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Who is the best champion for each role (top, mid, jungle, adc, and support) in league of Legends

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Started: 1/14/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance only.
-we are using the most recent update before preseason 4. So the update in LCS season 3
so no season 4
-No sources needed
-btw, dont take this too seriously :P


Top= Shyvana. Although she may suffer in laning phase against champs like Renekton and Mundo, she outscales all of them and becomes a terror. Her teamfight potential is superb and her dragon form is super strong.
Jungle= Elise. She has a very fast clear time and her kit allows her to perform very successful ganks. If she gets behind from ganking too much, she can just farm the jungle quickly and catch up. She can also counterjungle very effectively.
Mid- Gragas. His burst potential and laning ability make him hard to lane against and his ult is extremely effective in breaking up teams.
ADC- Lucian. Once it gets to mid or late game his passive becomes deadly. The two AAs can deal close to 1000 damage and his ult can steal dragon/baron, siege objectives, and burst enemies.
Support- Leona. The immense CC that comes from Leona is too strong.
Debate Round No. 1


ummm dude u didnt read the rules....its season 3 not season 4...
soooooo ur gonna lose :P

Top : jax- all his abilities provide for the best overall offtank
his q is both a gap closer and escape
w is just damage dealer
e is stun and way to avoid physical attacks
r is damage dealer and amazing defensive ability since it scales off ad and ap

Mid : Fizz fizz is very mobile and has an amazing set of abilities. They deal crazy amounts of burst and can be used to defensively to avoid damage. also has a gapcloser. Even though his ult is a skill shot, it still provides amazing damage

Jungle : I agree with Elise. She has amazing waveclear, and her she basically has 7 abilities. Her ganks are very easy to set up and she has cc, gapcloser and abilities that deal lots of damage. She can counterjungle quite successfully because of her fast waveclear.

ADC : Corki Triforce buffs in season 3 were just ridiculous. I remember in the LCS basically all adcs played him when they could it was 80% or something. Corki had an amazing laning phase and works amazingly in team fights as well. HIs passive give him true damage which is op, his q, and e are good for csing, poke and team fights since theyre aoe, his w can be used as escape or gapcloser, and his procs triforce and provides poke and range. Corki is o.p.

Support : Thresh- He is just op dude. he has so much cc and his lantern is not even fair. It can be used to set up ganks or used to allow the adc to escape a sticky situation. His laning phase is rly good with his hook and flay and his ult is a good cc and damage dealer. PLus his passive lets him scale his abilities.

Remember, this is Season 3 not 4.

We can use the rest of rounds to refute or talk about league :P


Even if it's season 3, my answers would stay the same other than ADC. Jax, even though he becomes an amazing split pusher after botrk and triforce, is not the right choice in a lot of teamfights. The tanky top meta was in season 3.
Fizz, after Lich Bane, becomes a terror, but after this combo is done, he is no longer scary.
Corki was strong, but vayne is the superior adc in season 3.
Being a Diamond player, I have faced many different team comps and have just stated what I feel. Feel free to oppose what I said. interested in your mindset
Debate Round No. 2


Its true that Jax doesnt work in some team comps, but neither does shyvanna. To be fair, i dont think theres a champion that works for every single team comp :P Shyvanna just wasnt that strong in season 3. There were many better options that could lane better then her and team fight better then her. but she is strong, especially in season 4.

And ur comment for fizz is basically the same for any assassin mid lane. Once their combo is done, they have nothing until theyre cooldowns are up :P. Season 3, assassins were just op.

Vayne is only better if the player has superior mechanics. If she is behind on cs, shes useless since she'll deal no damage. Corki i believe has better poke, laning phase and teamfights and is better for a team. 1v1 i guess it could be different, but corki's burst is also quite good.

As for your Leona choice, i believe she has amazing cc, but only if you land it. If u miss ur combos, you're screwed. there are supports who have more sustain and good cc too that are easier to play and harder to miss cc. btw i played this leona draven combo and if u get the cc down, its pretty op, even though draven is kinda bad now :P


it actually really depends on which point of season 3 you are referencing. cause in spring, summer jax was irrelevant in higher elos and the competitive scene. champs like zac and shen (tanks) were huge season 3 mid and early stages. as it became later on, some top laners went offensive.
fizz is especially squishy. compared to most mid laners.
once it comes to late game, you can't beat vayne. her w passive is really just too strong. and can tear apart tanks.
i'm just presenting everything from a very high elo mindset, thus leona supports are very effective. for lower elos, i would have to agree with you on thresh.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 3 years ago
no votes wow...
Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 3 years ago
sry i forgot to mention worlds oops :P
Posted by john4747 3 years ago
LCS consists of spring and summer as well as worlds.
Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 3 years ago
i meant the patch they used during LCS in season 3. Its true that vayne is op late game, but the meta was basically early game to mid game, and diving turrets and what not. Many adcs could deny her cs and beat her in laning phase, which is very significant since the team will just end the game before vayne gets big.

And im trying to provide a high elo mind set too :P
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