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Who should ultimately win this debate?

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Started: 12/8/2013 Category: Funny
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Hi. My name is DKishore and I am strongly for the proposition side of the debate: Who should ultimately win this debate? I should win this debate. I should win because I am better than Con. I have evidence to prove this. I have won the interstellar patty-cake competition. I have played with Cobe Bryant and beat him up. The final score was 150-2, towards me. I have also won the international thumb wrestling contest, against the TEDDY BEAR OF DOOOOOOOM. I have beat the speakers of the voters. I have won the senseless competition. It was really hard. I couldn't make sense. Finally, I am your BOSS.


My opponent says he should win due to his achievements but not only does ones personal achievements unrelated to debating have nothing to do with this particular debate but you also claim that you won the senesless compititon meaning what u say makes no sense and is therefore inaccurate. so ultimately I should win this debate
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Vote Placed by YoungTurtleBear 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: 1)No one had control 2)Con only had a couple spelling/grammar errors, and Pro had repetition, spelling errors, and capital error inflation. 3)No one provided reliable evidence 4)Con was able to prove that the evidence was not important. Also, Pro made ill-logical arguments about how he is better. Side note- Pro your honestly dumb for making such a dumb debate. I mean you could have at least out sense into your evidence. Instead, you went on blabbing on your stupid personal achievement. Even those don't make sense.