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Why US should not have dropped the bomb

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Started: 11/13/2016 Category: Education
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The U.S should not have bombed Japan because I feel that it was an easy way out. The US should have fought them instead of bombing them. I also feel that they should not have bombed Japan because they killed many of innocent civilians. The third reason why I think the US should not have bombed Japan is because Japan was already getting ready to surrender, it would not have been long before they surrendered but Truman decided to drop another bomb.


Okay, so you said that we should've fought them. That would result in far more US casualties, and continue to drag the war on, the bombs were necessary to save lives. Second, dropping them on major population centers was the only way to get Japan to surrender. Third, the Japanese were stated that they would not surrender after the first bomb. If we didn't drop the second, then countless more Russian, American, and Japanese lives would be lost.
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