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Who should be on the official mount Rushmore of wrestling greatness

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Started: 8/21/2015 Category: Sports
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Hello everyone
For my first debate i'll be talking about a subject i'm very passionate about pro wrestling.
In this debate i will be debating that my mount rushmore should be the definitive mount oorushmore of pro wrestling. For those who don't know a mount rushmore of a certain sport would include the four most important of the specific sport, for example for basketball, my mount rushmore would be michael jordan, magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe, or for football (european) it would be Pele, Maradona, Bobby Charlton and Zidane.

So here are my rules
1. No swearing, bitching etc
2. Only 4 so no honerable mentions, no this one or that one arguments
3. Have Fun

The rounds would be round 1 acceptance as well as saying whos in your mount rushmore, round 2 arguing your points round 3 arguing against the others points and round 4 final arguments as well as a short statement as to why you won


I accept this debate challenge and hope I will be able to meet the 12 hour time limit between rounds you set. please help me out with that some by procrastinating when you submit so that my 12 hour round includes some hours during the next day otherwise I will be typing my whole debate round on my phone from work. That's just a courtesy request you of course don't have to do it.

My Mount Rushmore includes...
1) Richard Negr"n
2) Bruce Baumgartner
3) Hulk Hogan
4) Ronda Rousey

And while I can here the comment section all ready protesting my choices I want to point out my opponent did not say we could only choose figure from wrestling leagues themselves or any particular league, they only said figures of wrestling greatness. I think I have a pretty diverse selection of figures that fill that bill for diverse reasons.

I look forward to this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok so the first person i will add onto my mount rushmore is the 16 time world champion Ric Flair. Ric Flair revolutionized wrestling during the 70s and 80s, had the greatest gimmick of all time, and he owned it, the one and only nature boy WOOO.To go with this he has the greatest catchphrase of all time, ric flairs Woo could get a pop anywhere, from England to Korea and from the earth to mars, ric flair could get a pop. His fued with Dusty Rhodes is legend wait for it dary. He can get an awesome wrestling match out of anyone. His matches with Dusty, Ricky Steamboat and Sting are all time greats. The best on the mic of all time. He should be on everynes mount rushmore in my opinion. He in my opinion will always be better than Hulk Hogan, and that as well as everything else i have put on this list is why i believe he belongs on my mount rushmore.

The second person i will put on my mount rushmore is the japanese legend Rikidozan, like ric flair Rikidozan was a massive draw anywhere he wrestled, but he was particaularily popular in Japan.During his first few years as a wrestler in Japan he was booked to wrestle and defeat the american wrestlers that made him a national hero during the keyfabe era in japan. Due to his popularity and the love he has from the people of Japan, he has helped the wrestling industry blossom in Japan, the region where wrestling is considered to be taken the most seriously, as well as that he has inspired and trained many japanese wrestling legends including Antonio Inoki as well as Giant Baba. He also founded the first Japanese Wrestling Company, known as the JPWA, also known as the Japanese Pro Wrestling Alliance, also featuring Inoki and Baba, who later went on to found the two best wrestling organisations ever All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Due to Rikidozans incredible impact on pro wrestling in Japan, I have to put him in my mount rushmore.

The Third person i'm gonna put in my mount rushmore is the man of 1000 masks Mil Mascarus, like Rikidozan Mil Mascarus, has helped wrestling gain popularity in his home country of Mexico, and as wellas that he also helped increase the popularity of one of the best styles of wrestling ever lucha libre, because of him Lucha Libre is being enjoyed by millions of wrestling Fans around the world. For this i definatly think Mil Mascarus should definatly be in the mount rushmore.

The Final Person who i think should be in my mount rushmore is the jabroni beating pie eating trail blazing eye-brow raising peoples champ the Rock. Why not steve austin you ask, well thats because hes the first wrestler to be able to break the wall into holiwood, this has opened the door for wrestlers to be able to make the transition to acting, and has given wrestling more mainstream attention than anyone in wrestling history, nt only that but his legendary mic skills and promos, helped the WWF gain more steam in the attitude era. Due to this The rock is my final pick for my mount rushmor


Did you know Mount Rushmores 4 Presidents were not picked just because they are historic favorites or great? They were picked because each one either started, expanded, united, or empowered our nation. I tried to pick my 4 with that standard.

1) Richard Negr"n you have probably never herd of. Partly because he himself is not a wrestler. But without him you might have never even herd of wrestling as a major sport.
Like Washington he founded the wrestling league.

2) Bruce Baumgartner is an Olympic Wrestler who is the very first name and face you will find when looking up historic olympic wrestling champion's. Thus he is quite literally the poster child according to his Googlability for real wrestling greatness.

