@funwiththoughts Totally true..
Posted by funwiththoughts 5 years ago
Right about what? I think both are wrong about a lot.
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