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Who is the best comedic actor

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Started: 10/29/2013 Category: Movies
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I say Jim Carrey is the best comedic actor who do you think is the best comedic actor. First round you accept and say who you vote for and then the next rounds are saying why.


I am going to be arguing against you and saying that Jim Carrey is not the best comedic actor.
You may personally believe that he is, which is totally acceptable, how ever in this debate I believe that he is not, I also would like to question how you can say that he's the best comedic actor. Have you seen and compared every comedic actor? What makes you think that he is the best actor when you may not even know about 90% of other comedic actors.
There are also many comedic actors of past generations which you would deffinately have no idea about.

Adam Sandler has won 34 awards and has been nominated for 79, this clearly shows he could potentially be one of the best comedic actors.

Judging by many charts which I have looked at, including IMDb: Top 100 Comedian Actors of All Time, IMDb: The 30 funniest Comedy Actors of Hollywood, IMDb: The Best Comedy Actors of all time, IMDb: BEST COMEDY ACTORS, and many more.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay well you didn't say who you think is the best comedic actor, but I'm assuming you are saying Adam Sandler and that was predictable. The thing about Adam Sandler is while he's funny he keeps turning out crappy movies. Now I liked happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, but Jack and Jill, that's my boy, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, Little Nicky which Mike Nelson said was the worst comedy ever. I'm just going by movies you can't really see Adam Sandler's comedic genius if the movies don't let him show it. Now Jim Carrey on the other hand has amazing movies that let him show his talents and he was on in my opinion one of the greatest sketch shows ever in living color. My final statement is that Jim Carrey has a higher total gross in movies, A higher average gross in movies, his highest grossing movie was higher then Adam Sandler's highest grossing movie in all staring roles and in all credited roles he has more movies, higher average gross, higher total gross, higher gross in the 90s, higher gross in the 2000s. So how do you want to follow up with your argument


I want to follow up by saying that im not specifying that Adam Sandler is the best, I dont think anyone can be the best however people can have personal favourite actors. What I am saying is that there are better comedic actors than Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey also has his horrible movies which were in no way funny or entertaining, such as The number 23,
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Fun with Dick and Jane.

Considering you assumed that Im saying Adam Sandler is better (which he may be), ill tell you that Adam Sandler is worth an astonishing 300 million dollars, where as Jim Carrey is only worth 150 million dollars. Adam's movies are also well known alot better, he may have a few movies that aren't really funny how ever he is still known alot more than Jim Carrey.

According to many media reports, Jim Carrey's movies are on the decline and fall.
Debate Round No. 2


Well this debate was who is the best comedic actor not is jim carrey the best comedic actor


Well you did say that you thought Jim Carrey was the best comedic actor, and I was proving to you and the audience that he in fact is not the best comedic actor.

My argument stands that there cannot be a 'best comedic actor'.

In my cases that I put forward I intended to convince you and prove to you that Jim Carrey is not the 'best' comedic actor and that you cannot be the 'best' comedic actor. You can be the most successful or most recognised actor but it is impossible to be the best as there is no real competition.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NotCaveJohnson 3 years ago
Will ferrel
Posted by Stonewall 3 years ago
Just a protip for Con- you can beat the loophole by concluding that Sandler is the best. I'm not saying you'll win, but you'll at least be meeting the debate's requirement.
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