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Why is Microsoft called Microsoft?

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Started: 4/19/2016 Category: Education
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What does the name Microsoft mean?

Bill Gates leaves a hint to us.

Micro is named for Omicron. Omicron used to call itself Ayn, or Ayin.

Soft comes from Sof, or Sofit.

The Ayn-Sof is god for Cabala black magic magicians.

Microsoft is Eye of Ayn-Sof!

Thank you Bill Gates for making yourself and your evil company exposed.


I dont know the sources used by you to make the conclusion that microsft means something evil.MICROSOFT is a portmanteau of the words "MICROprocessor" and "SOFTware." Their mission was to be "Software for Microprocessors."
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Posted by iamfromdebatewars 2 years ago
Well i hope i may win. Anyway thanks a lot.
Posted by 13101917 2 years ago
Many thanks for accepting my debate. I hope that I win.
Posted by 13101917 2 years ago
The person who calls himself Frodo was not knowing what he talks about.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro stings together the meanings of words, to attempt to lead readers to his conclusion that Microsoft has an obscure meaning. Con refutes Pro's claim by stating the simplicity of the terms micro (micro processor) + soft (software) = Microsoft. Argument points to Con because his explanation seems more plausible.