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Wife vs Husband Round 3!!!!

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Started: 1/19/2013 Category: Society
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I am playing the wife again as Pro..... Con will default be Husband.

Rules are same as Round 1 and 2
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU READ AT LEAST ROUND 1 or 2 to understand flow of debate


Round 1
Create a name for your wife and Husband.....Then present continuous arguments based upon hypothetical scenario that is given

Round 2 though 4
respond back and forth to arguments

Round 5
Final argument, then provide resolution to whether you will stay in relationship or not and why. Provide any Notes or comments to opposing debator "You had good argument, dont take seriously, I got confused when you said.....or enjoyed debate, etc.

For New Comers who have not seen Rounds 1 and 2 and do not feel like reading it so the for a simple layout.... Voting is based on most convincing, creative, realistic, funny, dramatic debate.

Anything Goes, opponent can lie make up stories, just provide a fun comeback. that is all.

Husband Comes home from a hard day of work, His wife is in the kitchen, cooking, she hugs him and kisses him, she greets him and jokes with him saying she saw him at Victoria secret saying i'm so happy to see you there, grabbed him by his crotch and moan and asked if he had planned to get her something for valentines day....Her husband looks puzzled and tells her he was at work all day, whoever she saw wasn't him.....She looked puzzled as well, and then held him by the hand and proceeded to lead him to the living room to sit down on the couch.....she told him that she thought the guy was him and had sex with him in the car.

Husband:....What the F#&(? how could you have mistaken that for me?
Wife: he looks exactly like you!, he talked like you, he walked like you he dressed like you!, do you have a twin?
Husband: Im gona kill my brother when i see him. That punk.
Wife: So you didnt tell your brother you were married? how is this his fault,, the hell am i a secret? you embarassed by me? the heck is going on here?
Husband: Pfft you tell me! Was he even good?
Wife:......Dont even go there..

Husband and wife accuse each other,

Husband accuses wife of not knowing him enough to know the difference between him and any other man, even his brother, they been together for 5years and that she should have known it was not him, because she cheated he contemplates leaving.

The Wife accuses the husband of keeping secrets from her for 5years, and feels unworthy because she was kept underwraps from his family, wonders what other secrets he is hiding.

The Argument

The Wife's name is Clementine i'm kind of freaking out here, i slept with a dude who i thought was you, and this guy didn't even correct me, even though he knew he wasn't my husband, your brother is a F@&*@ PRICK!!! is all your family members like this? who else are you hiding??? better bring them the #%&@ out. Sorry for all my language, but all of this is too much to take in, this is crazy beyond crazy. And..and..and....You had the nerve to ask me was he any good? The hell are you thinking? The #^*#(! does that matter? maybe you should go ask him or maybe you want try it for yourself and see? Look i'm sorry this happen, and i'm sorry if i hurt you. But you cant close the chain of responsibility on me, i couldn't have this your time to explain mister.Why did'nt you tell me about your brother? No more sex for you for 2 weeks, that position you like? the helicopter? you can forget it. You are stuck using my vibrator, until you have an answer for yourself. By the way, he was good, just as good as you, does that make you happy? the only difference is that it was in the car. I need to clean out the car because you keep eating junk food in there, i asked you nicely not to do that. Lets work this out okay we can end this on a good note if that;s what you want to do


Husband's name is Hunter

You seriously had sex with my twin brother? We've been together for 5 years and you can't even tell us apart? We clearly have a different hair line and my voice is deeper. I'm also half an inch taller. I understand if you're hurt by me not telling my family but that's only because they've always thought I was gay. Because when I was in high school I pretended to be gay so I could say I was hanging out with my guy friends when really I was going to clubs and...well that's not the point. They still think I'm gay and I've never really had the guts to tell them. Maybe it's time I should. Maybe we could sit down as a family and tell them together? But also, my brother is NOT to blame for this. As I already stated, my family had NO previous knowledge of my marriage. How was my brother supposed to know you were my wife? You never stated anything about saying my name to him or saying you were my wife, so he couldn't have known. He could've just been some horny guy looking for sex. That's all I have to say about that.
Debate Round No. 1


