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Why Phil Shouldnt Leave NHCP...

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Started: 9/18/2008 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Mishaga should not leave Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. I will give three reasons for which i believe this statement and will await your rebutal.

1. The command is amazing, you wont find a better one on the green side or the blue side. Not to mention a certain department head, you cant beat it. Not to mention the awesome weekend duty...Who doesnt like driving to Coronado island on their free time?

2. Remember the great people and all the hard work they did in medical boards? I wouldnt have made it through that battle without Phil by my side.

3. You would be abandoning your Marines and fellow Sailors in a desperate time of need. What ever happened to "Never leave a Marine behind?" Huh Doc?


okay there devil pup...i accepted your ludacris debate to pass time. So i will rebut each of your points.

1.) Yes this command is an amazing command...too anyone that has just come from a TRANING command. I love staying late/Driving to Coronado island to pick up some deployment dodging PU$$y every weekend then not get compinsated for it. Yeah it is true the job is physically easy with a fairly low work load. However, when was the last time I got a 72? yeah it is true i don't go out in the feild now however, i would rather go out in the feild for a week and get a half day friday then just work the full 8 hour day 5 days a week. Not to mention you never go on deployment therefore you never get any of the pay perks i.e, Hazard duty pay, tax free zone, family seperation pay etc...

2.) Yeah i guess you can say we did hard work in med boards....I think they could of trained monkeys to do it and used active duty military doing something a little bit more demanding but that is not my point. You needing me to stick by your side so you can make it through tough times doesn't mean i need to stay at NHCP just shows how weak minded you are. When i was laying there in iraq bleeding out, bones broken i wasn't thinking to myself man i wish i had someone to push me thorugh it. I did it myself...just like your going to have to do shipmate! And if you can't hack it then you will surley fall out and quickly be replaced...that is the cool thing about can always be replaced and the mission will countine without you. So, without me NHCP will be able to countine completing there mission of 'HERO CENTERED CARE' without me and if need be without you. No one is key players. It is a 'Team' effort. Med boards countined completing there mission when you and I left.

3.) Oh and you want to talk to me about abandoning marines???? I am at 100% fit for full duty...wouldn't you say some one with the experince i have would be helping more marines in more of a time of need if i left and went back to a grunt unit? Or do you honestly think that with the experince it isn't a waste of rescorces keeping me typing discharge letters and filing records? I may be leaving you behind devil pup but that is cause you can run with the Big (devil) dogs. Im not abonding marines...Im actully doing the opposite by leaving NHCP.

Semper fi
Debate Round No. 1


You make a strong point, but to comment on what was mentioned in the first part of your argument, "when was the last time i got a 72?" Shipmate, we got a 96 not two weekends ago. Basic mathematics will show that this is an extra 24 hours of liberty (72+24=96) Liberty as defined by the Navy can be found here.

That will link you directly to the Navy manual.

Secondly, the field isnt as grand as many claim it to be. Using baby wipes can make your skin become dry and chaffed.
I personally do not enjoy that.

As to the second allocation made in your arguement "No one is key players, it is a team effort." As far as i can tell nothing in this command is done as a team effort, just as when the 96 previously mentioned took place, a medevac came in. Was the Marine Liaison notified of this? I think not, i believe the Navy was on what we call in the Marine Corps, Their own f**king program. Where is the teamwork in that?

And for the last part of your arguement, its true, returning to a grunt unit or victor unit as so many sailors like to put it, would benefit both you and the unit. But if and/or when you return to a grunt unit, whos to say you wont be a senior line Corpsman. Would you feel as acomplished rolling around with the co of that unit of on the line with you Marines?
Why shouldnt a young doc have the chance to take your place in the field of battle?
OORAH and have a fine Navy/Marine Corps day!


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ChevySdyme99 9 years ago
wow...look how red that face is!!!! Love your rack to there john john!
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