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Wii U is the best games console of this generation

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Started: 9/2/2015 Category: Games
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As the title states, this debate shall be whether or not the Wii u is the best game console of this generation. In my opinion, it is.

I challenge anyone to accept this debate, and I hope it shall be fun for the both of us :)


I accept this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Con for accepting the debate, and with that, lets begin:

There are several reasons why I believe the Wii U is the best games console of our generation. The first being the aspect of family. Nintendo consoles have always specialized in games such as Mario and Zelda that can offer fun yet challenging experiences for younger kids and adults alike, which is something they continued with the Wii U. However, there is still a good mix of mature titles for the console, such as ZombiU, and the soon to be released Fatal Frame. Meanwhile, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, many of the most popular games focus solely on themes that many parents may not find suitable for their children, such as killing and sexuality. When a child is playing PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the parents don't know if what their child is playing is appropriate, while on Wii U they can be certain that they are playing something appropriate.

The second reason is local co-op. While in this day and age, it is very easy to simply go online and talk to people from around the world using a mic, the aspect of having all your friends in the room with you, playing on one screen while you're all talking and having fun is something that can always be enjoyed. However, several games on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offer only single player campaigns for non-offline modes, and if you wish to play with others you often have no choice but to go online. Whereas with the Wii U, nearly all games for the console include a though-out and fun local multiplayer mode.

The third reason is the price point. The current cost of a Wii U bundled with one game retails at $299.99, with an Xbox One console with one game retailing at $349.99, and the PlayStation 4 at $399.99. Nintendo has marketed their console at the lowest price point, allowing families to get a new console without making too much of a dent in their wallet.

The fourth reason is the exclusives. Nintendo's new games you can only get on the Wii U. These include great games such as Super Mario 3D World, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, and the upcoming Super Mario Maker. Meanwhile, many of the best sellers for the other consoles such as Call of Duty are not available on both consoles, they are also usually available on the consoles form last generation and the PC. Many people still have their last generation consoles, and almost everyone has a PC, so many of the best games for the systems you don't even need to own either of the other two consoles to play.

My fifth and final reason that Wii U is the best game console of this generation is backwards compatibility. The Wii U can flawlessly play the majority of the Wii library without any bugs or hiccups. This allows access to all of your old games you had gotten over time. Meanwhile, the Xbox One only recently added backwards compatibility, and even still they are very slowly adding the Xbox 360 titles you may play to the list, while the Playsation 4 has no backwards compatibility whatsoever.


One may ask here, what is it that makes a games console of this generation the best? The gaming industry is a huge business first and foremost. The features of a games console and its games are all catered as such in order to try to maximise the profits for the companies behind them. If a games console does not sell as well as its rivals, then can it be appropriately be called the best of that generation? Herein lies the crux of the argument I will present.

One may find real joy in a certain games console and its games and think of it as the best, irrespective of the commercial success of its competitors. Of course, simple qualia is qualia, but there are of course elements of a games console that usually differ from the elements of its competitors. Nintendo recent console, the Wii U, is prized as a family console, attempting to offer balanced game-play across the age ranges; a similar trait shared by its predecessor the Wii. Whilst the Wii can be argued in a very reasonable manner to be the best of its generation, with both strong sales over its mainstream lifespan and many features which were received well and as revolutionary, the Wii U has failed to match the commercial success of the PS4 and Xbox One. In its wake, it remains a shadow of the revolutionary ideas incorporated into the Wii, with reports to suggest that Nintendo may be planning to release their next console sooner than expected--leaving the Wii U era left in a state of commercial failure.

A tech news website notes statistics as follows on the 29th of July this year: "Nintendo sold less than half a million Wii U consoles these past three months, but, nevertheless, that was enough to push the near-three-year-old device"s total sales to date past the 10 million mark. Sony notched that very figure for the PlayStation 4 in just nine months."[1]

This alone is able to show a great disparity in customer demand for the respective consoles and is able to provide a number of other statistics comparing the consoles, including global units shipped from release through 2014, which succeed in showing the gulf of commercial success that has been created between the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and the failing Wii U.[2]

It is clear that the Wii U is not a commercial success when compared to its market rivals, so is there anything moral or outstanding that the Wii U offers? Whilst we may not want our toddlers shooting prostitutes on the streets of Grand Theft Auto, an age rating prerequisite is always stamped onto games that may raise a few eyebrows from people concerned about the content a child is exposed to. Since underage gamers cannot purchase these age-limited games themselves, it is the responsibility of those allowing these children to play them, should any psychological harm affect them. There have been no real studies on the detrimental effects of violent and mature games to children that provide anything close to a substantial worry, however, and thus the legal age requirement for selling the products are more than sufficient.