Hunter Darling even i thought you were gay, because you kept wearing that pink shirt that said because you have the P****Y) you get to make the rules. I thought it was cute, but i saw right through you. I knew you were a man when you used to walk around the cafeteria with a raw hotdog in your zipper, and girls starring you own, its obvious, your a real man, just like your brother, who have seen what he does. But why would you pretend you are gay, did they want you to be gay? Hun you may have to explain that part boo. Also Your twin may have had a slight difference like a hair line, something like that is not very visible, plus with me so heated i was too excited to think about such matters. Anyway, it seems like your not too mad at me then? That's good i love you so much babe, I talked with your brother, he is the one that started this mess, and Umm.....there is something i should tell you, He didn't use a condom, so i will be pregnant with your brothers baby, do you want to keep it or abort it? i dont believe in abortion. I talked with your brother he said he is going to tell his Mom about our marriage and that i'm gona have his baby. He wants to name the baby Dick Tracy. The hell are we suppose to do now. Should we just uh....Silence your brother somehow? I mean ya know...oh crap i shouldnt have said that. Listen more importantly
My new found Mother in-law, called me said she wanted me to come over for dinner, but i heard a evil laugh in the background and whispering we are going to kill that B**tch. So yea they seem pretty nice people, you gona pick me up tomorrow and head over there?


Yes, I'm glad we're on the same side too. We're going to get through this together, and no they didn't want me to be gay, necessarily. But the Bates's have a long history of man whores, you could say and I just didn't want them to know I was becoming like my relatives. Knowing my mom, she wouldn't be too happy with her player son. So I just sort of hid it. I never openly told her I was "gay" but she sort of just assumed so I went along with it. I also don't believe in abortion so we'll have the child but we are not naming him Dick Tracy. If it's a girl she'll be named Adaela and if it's a boy, we're naming him Jonah. I'm open to your options too. But I don't want him growing up with two fathers. We're going to have to work something out there between the whole family. Warning, my father is cool. My mom...well, she takes a while to warm up to people, you could say. I'll be by your side the whole time.
Debate Round No. 2


thanks for your support, i know that even though these bumps, blisters and puss that starting showing up around my pelvic area, you will not mind it when we are making love, *sighs* that's such a great relief you will stick by my side even if your brother gave me a strange disease. Also, i'm carrying your Dads Colt 45, just in case your bro tries to pounce on me when i go to the bathroom at your parents place.

Clementine and Hunter arrive at their parents house and greeted at the door with a welcome smile.

Clementine: Soo hi guys it's a pleasure to finally meet you all, whats for dinner?

Hunters Mom: Actually there is no dinner we just wanted to see you, see if he was married a man or woman.

Clementine: So you guys lied, thats no way to treat your daughter in law.

Hunters Dad: Sry we ha to trick you like this, im glad Hunter is not Gay, we all thought he was because his 11th grade teacher used to call him on his cell phone at night and give him answers to his homework, but really it was because Hunter knew about that teachers affair with a 16year old, and Hunter was given homework answer so he wouldn't spill the beans, not because his teacher was having sex talks with him.

Clementine: Umm Soo why am i here then?

Hunters Brother: You see My bro is real man, like me, so yea, i got you preggo, so we have to discuss what we are gona do about it.

Clementine: What do you mean Discuss what we are going to do about it? decision is made and you guys wouldnt have had any say in the first place.

Hunter's Bro: Thats not so, we have guns, and you are going to F**cking listen to what we have to say.

Clementine: Thats it im out of here, Hunter lets Go

Hunters Dad: Im sorry dont mind him, he has bad communcation skills, what he means to say is that we are a very wealthy family, with a high reputation in the community, we cant let this get out, if out reputation is tarnished we lose money and cant support the family. It will be an embarassment to the family line.

Clementine: Not my fault, thats life though, i shouldnt have to shoulder nobody's Debt, Hunter said you were the cool one in the family and respect you trying to keep the peace but, When i make a decision, im the one that has to live with it, not you.

Hunters Mom: B***ch don't talk to me husband that way, We should Roast your skanky azz right here. The F**ck your trashy watermelon looking c**t gona do?

Clementine: Its my baby i do what ever the F**ck i want with it. You think you a leader? you try to act tough, but your just a scared little girl, get the F**ck over it, Take a page from Hunters book and try being nice for once.

Hunters Dad: We cant let the baby get out though because Hunter has 3,000 STDS and we just want the world to be safe...Please understand.

Hunters Bro: its not even a baby yet so might as well get rid of it now, we dont have time to waste, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this an even easier way. You dont get to choose

Clementine: life doesnt begin at conception, it continues at conception, im bringing forth a beautiful young child, i wont let you destroy it. in 18weeks it will already have legs arms head and a heartbeat.

Hunters Mom: But it hasnt been that long, right now, it cant think, it does have all the parts of a human it aint real, so stop trying to make up lies, you got 10 seconds to hand it over or we gona stick a drill in there and bleed it out, you be dead too, its what ya deserve lil girl, talking back to grown folks, we dont tolerate such manners ya hear?

Clementine: Maybe you use your brain for a hat rack, that's why you don't know what the F**k your talking about, Human characteristics not what defines a human, someone in a coma cant think, are they not human, someone who was in war could be missing all their legs and arms, are they not human?

