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Why do people FEAR Death? Death should not be feared.

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Started: 9/1/2015 Category: People
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Is it the fact that it's the unknown, or Is it that you'll miss your loved ones. Whats your purpose for staying alive with the time you have left. People don't have much purpose when time catches up to them, and "They" dread when death is approaching. I view death as a good thing. It's a release from this hateful world full of judgments and discrimination. I'm not suicidal, but if i were about to be hit by a car i wouldn't try to get out the way. Or say if a killer was holding me down threatening to shoot me in the head I'd laugh and say "go for it." Why do people fear dying. there's no point in fearing the inevitable. Every living sentient being is Born, and Every living sentient being Dies. Trying to prevent the inevitable is borderline insanity.

About this debate:
All opinions are open.
I welcome someone who'd argue that death should be feared.

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Pro is only interpreting inevitability of death in one way without observing the inevitability of life in another.

If that guy holding that gun to your head sees you laughing rather than showing fear or respect, you made your inevitable survival disappear by pissing him off, similarly if you choose not to even try to dodge the car you make your survival a far less inevitable outcome and death a far more immediately inevitable one.

What you are basically saying is that since a song will end, we should not fear anything that could stop it ending sooner than the intended or more pleasurable end. If we were running a concert or any festival ending it too soon would be a disaster not just of yours but those intending to visit.

Fear of death is more often than not a selfless matter as opposed to the selfish one that Pro is portraying it as. Most people who are suicidal are in a very self-absorbed state of mind thinking no-one relies on them, wants them or cares about them. Non-suicidal people and people who cannot even understand how one could ever want to commit suicide are often very empathetic individuals who see the pleasure they are able to give others on a daily basis and learn to take pride and gain selfish pleasure from the selfless giving of it. They may need to avoid death so they can raise their kids or attend to their sick grandfather, they may need to avoid death because of things in the future they don't even know about yet that would go differently and better for their friends and/or family if they were alive to assist. To say that death is inevitable and that therefore we should ignore any and all reasons both selfish and selfless to remain alive is irrational and a huge leap of logic.

There are countless events that you will come across in life where you being there at that moment made a huge, or at least a little, difference and the difference snowballed via butterfly effect and made many things happen that otherwise would not.

Death is not something to be embraced unless we are at such a stage in health or aging where we have truly become useless to all, even ourselves (which is a fundamental argument in support of legalized euthanasia in such situations). Until we are that useless, we have reason to live and it is up to us to appreciate it.

Sure, you are entitled to not fear death and think as you do but to suggest that the mentality you hold is somehow superior logically because death is inescapable is ridiculous. Many things are escapable, including gravity, but in situations where gravity is suddenly an immediate threat, you sure as hell should be fearing it in order to mitigate its effects and/or immediateness.

Death is something that will come to you but something that you can consciously put a lot of effort into making come later and appreciating that it hasn't come to you or those you care about yet. Fear is an emotion just as irrational as the need to live or urge to commit suicide. Rationality isn't the problem, but supposing that one emotion or outlook is superior to another is indeed irrational and to deny that fearing death could indeed be extremely justifiable and worthy respect is also without any rational basis.

You can always make yourself more useful to others and then you will see others respond far more positively to you over time. Some people appreciate you less than others for the same amount of effort and that’s why less positive people tend to themselves feel like others are less positive in return. Negative outlooks lead to negative thought patterns such as the one Pro has. It’s all psychological and all very justifiable to say that a person who is capable of being useful to others regularly and seeing ways to make others appreciate them should indeed fear death as they enjoy their life and death would remove that enjoyment. People who don’t fear death see life as something so negative that death (being neutral) would somehow be ‘more positive’ than the negative state they are in. Find me a happy suicidal person and I’ll give you my soul.

Debate Round No. 1


There are Happy Suicidal people. Most of them have mood disorders and others are kept for further study. For example they could be the happiest person alive and still end up with suicidal thoughts. There are also some cases in which normal people who show no sign of depression end up killing themselves because of this. Also CON instead of giving me an answer about the emotional state that fear is irrational, and stating that people commit suicide or accept death because they don't feel wanted or needed. Although you've stated that some views of death are either selfish or selfless you have yet to tell me why it is to be feared. By the way that happy suicidal person you mentioned "Hi, i'll take that soul now."


Pro has rebutted absolutely nothing that I have raised in Round 1. Pro has yet to prove or give one real-life example of a happy suicidal person and if they are referring to bipolar individuals, they are not suicidal while in the 'happy', manic phase.

As for why fear of death is necessary, why is fear needed at all? Fundamentally, everyone fears something either due to pain or due to death.

You fear ghosts because you perceive that as making you panic which you find very unpleasant, hence painful. Pain is simply an experience that is very unlike what pleasure is supposedly supposed to feel like. The difference between hot sex and disgusting or boring sex is that the former is pleasurable while the latter is painfully lacking what pleasure the hot sex has.

