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Who should replace Bruce Wayne as Batman

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Started: 3/23/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is another pick your own debate. my opponent will choose one of the options to argue as best outcome for the passing of the mantle of the Bat following Bruce Wayne's death in the DC comic book universe. Though it is true that in the comics it is already fact that Dick Grayson has replaced him, with Damian Wayne as his robin, and Bruce's character will return in upcoming comics, likely taking the title of batman back, for this debate we will ignore the what did happen and argue what should have happened.

My opponent may argue
A) the way it worked out was the best, Dick Grayson as the Batman
B) It should have been Jason Todd! he would put the Dark back in Dark Knight!
C) Tim Drake is the only person who should be called worlds greatest detective in absence of Bruce! Tim should be Batman
D) It is time for DC to use Jean Paul Valley's character again, Azerail was batman once before.
E) Commissioner Gordon. don't laugh I mean it.
F) The women's movement in comics is not done yet, it should be a girl now, like catwoman, or Cassandra Cain....
G) Even as a corpse Bruce must keep the title, give a black lantern ring and problem solved
H) we should not treat Zur-en-Arrh as a figment of Bruce's crazy mind, and that planet should blow up like krypton so that its batman can come to Earth as a refuge with a similar plot to Superman's life
I) A wanna-bee batman from the International Club of Hero's should be the new batman, I don't care if they stop protecting cities in there own country.
J) Joker, or some other bat-villain that this would be an ironic twist of fate for
K) Hush.
L) someone else that you think I forgot

What my opponent may not argue is what I am arguing. That the replacement should be Tim, Jason, and Dick at the same time. The title can no longer be held by one person. It is the name of Batman that is feared in in criminal circles and that is the whole purpose of putting on a suit that resembles a bat. Nightwings costume and Tim's new Red Robin outfit, or Jason's Red Hood will never do it like Batman's. and no one needs to know that they are three people who are the batman, this will be a secret closely guarded by the Network that Nightwing formed to protect from the immediate chaos that followed Bruce's Death.

I dont know how sources will work out for this debate, as an arguement might use events before R.I.P to support why it is most appropriate for that character to become Batman, but every page of past comics is not availible online. Wikapiedia has descriptions of past comic book plots, but there are useally general.


Batman should remain no more, and be replaced by a new hero. This new hero would find the batcave and take refuge in it, but would respect batman's gadgets and such by not using them or selling them. This new hero, like batman, would have no super powers. He would simply be smart enough to make his own gadgets.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has not indicated witch of the 12 choices I provide for this pick your own debate he is defending, so I am going to have to guess he is arguing a variation of L) someone else you think I forgot.

He has made no name references for this individual who 'finds the bat cave' but rather says it is a new hero, one who is not canonized in DC comics as of yet. He makes no reference to why the current frequenters of the cave would not knock him out as soon as the alarms went off and immediately erase his short term memory with a special gas or super ally with telepathic powers, like the leader of the doom patrol who has already aided gothems knights by manipulating Cassandra Cain's mind so that she could talk. Not to mention hero's like Zatana who have been taking this particular dirty job of erasing memories of villains for years without notice of all the superhero's.

There is no room for a brand new character to just 'find' the bat cave and set up camp with all the previously established history in the DC cannon. Plus it completely steps on the whole point of Batman ever taking on the training of a 'Robin' if not to personally control the method of how he passes on the torch. That was part of what made Batman the Batman we think is awesome, he always thought of everything and prepared for everything. Is it right to have a new character that's unrelated to the story thus far take the title of Batman that Bruce had no hand in preparing for the role? Just what does my opponent want to become of all the former Robins? Does Dick stay Nightwing, Tim the Red Robin, Jason as an anti-hero Red Hood, while they watch a nobody take over use of the cave under the Wayne Mansion that never even met Bruce, the individual who's drive inspired it all for the three on personal level. If the new character (who I would like my opponent to make up a name for please) only relates to Bruce in the sense that he 'hero worshiped' him from seeing him on the TV, then it is a grossly inferior quality of inspiration that even Jason received from Bruce in his training under the Batman.

My opponent has also not given any rebuttal to my own position as most appropriate replacement as Batman being combination of all three apprentices.
What justified happy ending can we ever hope for for those that fight a 'never ending battle'. The problem of evil does not ever totally go away. So the goal of fighting crime becomes a form of maintenance, to keep evil from succeeding in all of its attempts. Bruce created the Batman as a symbol that would strike fear into the heart of his beloved city, Gothem. But the symbol is known world wide for his works are done world wide with the justice league, but his primary impact on crime remains in Gothem. When he has a sidekick who grows up to do what he does in a neighboring city like Bludhaven we quickly see how the hero's life is responsible for the 'Batman' effect on two crime filled cities. But it does not reach the full impact on crime that Batman has if his old sidekick carries a different name. This is why we want as many Qualified hero's wearing the mantle of the Bat as possible. In the course of a few generations of further training three new robins by each Batman you may get 15 people who could all justifiably be called batman all over the country working together in a network to improve there control over crime.
Over a hundred years its easy to see how you have a desired underground cult that is much the counter to one like the league of assassins. Just as mysterious but for the side of good led by the vision left behind by Bruce Wayne. This would be a ninja crime-fighting league were it is every members dream to one day earn the rank of 'Batman' or even the the rank of 'Robin' so that they might personally be trained by someone who does hold the rank of 'Batman' at the time.

I would like to remind my opponent that this is a debate, and not a forum discussion, please try to include in the next to rounds a case for why my future for the title Batman is not just, or why yours is just, or why yours is more just or mine less just.


I apologize. I did not realize that this was not simply a discussion, but rather a debate that you have conjured where there must be a winner. I respectfully forfeit this round and any future rounds for this debate. My apologies to anyone who wished that there would be a debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Arguments extend.

For audiences interested that didnt know Bruce did die in the comics (sorta) and has been replaced by Dick Grayson hear are some sources for the whole event, the death, the battle for the cowl, and what comic book authers are indicating there going to do next with this.
and hear's some further explination for argument choice G


Again, I apologize, but I have nothing to counter with.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Korashk 7 years ago
All points to Pro because Con conceded. Also, no offense to Con, but this website is called DEBATE(dot)org.
Posted by Sekeido 7 years ago
Again, I apologize. I didn't take the debate seriously.
Posted by Marauder 8 years ago
I suspect he did not.
Posted by Kinesis 8 years ago
Sekeido, did you read Pros first round? :(
Posted by Puck 8 years ago
Challenge, L-M.
Posted by J.Kenyon 8 years ago
Bruce Wayne died?!?!? I've never even touched a comic book and I'm upset.
Posted by Koopin 8 years ago
No, like, he should not be counted as a real superhero because he has no powers.
Posted by Marauder 8 years ago
Real, like, Real real!? or like real as in a superhero included in the offical cannon of some form of literature?

If its the first one I hope you convinced him otherwise. If he's an athiest he many just be making fun of your faith.
Posted by Koopin 8 years ago
Batman is actually how I found I was trying to show someone that Batman is not a real superhero and some debate about Batman popped up.
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