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Will Americas world image worsen if Trump were to become president?

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Started: 10/6/2015 Category: Politics
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I didn't think it was possible for us to have a worse image than after Bush left office, but, if this meglomanical clown does manage by some miracle to be elected President, it is very possible we could be viewed by the world with a whole lot more disdain and wariness from the world than when Bush was President.

He will either make such a fool out of himself in front of the world and we will become a laughingstock or we will be excluded from many of the world's dealings because our judgement and maturity level will simply be suspect, or he will lead America down a very dark and dangerous path.

The man's a joke, he possesses none of the necessary characteristics of a decent human being much less the president of a superpower.


I'd like to point out that first of all, Donald Trump is a man who is passionate and greatly dedicated to his own country.
He's trying to keep us all safe, and yet, he is SCORNED for his actions. Unlike common beliefs, Donald Trump is actually a man of great experience. He has plenty of experience, and he has connections to many powerful and rich businessmen and politicians around the world. He is not laughingstock, nor is he foolish. Teenagers, and who do not yet understand the weight of political activities choose to make memes and pick on Donald Trump for EVERY SINGLE thing he does. Why? It's simply because of his weight, and our society's teens who insist on creating a commotion for things they don't fully understand. I fully understand how these rumours spread, as I am still in grade eight, and I would like to point out that children spread rumours faster than a wildfire, and these rumours may quickly reach the ears of the adults and spread quickly amongst their parents.

Donald Trump is not a clown, or a fool. Once again, he is a confident and powerful politician who is respected by many. Donald has great judgement skills. He will definitely keep America out of the dumps and fortify it. He is a mature human being with experience, knowledge and honour. He is a human who's willing to do anything for his country. Donald Trump is a human who LOVES his country! He got this far, and I doubt that connections could've done it all. Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump has talent, skill and leadership. He is a great negotiator and will help our country prosper. How could we even BELIEVE that America's image would worsen should he become president? Donald Trump is responsible, a leader, and a man who loves his country. Could we really ask for anything more in our future leader?
Debate Round No. 1


"a man who is passionate and greatly dedicated to his own country." I definitely agree but in this case there is or at least should be something such as 'too passionate'. He loves his country too much, and when you take a man who makes money his god and power his idol and put him in a place where he is in control bad things are surely going to happen.
A big point is that Trumps definition of an American is wrong, he is obviously confused in what exactly an American is as evident through his many racist remarks. One big reminder of this is how he responded to one of his supporters questions about Muslims. We can see that these are the people that support Trump, why? Simply because he supports their views. Most of his supporters are the kind of people that the world hates America for in the first place. Someone who thinks that an American can only be a white christian or something of the sort. If his supporters are people who show hatred for people who are not like them then what does that tell us?

America is one of the most powerful countries in the world, it should be at least semi focused on the well-being of many of the less well-off countries around the world. Having a man who is one of the richest and most powerful business-man in the world as a president is not a right decision. If you look at his morals and values it indicates that he is not going to be someone who will focus on the world as one but he will put most if not all his effort into making America more powerful even at the expense of others. Just take a look at one of his most recent promises, he promised to send all the Syrian refugees back. These are people who are fleeing for their lives and more or less it is Americas fault, yet this man decides to send them all back, not even help them in anyway just throw them back into the hell that they came from, and he says this all with a smile. How much more will Americas image deteriorate from an action like this.

You say that teenagers who do not understand politics are making fun of Donald. Well the thing is kids know the difference between a good guy and a bad guy. The make fun of him because he deserves it, these kids know the difference between right and wrong and Trumps views and ideas are so wrong that he's just asking to be made fun of.

"he is a confident and powerful politician who is respected by many. " Confident and powerful politician, yes. Respected by many? I'd say yes to this as well, however you must know who these people are that respect him. Lets face it America is full of horrible people(as is the rest of the world) who believe that they are the best and deserve to remain above everyone else. These are the people who respect him, we should consider all the people who do not respect him. This is a complicated thing to understand but let me give you an example.

Obama is a relatively good person, he deserves to be respected not for his views on national or international issues but his character. There is a difference between respect and simply not supporting him over here. Trump is a different story, he is respected by the people who share his views(however bad they may be) and he is not respected by the people who don't share his views.


