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Who would you prefer, a Professional or a Sophisticates?

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Started: 11/13/2016 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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(By sophisticates, I mean a guy with a decent amount of knowledge over a variety of things.)
I chose Pro (get the idea) because, in my opinion, a professional is like a (metaphorical) tree with deep roots, as it lets it bear very good fruit, and a professional has a deep amount of knowledge letting them bear a very trustworthy and, well, knowledgeable answer to a problem inside their own field.
A professional is also an expert in their major, setting them apart from a sophisticates, who only know a mediocre amount of any singular forte.
The phrase, quality over quantity further backs this opinion.

.....I dont debate much.


A sophisticate is a better option in general because unless you are doing cutting-edge research, the amount of information you need to know about a particular topic can be found fairly easily. The sophisticate would know this amount of information already and would be able to give a response to whatever question about the topic is asked. The superiority of sophisticates lies in their versatility. Odds are, there will be questions about more than one topic in anything that is being done. The sophisticate would be able to answer a variety of questions, while a professional would only be able to answer a limited amount. This limitation of the professional could cause a confusing tangle of branches from different trees as you attempt to find the professional that can answer your question. Meanwhile, the sophisticate is someone you can go to and know you'll get an answer from, and if more detail is needed, the sophisticate will most likely know where to obtain those details, leaving you with one trunk and very orderly branches of information. The versatility and ability of the sophisticate to integrate information from various topics far outweighs the single, detailed focus of the professional.
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Posted by canis 1 year ago
The dice is cast....
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