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Why do people discriminate against potatoes?

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Started: 11/17/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Recently a new trend has started where teen girls call themselves potatoes when they are having bad hair/make up days. What is wrong with potatoes and why are people discriminating them?


Hello, it's an interesting debate you have here. I will do my best to state a worthy argument.

People using the term "potato" to describe themselves or other people is completely appropriate and is not considered discrimination.

1.) It is used as a sign of acknowledgement. Just as when African Americans (or even other ethnicities) say "Wassup nigga?" or "Man, you such a nigga". It is not necessarily to be offensive or discriminatory, but rather it is a way to express something in a streetlike way of talk.

2.) Potatoes have a lot of emotional strength and therefore find almost nothing to be offensive. Joey Gladstone once joked that a potato looked like Joe Pesci (Full House S7 E15). Did Joe Pesci roll in his grave in offense after being "discriminated" against? Most probably not. Did the potato take offense after being compared to a *shudder* human? No, it's a potato for crying out loud, it can't take offence!
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I extend all arguments. Since Con forfeited two rounds I strongly encourage voters to vote Pro!!
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