Death is without a doubt not pleasurable. Both dying and the actual state of being dead (unless there is an afterlife of some sort) are states in which no pleasure can be physically or emotionally felt as the 'self' which could feel them is gone. Thus it should be feared because it takes away the capacity for pleasure and this is one of the two fundamental causes of fear (pain and death, pain being absence of possible pleasure).

Death should be feared simply because no 'good' can ever come from it. You dying cannot help yourself and cannot help others more than it could if you were alive. The only exceptions are people whose health si so low that they're really incapable of being useful in any shape or form, as I stated earlier.

Fear is there to stop you feeling pain and keep you feeling pleasure. Masochistic individuals thrive on the rush fear and adrenalin give them this is why they are somewhat a loophole in psychology as technically speaking masochism is sadism to the self and how the separation of the 'self' feeling the pain and the 'self' gaining psychological pleasure from that pain is still a major mystery to this date.

Nonetheless, the core source of fear should always be pain and/or lack of pleasure. Death is absolute lack of pleasure and any capacity to feel it ever again and thus should be feared. In Round 1, I explained how it can be pleasure of others too not just your own. This is a very important factor in why loneliness is very closely linked to suicidal thoughts. People thrive in environments where they are heavily depended on and are appreciated for how well they fulfil those duties which people depend on them for.

Debate Round No. 2


Mate just saying your arguing with a person that welcomes the unknown. Other than the comparison of pleasure through your statements (of sex -_-), and the fact that death takes away your capacity to feel pleasure. Simply stating that no "good" can come from it isn't really an answer to my question either (Committing suicide is a choice its not always a need to feel needed or dependable. There are some cases of people taking their lives simply because they were curious about the other side). There's plenty good that comes from death even though the thought of death is very somber. Understanding that you have a limited time on Earth gives it more meaning than anything. All you have to do is recognize and accept that we wont always be around and make sure the time we have counts for something. Or just have a hell of a lot of fun with it. This is through the fact that accepting death and knowing it's around it will never change the fact that your alive today. Fearing death would simply waste more time trying to find ways to prolong your life. I never said to embrace death just accept that it's there. As i refer to my question "WHY should we fear death?" Other than selfish statements saying that you'll lack the capacity to feel pleasure and that core reason of fear is pain. The moment you accept death and that its there, that is when you don't need these thoughts. We are all going to die, many people already have, The good that came from it is what they left behind to the younger generations.


If no pleasure can come from death but pleasure can come from life, death should be feared as fear is an emotion/sensation felt just as valid/invalid as pleasure and pleasure is a feeling that everyone desires. Therefore, if fear is a subjective variable there to prevent us experiencing pain/lack-of-pleasure and in death no pleasure can be felt but in life pleasure can be felt. Death should be feared.

End of discussion, rebut this or lose.
Debate Round No. 3


DeadEnd forfeited this round.


Moving on...
Debate Round No. 4


DeadEnd forfeited this round.


Victory is mine.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Hud4 2 years ago
Death , one should be able to cope with death whenever it comes for us. Our destiny can't be changed but it can be challenged everyone is born as many men and dies as sinker one
Posted by DeadEnd 2 years ago
I suppose that's true however it all depends on a persons outlook on the concept of death to either fear or accept it.
Posted by psyrus 2 years ago
You can fear death yet still accept it. The argument is not about acceptance and if it was supposed to be it was not clarified. With the simple statement that "Death should not be feared" means there is no good reason for the fear of it. If the question was death should be accepted that would change the whole argument from the start. I can accept death but still be fearful of it, at least in one way or another. Fear of death is also nearly as inevitable to death itself. Working through the fear would be far more wasteful of your time then acceptance of death.
Posted by DeadEnd 2 years ago
Sorry about my long delay in the round 3. I got projects to work on.
Posted by psyrus 2 years ago
That's basically it treefunk. Whether we fear it or not, we must accept death. Death is mostly feared because there is a mystery to what happens to our souls, or if we even have one. Despite anything, our lives on this earth is a precious thing to lose.
Posted by treefunk 2 years ago
I think it is not the fact that we should embrace death or go running towards it with open arms,but rather accept that it exists.
Posted by Greg4586 2 years ago
They're afraid on non existence. They are afraid of what they don't know
Posted by Hkg 2 years ago
Memento mori
Posted by psyrus 2 years ago
Pro's first strike is a complete miss and leaves it open for Con to give him another thrashing. Con pummels pro with a elaborate flourish of comparisons and detailed reasoning. Will Pro even be able to fight back or should he have had some more fear for the death of his side argument? It's not looking good for Pro, the crowd awaits in suspense at the rare chance that Pro can even pick himself back up.
Posted by psyrus 2 years ago
Con successfully gave reasons why death should be feared:
-The fear of death is a natural survival instinct. It helps us take precautions to prolong life.
-It deters humans from suicide. If death did not inspire fear suicide would become easier.

There are more reasons not yet stated. By showing there is at least one good reason to fear death Con wins since. Death is inevitable yet still preventable.

Pro responds not realizing he has already lost.
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