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Why cities tend to be liberal

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Started: 3/5/2015 Category: Politics
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Having lived half my life in the city and the other half rural, I think I have a perspective some here may not.
Education is not a factor, despite Libs claiming it is.
Cities have many services, and safety nets. People become reliant on others for everything. Transportation such as public or car pools, car repairs at a shop, speedier emergency response. They often wonder why stores like Tractor Supply CO exist. Gardening is a luxury, and raising chickens is illegal. Food pantries if you are short on food. Quick loan scam shops if you are short on cash. ETC

Rural people, have to have their car towed for miles if it breaks down, so most know some degree of car repair. It might be a long wait in the cold on a two lane road without shoulders. They grow gardens, can food, hunt to make up for food shortages, They are used to relying on themselves and not others.

Liberals rely on the government for everything, just like people in the city rely on others for everything.
Conservatives lean more to personal responsibility, rather than nanny governments.


Higher concentrations of people who have never killed for food will develop a different kind of empathy. This empathy uses cooperation which is necessary in higher concentrations to make cities work. Rural people are less dependent on cooperation.
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Posted by dennis_6 3 years ago
It could have been.
Posted by dangermanumber6 3 years ago
Is this even a debate?
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