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Why is money given so much power?

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Started: 3/9/2012 Category: Philosophy
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Money is the rule of all evil in my opinion when given in excess. It has created a period of necessity no longer a commodity. I don't believe that money should overrule religious beliefs, nor personal, family and definitely not friendships. In our society today we are set up in classes where people are defined by the money that they have instead of deciding who the person really is or are they putting back positive reinforcements for this universe. I have yet to meet someone who is dedicated to a cause that doesn't revolve around monetary gratification. It sickens me to know that dollar signs are all that people care about and having those green paperbacks will open up more doors than you ever could imagine. Most wealthy people earn their wealth and some are given by circumstance either way I think if there was no circulation of money that as human beings we would have more sensible lives to live and lead others away from temptation i.e. robbery, theft, and classes which define who we are.


I accept entering into this debate with you. I am led to understand that from your statement, you believe that the institution of money is ultimately not beneficial to society, and you shall be arguing that point as Con. In entering this debate, I shall be arguing for the Pro, that the institution of money is ultimately beneficial to society.

If I am mistaken in the above, please let it be known in round two immediately. Otherwise, good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


I did not say that money is not beneficial to our society, I stated that money in excess has become detrimental to our economy how so the rich are controlling society they are rarely any middle class citizens here in the U.S. You are not recognized by your contribution to society whether it be occupational or educational unless it is a sure fire way to make millions of dollars or more. The motivations for students of the U.S. is to obtain degrees to make money to live comfortably but they don't tell you what your chances are doing this. The idea of a good education in order to make money or get rich doesn't apply anymore. There are so many people with ridiculous ideas and get rich quick schemes without any education it shows that our society only worries about money not how you make it or if there's any education behind it it's just the object of making money fast. These millionaires that are running for presidency for example were allegedly voted into their congress or governor seats but they too don't have as much education as our president today and yes they are respected more because they have more money than the president has today.


"either way I think if there was no circulation of money that as human beings we would have more sensible lives to live and lead others away from temptation i.e. robbery, theft, and classes which define who we are."

Clearly it was Pro's mistake for arriving at the conclusion that Con felt that the institution of money was not beneficial to society. Compounding this is Pro's failure to detect a clear statement by Con of her position in round 2.

Can Con please unequivocally state her position in round 3 so Pro may know what the specific topic is?
Debate Round No. 2


The bottom line is money should be used for the greater good and not for the greedy but for the purpose of comfort and used to enforce the overall satisfaction as to why we as americans work hard to obtain money and what has to be done in order to obtain the monetary gift. A little more meaning of the value of money and a little less superficial on all the things whether good or bad, necessity or commodity to show the people of the world that we can enjoy life with minimum money and a whole lot of substance like, family, love, friendships, interests and hobbies that don't place so much pressure on the making of money to live comfortably.


Con has failed to present a coherent statement of her position when pressed and therefore this debate cannot begin.

Pro accepts full responsibility for entering this debate without requiring Con to detail her position. Pro is new to this site and while this is not an excuse, Pro can assure that he will be more diligent before accepting another serious debate.

To address Con briefly, on a personal level, we all have to live our lives as we see fit. Make sure your own house is in order and as long as you can live by that, then you don't have to worry about what the next guy is doing. Too many people are trying too hard to tell other people how to run their lives.

On a society level, if you are not satisfied with the way our government is operating, then familiarize yourself with the political process, educate yourself on the issues and make informed decisions when voting. We elect politicians who kow-tow to the corporations because we spend more effort knowing who is on "Dancing with the Stars" than who is in our Supreme Court. We feel our government is unresponsive because most of our political participation begins and ends with giggling at what the Bill O'Reillys and the Bill Mahers of the world have to say.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by frappe 6 years ago
This was my mistake for accepting this debate, but I am new to this site and did not realize that some might just be ranting rather than interested in a debate.
Posted by DakotaKrafick 6 years ago
Nice rant. Horrible debate instigation. Also, I'm pretty sure you meant "root of all evil" in your opening sentence.
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