Hunters Mom: 10

Hunters Dad: But you were raped, the baby will suffer for it we just want whats best for the baby please

Hunters Mom: 9

Clementine: yes it sucks i was raped but how does it do it justice to punish a innocent life, just because i was the victim of morally bankrupt, Diseased manwhore? that makes no sense. This is between me and that prick over there, the baby did nothing wrong so why should i punish it?

Hunters Mom: 8

Hunters Bro: Maybe if you would have known the difference between me and your husband this wouldn't have happened, But i guess i cant blame you, my skills are immaculate, no woman could have resisted in the first place.

Hunters Mom: 7

Clementine: Hunter your brother is equivalent to hitler, he is doomed for life, he will never find a woman, if only immorality could manifest itself into a monster to devour its prey, Your brother would be first to go, i wouldnt be sad, i call it poetic Justice

Hunters Mom: 6

Hunters Dad: Okay, how about we make you a deal?

Hunters Mom 5

Clementine: B***ch stop counting, aint S**t gona happen.
Clementine readies her gun, everyone begins to bag up slowly.

Clementine: Babe Do something!!


Wait, my brother gave you an STD? That dick is going to suffer. We can get you treated.

Ok, so my beautiful wife got raped by my brother and gave her and STD and now we're at my parents's house and my mom is threatening to kill her. I called the police and they just here. They arrested my mother just so they can get her to calm down. I don't want to abort the baby. But I don't want it to live a false life either. We can say that he/she was adopted. Or we could just tell he/she that she was result of rape. But that would not do any good either. I guess we'll figure it out when we get there. My brother got taken in and wasn't charged with rape because my wife willingly had sex with him which I think is stupid because she thought it was me. If she would've known she would not have had the affair. I'm going to make some justice happen.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, I think when we have this baby we should tell it the truth, because truth all always matter. She may have a rough start but we can raise her well. Your dad will have to find another woman because your mom is crazy, and your bro is off the hook once again, Dangit man!. Maybe he is a transsexual and so his genitals didn't really contain any sperm? idk, this is all horrible wrong. Im sorry baby....this is too much for me to take in. I got fired from work today because they said my head was somewhere else. Now who's going to pay the bills, With this big of a house you cant afford the bills on our own. I.....I...I cant do this anymore!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clementine gets on top of a bridge she says she doesn't know the meaning of life anymore she asked her husband 5 questions, and based on his answer will determine if she will jump or not.

1.Where does Truth come from?

2.Where does Logic Come from?

3. If peoples instinct is to survive, why do we do things that we know is not good for us, and we go against our survival nature?

4.If humans are good people, why is there so much hatred envy, selfishness in the world?

5. Why should I think im beautiful if my boobs are small?


I'm working extra shifts so I can pay the bills, sweet heart.

1.Truth is so magnificent, my friend for it can not be measured or created. The caveman who discovered killing someone is wrong didn't create that Truth, he only found it. For years before that caveman lived, killing someone was still wrong, even though no one knew of it. Long after you and I are gone, it still will be wrong. Truth can not be changed. Truth is timeless. It has no location, no weight, no depth, no size, no mass, no width. It simply just exists.

2.Logic is simply the act of knowing what's right. Ex: x + 2 = 24 the logical solution would be to subtract 2 to then get the value of x. But some people would subtract x getting 2 = 24x and then dividing 24 to get the value of x which is wrong. So logic doesn't come from anything either, it's just the act of knowing.

3.To answer the third question, we do things like that because it's a natural human instinct to be a rebel. We do things to test our boundaries and push the limit.

4.It's human nature. We were raised in sin and guilt

5. The size of your boobs do not describe beauty, your personality and your maturity describes beauty, it my opinion. The way you look at things describes beauty. The way you act upon things describes beauty. You are beautiful.
Debate Round No. 4


aw thank you hun, your so sweet......sweeter than me, i dont deserve you and the fact i cheated on deserve someone better, she steps down off ledge to run and give Hunter a hug but slips backwards hits her head and plummets to her death......

Resolution:She wanted to stay in relationship but her death prevented such an outcome

To debator: Thanks for debate didnt expect you to be nice all other rounds they fought each other lol good responses


Lol you should've said, "F*** YOLO. After life BITCHESSSSS." But yeah, good round. :]
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by squirtdonthurt 4 years ago
in ROund 3 Meant to say Hunters Bro or MY son has 3,000 STDS lol
Posted by squirtdonthurt 4 years ago
no worries me and you will Participate in the Round 4
Posted by ishallannoyyo 4 years ago
This is a bit inappropriate (for me), could you change it a bit please? Sorry for the inconveniance, if you don't want to someone else can take it.
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