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Why Nike is the best global brand

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Started: 2/28/2014 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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P1: Nike is the best global brand.

P2: According to's Best Global Brands 2013, Nike " returned to growth in the past year with revenue increasing across every category and region, up 16 percent to USD $24.1 billion, the highest rate in 15 years".

P3: Moreover, the website shows Nike's brand value continually increasing every year.

P4: also states Nike continues to endorse famous sports athletes such as Lebron James and Rafael Nadal.

P5: Not only are their shoe products well designed and comfortable, they have a variety of sneakers for people who enjoy or play different sports from baseball, to basketball, to golf, to even cross-training.


P1: 24 other brands ranked higher than Nike according to interbrand's top 100 Brands for 2013.

P2: Nike in 2013 was valued at less money than 24 other companies, earning only $17.085 billion compared to the 2013 leader, Apple, which earned $98.316 billion. That means Apple earned almost 6 times as much money as Nike. (

P3: When comparing the top 25 brand of 2013 Nike's change in brand value, which was 13%, is only slightly better than average and worse than a handful of the 25, like Google at 34% change, Samsung at 20% change, and at 27% change. (

P4: Nike has also endorse cheaters and criminals as well, like Michael Vick and Lance Armstrong.

P5: Nike does not develop well designed and/or comfortable shoes as they soles to some of their running shoes are too hard and inflexible, which causes other parts of the body to absorb impacts, and they have little to no traction on wet floors and some of their shoes are too expensive, like many of their soccer cleats and running shoes.

C: Nike is not the best global brand.
Debate Round No. 1


P1: During the time Nike endorsed players like Michael Vick and Lance Armstrong, they were not officially confirmed as cheaters or criminals.

P2: After Lance Armstrong was charged with using performance enhancing drugs, Nike officially stopped endorsing him and his LIVESTRONG products.

P3: Nike's running shoe are well designed and comfortable such as the Nike Lunar Fly 306 QS and the variety of Air max sneakers (AM 95, 97, etc).

P5: According to Forbes, Nike sales went up 9% in North America over last year and 8% in Western Europe.

P6: Nike is the best global brand due to their innovating products and increasing sales internationally.


P1: Considering that the world of sports has know about and tried to regulate or ban performance enhancing drugs since at least 1928 ( a multi-billion dollar a year company should have done better background checks into who they were endorsing.

P2: By no longer endorsing Armstrong after the fact does little to negate the fact that an influential and well developed brand like Nike backed a cheater. If they truly were the best they would not have endorsed him altogether.

P3: Just because Nike's sales have gone up over the course of a year does not make them the best. When using interbrand's 100 best of 2013 it would be easier to count which brands did NOT show an increase in brand value. More specifically, only 11 brands out of the top 100 decreased in value, while 89 showed an increase. This makes Nike's sales and value increase nothing special within the business world as other companies have not only showed increases but have shown higher increases. (

P4: Nike's shoes are not well designed or comfortable. A well designed shoe should also be well priced, which many of Nike's shoes are not. Case in point the $175 Free Hyper-Feels, which are not only too expensive but far too narrow to walk in and down right unusable for running as the foot becomes wider during this form of exercise. And the same can be said about their Mercurial Vapor series of soccer cleats, which is too narrow and cost around $200.

C: Nike is still not the best global brand.
Debate Round No. 2


P1: Considering that the only person during the time who said Armstrong was taking sports-enhancement drugs was a former team mate of Armstrong and was busted for doping, there was not enough evidence to show he was taking them and should not be endorsed.

P2: Nike didn't endorse him for a "cheater" they endorsed him for a man who overcame cancer and won the Tour De France several times.

P3: Nike's shoe are well designed and comfortable as you can see anyone in the streets either using them for exercises or using them on a casual day. There are a variety of Nike sneakers under 100$ (

P4: Nike's sales going up over a year is additional evidence to prove that Nike is the best global brand.

C: Nike is the best global brand.


P1: The fact that there was some sort of evidence to support the claim that Armstrong was using performance enhancing drugs only makes the fact that Nike endorsed him worse. This means they did not follow through on a proper background check before endorsing a cheater.

P2: A brand that is considered the best would not support cheaters or potential cheaters, no matter what their accomplishments were.

P3: Furthermore, to not better screen the people they are endorsing only makes them ignorant, a quality unbecoming and unfit for a brand argued to be the best.

P4: Just because a company's sales have gone up does not make them the best. Using this notion would mean that any of the many companies that had a year to date sales increase should be considered to be the best. In addition, by using this standard other companies would better fit the bill as "the best" as they have shown bigger year to date sales increases and have turned more of a profit.

P5: Furthermore, Nike's competitors, like Adidas and Asics, who offer similar products at similar price points, have shown similar sales increases, once again proving that Nike's sales increases and offerings are common place and average. (

C: Due to the fact that Nike's accomplishments have been achieved by other companies, some on a larger, more successful scale, the products they offer are merely competitive with other brands, and that they are negligent in the people who they endorse, the cannot be the best global brand.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 94MX5 3 years ago
I just wanted to point out that the role of "Con/Against" and "Pro/For" are supposed to be switched, making the Instigator For Nike being the best global brand and me, being against Nike being the best global brand.
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