Whilst the Wii U can surely be said to be the most family friendly out of the 3 consoles, whether through it's overall lack of games with mature elements, or even more opportunities for a local multiplayer experience in the home, these aspects in themselves should not be taken as a precedence in importance simply based on that. I spoke about the Age ratings, and the gamer market is filled with people from all ages, some of those adults who look for a more mature experience in their games' themes and content. Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One certainly do provide local cooperative experience, not least in 2 of the biggest titles and well played games in modern gaming: Call of Duty and FIFA. Mowing down zombies in Call of Duty or beating your mate in a game of FIFA, can hardly be called bland experiences. These are incredibly popular local multiplayer modes, and I certainly would not be surprised if their global play-time together eclipsed that of every local multiplayer game on the Wii U, especially given its commercial failure. That potential fact, however, is not a point I need to stress. It goes without saying that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's local multiplayer experiences are most certainly a far cry from being called anything close to incredibly worse than what is offered on the Wii U; those were only two titles I listed in their defense, mind you.

So, to start concluding, Sony and Microsoft have simply outdone Nintendo in this generation of home consoles. Their business success has eclipsed Nintendo's and Nintendo offers nothing to redeem that fact; not their mass collection of family friendly and fun games, and nor their wide range of local multiplayer options. It is certainly nice to be able to buy a home console for so cheap in the Wii U, but is it the best of our generation? Confidently speaking, I think not.

Debate Round No. 2


monsterhair005 forfeited this round.


Regarding pro's first reason, it is something I covered in my opening argument. The mature titles released on the Wii U don't attract enough popularity to compete with the mature titles on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. I argued that the Wii U cannot be said to be the best of our generation for its focus it has on having primarily family friendly games. I made the case that the mature games children play have not been suitably shown through studies to have significant detrimental effects on their psychological and moral well being. In other words, the Wii U's focus on primarily having family friendly games is inconsequential from a moral standpoint, since there is no other reason to place precedence on this games choice. In any case, the age ratings exist to control which content minors can play.

Regarding pro's second reason, I made the case that it is not something the other home consoles lack. Granted, there are more local multiplayer options on the Wii U, but just having different features or more of something does not elevate a console to be the best. If it's not producing enough sales to rival the other home consoles, it means more people want the other consoles and what they offer. That makes them the bigger business success and what more people enjoy. That is what makes something the best. It's the same with games, if more people buy games on other consoles, that means more profit for the business and more popularity for those games as opposed to their market rivals. Democratically speaking, if the majority of people prefer one game over another, then there is no reason to make a claim that the less popular game is better, unless you take a moral standpoint on the game's content, which, as I make claim, that there is nothing to denounce the more popular games being sold for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or even the Nintendo DS, which I've not touched upon yet--a fellow Nintendo family friendly console of this generation. We could sit here and scrutinise a game based on a number of criteria, but that is all of subjective importance. If a game is loved by much more people, then it is better.

Regarding pro's third reason, the $50 and $100 price gap he quoted, or roughly, the 15% and 30% increase in cost for the Xbox One with one game and PlayStation 4 with one game, respectively is a point of appealing to the Wii U's cheaper cost that does not change anything in this argument. You can get a brand new Nintendo 3DS for cheaper than a brand new Wii U, and that has more popular games, more network activity on the servers and all the other things that make it a success over the Wii U; of course, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offer all of their own features and appeals in combination with their higher popularity and server activity which make them a success over the Wii U. Just because a console is cheaper, that does not mean it's worth losing out on everything the more successful consoles offer.

Regarding pro's fourth reason, allow me to address that. The majority of people don't own gaming PC's with the specs required to play a lot of the high end games also offered on consoles. Furthermore console gaming is more beginner friendly and popular among casual gamers. In fact, the ability to play the same game on multiple consoles can offer mixed server options and, of course, offers more popularity for that game with players coming from their preferred console of choice. Nintendo's exclusives aren't that special when they don't sell. Pro seems to always be forgetting this massive point of the Wii U being a commercial failure. It's like he thinks the world must have gone mad to not have seen the same light he has with the Wii U. The existence of those titles in the Wii U's game-base didn't prove to be something that would cause a commercial victory in this generation yet. Of course, a great classic may get revamped once again, suddenly causing a never-before-seen high influx of console sales, but it is best to leave such far-fetched hypothetical possibilities to the realms of the impossible. Not enough people care about these exclusive titles, and their exclusivity certainly does not allude to these games being a higher class than other games. I'd like to see pro or anyone argue that one and successfully counter obvious issue of commercial failure. Sales is the only criteria that can be used to compare consoles or games without falling into a case of subjective appeal against subjective appeal.

Regarding Pro's fifth and final reason, I can say that a lack of backwards compatibility is a shrewd business maneuver to allow people to keep playing the last generation of consoles and keep sales there. At the end of the day, pro didn't define his resolution. He didn't define best as being the best for the consumers or the best for the businesses, so there's no superiority in making an argument to support either. Of course, working with this I've tried to make cases why the Wii U cannot be said to be the best console of this generation in as many regards as possible. That is the only objective of my con stance. I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 3
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