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Who would win, Spartacus (pro) or King Leonidus (con)

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Started: 4/7/2015 Category: Movies
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First round is acceptance. I think that Spartacus would win. Con will be taking the side of Leonidus.


King Leonidus was a spartan king.
Spartacus is just a gladiator.

Spartans are the greatest trained soldiers ever. Leonidus is there King.
He led 300 men to 70,000,-300,000 persians and killed 20,000 of them.
Has an awesome beard :)
Kicks people in the gut and yells this is sparta = default win
Sorry my friend.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay...I said first round was just acceptance. I see you're new to this website but even so it should be pretty self explanatory. Anyways...I am going to include some more details, this is a one on one fight between the two characters, the size of their armies has nothing to do with this but you may give examples of how Leonidus shows good leadership towards his men.

Spartacus is a gladiator, which means he specializes in fighting one on one with talented opponents also trained the same way he is. Leonidus is a gifted fighter but he also relies on the help of his men a lot. Spartacus also rose up and became the best gladiator of them all during his time in the ludus. He was trained by Animaus, who was the only one to face the Shadow of Death and live, he then trained Spartacus and his rival, Cryxus, to defeat the Shadow of Death. Although Cryxus helped Spartucus, Spartucus killed the Shadow of Death single handed.

The first time Spartucus was thrown in the arena he killed four trained gladiators by himself and this was before he was trained to be one himself.

Leonidus is a good fighter but Spartucus is just far more skilled in one on one fights and he is able to take on multiple men on his own and has recovered from fatal injuries many times. In conclusion, Spartacus would win.


Ah I see sorry.

Yes I agree the size of the armies would have nothing to do with a one on one fight, however the spartan army are the fiercest army in the world and were feared by everyone. With King Leonidus being the best fighter out off a whole country not just a bunch of gladiators .
Spartucus killed 4 men in an arena? Kind Leonidus Killed 20,000 persians with 300 men who were suppose to be demons with magic etc.

King Leonidas was the third son of Anaxandidas 2nd of sparta and belonged to the agaid dynasty who claimed descent from the DEMIGOD HERACLES.

King Leonidus would win this battle with his superior battle and war experience, his amazing military strategy would outsmart sparatus. He is smarter in the art of war. He was trained as a young boy and sent out in the wilderness as a kid, he superior determination and diligence would see him outlast in the battle even with on deaths door.

King Leonidus was chosen by the whole of the Greece forces to lead the resistance against the persians, multiple countries chose this man amongst thousands.
Debate Round No. 2


But sir, you are using the men Leonidus fought with on his behalf. You compare Spartacus fighting 4 trained gladiators on his own compared to Leonidus killing 20,000 men with his whole army. And they might have thought the Persians were demons but that doesn't mean they actually were.

He CLAIMS to be a descent of Heracles, but many men claimed to be something back then. Of course they called Spartacus the "God of the Arena"

You say Leonidus would win because of his battle and war experience and that his military strategy would outsmart Spartacus, but these are things he would use if it was a battle between the two armies. But once again, this is a one on one fight. Yes Leonidus was trained as a young boy, but so was Spartacus, even though his training might not have been as harsh as Leonidus's. But Spartacus was trained as a gladiator and that training was no walk in the park. They trained all day and night and while he was a new recruit he was never fed and always getting beat up even outside of training.

Spartacus was chosen by all the gladiators and slaves that stood with him in rebellion against the entire Roman empire. Spartacus is just as good as a leader as Leonidus.


Good Points.

But I am not using the men that fought on his behalf, I am simple trying to explain that Leonidas, out of thousands of people was the most powerful and best fighter. Spartacus would of been a general in his army not the king.

The history books serve to show that the Persians were a far more technologically advanced civilization so to the Spartans yes they would seem like Demons.

But yes in a one and one fight things would be alot closer, however have you thought about what environment this fight would happen? What weapons would they have? What armor? Arena? Field? All these factors would come into place.

A really close range fight I think Leonidas would win with the famous Spartan short sword know for its penetrative force.
However in the Gladiator arena I do think that Spartacus would be the favorite. Although as a martial artist and fighter myself I know that anything can happen in a fight and anyone could win.

But in a one vs one fist fight Leonidus would win as he was known for having a big physical structure which would give him the upper hand but anything can happen.

In conclusion Leonidus is the better leader, better warrior and better strategist. However in the arena is a different ball game.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JackOfDiamonds 3 years ago
Greeks were significantly smaller than Romans, and gladiators were especially tall in Roman society (some were as tall as 6'3 which was obscene for the time when the average male height was 5'4). Moreover, gladiators were trained in single combat, whereas Spartan were taught in the standard Greek fashion of phalanx tactics. Therefore Spartacus would have been more suited to single combat, and physically superior, meaning that it is most likely he would've defeated King Leonidas in combat.
Posted by TalkingWaffle69 3 years ago
I see your point but Spartacus was not given minimal gladiator training. He spent a long time in the ludus and trained every day and became the best and probably would have stayed there his whole life if he did not find out that his wife's death was an order by his own Dominus.
Posted by Poe-vahkiin 3 years ago
Though I find VendettaUK's arguments severely flawed, King Leonidas would more than likely win in both a physical and mental battle against Spartacus. Spartacus was given minimal gladiator training, while King Leonidas was forced through a technicality to attend the harsh and extensive military training all young men were forced to endure in the Spartan society.
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