3) For the exact same reasons my opponent chose the Rock I chose Hulk Hogan who is the actual wrestler that broke the wall into Hollywood. Its why they call him "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. Back before the Rock even had guest rolls as a alien goon in Star Trek Voyeger Hulk Hogan got fake beat up by Rocky Balboa and before the Rock ever got together "the game plan' Hulk Hogan was in Mr Nanny. Hulk Hogan is the reason I even know what wrestling is because of those movies. At least he was the first reason.

4) Ronda Rousey is the only hope for the future of wrestling. She's the only reason people are even talking about wrestling again. She may not be in any wrestling league but everyone agrees she takes primarily wrestling moves into the ultimate fighter arena. The sheer level of awesomeness of her but kicking powers in her last match was so great even my friends who never talk about sports was talking about on Facebook. Not to mention she's possibly the first female wrestler to receive quite this level of adoration and attention by the media and fans everywhere of wrestling.

Summary: my Mount Wrestling Rushmore has staples of real wrestling and fake wrestling, and staples of the founding of major organized wrestling leagues and the future of wrestling. Diverse great figures for diverse reasons. And I will defend this pick to the last round as the best.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok so the first thig you did what say how a mount rushmore should be based on people who started, expanded or empowered America, when using that definition Rikidozan STARTED the JNWA, which helped start the wrestling boom in Japan, as well as that he inspired and trained 2 other all time greats Antonio Inoki and Giant BABA, both of whom helped expand wrestling in Japan by founding AJPW and NJPW. Like how another person on my mount rushmore Mil Mascarus, helped expand not only wrestling in Mexico, but was one of the driving forces behind Lucha Libre, getting more recognition internationally.

Now for your our guys
Richard Negron, to be honest i have no idea why hes even in the discussion, other than founding the Wrestling League, i can't find anything hes done that i would consider worthy of being in the mount rushmore, definitly not over Mil Mascarus or Rikidozan,in terms of starting or expanding the wrestling business.

Now for Bruce Baumgartner while a great amateur wrestler has never in your words expaneded, or started any part of wrestling, not a company or style of wrestling, so once again i don't see how he could be on this list ahead of flair, rck or any of my picks.

This will probabily be the hardest thing to argue fr, that being hulk hogan being out of any mount rushmore of wrestling. So first of all, while you have point that hogan was in movies before the rock, The Rock did something Hogan could never do, he became a full time actor, and is now part of one of the biggest movie franchises in the world right now. He's paved the way for other wrestlers to become full-time actors. To finish this off, Hogan has a history for backstage politics, and refusing to put people over, while The Rock, has made superstars by putting over guys like Randy Orton, Batista, Brock Lesnar and John Cena. While Hogan single handedly delayed or destroyed the cariers of mr perfect, bret hart, yokozuna as well as randy orton, shawn michaels, remember the end of wrestlemania 9. Those are the reasons why i put the rock over hogan.

Ronda Rousey, shouldn't be on a mount rushmore of wrestlig, maybe in mma but not wrestling, the only thing shes ever done in the wrestling industry is beating up Stephanie McMahon. Shes not in the wrestling industry imo, shes in the mma idustry so for me theres no way she should be included in this debate ahead of the rock, flair even hogan or even any of my picks.

So thats why i don't think any of these people should be in the munt rushmore of WRESTLING not mma greatness. I can't wait to see my opponents comebacks and i look forward to reading them. Good Luck.


Marauder forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
9 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 9 records.
Posted by LegitBoss 2 years ago
Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin
Posted by djones15 2 years ago
I went more for important pro wrestlers from different regions
Posted by djones15 2 years ago
there was around 6/7 hours left
Posted by Marauder 2 years ago
Well their was but unfortunately you posted your round way sooner than I expected. What hour exactly did you post the third round? I'm not complaining I just want to know how much I missed the 12 hour time limit by.

I was going to argue that your choices while good favorite fighters they were arbitrary in their diversity of importance to wrestling. Why favor a pioneer Japanese fake wrestler over say whoever started it in China or India? And that all of your choices were purely wrestlers in the fake acting wrestling category. I had wrestling businessman, a real wrestling Olympic wrestler, a fake Hollywood wrestler, and a ultimate fighter wrestler.

Arguably people like the Rock, Hogan, Nash, Goldberg all don't deserve to be on any mountain since their just paid actors and their matches are not great sport just great script.

But alas you win. I shouldn't of accepted a 12 hour time limit debate in the first place.
Posted by djones15 2 years ago
gg bro theres no way u can argue against he rock, flair the funder f japanese wrestling and mexicos most influential wrestler
Posted by Craighawley215 2 years ago
Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Verne Gagne, and The Rock
Posted by djones15 2 years ago
Interesting choices I'll see what I can do
Posted by djones15 2 years ago
are you going to debate that
Posted by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock.
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