First of all, I'd like to point out, that there is NO such thing as being too passionate. Donald Trump loves his country, and yet, we all hate him for it, because he loves it too much? We were TAUGHT to love our country. Seriously, we can't hate Donald Trump for following what he was taught in school, especially if us kids are being taught the same things, act even worse than Donald Trump, and receive no consequences. Honestly, Donald Trump is a man who'd do anything for his country, and therefor, he is a man to be respected.

Now, I'd like to point out that we live in a world where money is power, and power is what places you above the rest. Donald is a man who is sensible, and therefor, he will NOT lead us into danger, and has enough brains to stay away from foolishness. In this world, that is all you need.

Many claim that Donald is racist, because of his harsh remarks on other races. But is he really to blame? After all, he's in a position where he may be put in a lot of stress. He needs to answer as fast as he can, to the best of the ability. He's not perfect, and I'd hate to admit this, but no one is, not even le fabulous moi. However, Donald's flaws can hardly compare to his achievements and his charisma. Plus, maybe we're seeing the world in the wrong perspective. Maybe we should try to pick out the goodness in people, instead of picking at the flaws. If we were to do it, we'd see how amazing Donald truly is. Donald may be a tad racist; or is it just his bluntness and willingness to share his point of view on others? At any rate, Donald has his flaws too, just like Obama, Bush and Lincoln each had their own flaws. Presidents are NOT some kind of diety who is perfect, and knows what's right all the time. If we didn't expect as much out of Obama, Bush and Lincoln, why do we consistently pick on ALL of Donald's flaws? It's not right.

Donald's supporters don't hate the other races. They're all just plain-spoken people, just like Donald.
They don't hate the other races. What they're truly afraid of is immigrants and other people carrying drugs into America. Should they be hated for that? There is nothing wrong with being wary. Because of the fact that some don't agree with Donald, we call him RACIST. That is a harsh word, and should not be used on the wrong people. This is one of the times when people choose to lash out with harsh words to damage the opposing party as much as possible due to lack of valid arguments. Let's not be one of those humans who do that.

Donald is right in some ways to send the immigrants back. He understands sacrifice; is that not great enough for a man? His morales are on the right track, and so is his spirit. He is afraid of unknown diseases that they will cause America, afraid of the immigrants destroying the economy, afraid of the immigrants flooding over and bringing horrible things to America, such as war. The immigrants' country may want them back, and if Donald refuses to hand over a few thousand immigrants, a hundred thousand Americans, Donald's brothers and sisters, will die. He must make sacrifices to save his country, even if some view him as a monster for doing so.

Kids know nothing about politics, and therefor, I'd like to say that we don't know much about whether or not someone deserves something. They made fun of Donald because of his weight, and comical face. Nothing more, nothing less.
Debate Round No. 2


OiOiOi forfeited this round.


FangirlLyfe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FangirlLyfe 2 years ago
Not to rush you or anything, but is your argument halfway finished?
Posted by FangirlLyfe 2 years ago
Gg ;-;
I can feel that my arguments are already going to grow feebler and become repetitive.
Posted by OiOiOi 2 years ago
No need:P I'll start of light, heh. Plus I'm kind of short on time I can't really fit everything in properly.
Posted by FangirlLyfe 2 years ago
Okay, I'm terrified now 0-0
Posted by OiOiOi 2 years ago
It's all good! We're all learning after all. Before I start rebutting your argument(s) I would first like to say not to take it too hard if I sound a little menacing, as I get a little carried away with this stuff :D
Posted by FangirlLyfe 2 years ago
Haha ^_^"
This was definitely hard...
I don't like Donald Trump, so I had to google up what his positive traits were.
(I'm thirteen and have a very small amount of knowledge stocked up for debate, so please excuse me if my points are terrible.)
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Reasons for voting decision: Contender doesn't really have a good argument. Mainly because sadly it supports Trump. If he was so dedicated to us, he wouldn't try to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
Vote Placed by RoyLatham 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro has the burden of proving that America's image would worsen if Trump were to become president. Pro did not define "image" and did not prove any evidence to support his beliefs. Pro might have cited some statements made by Trump and attempted to prove that they related to image in world. Does "image" mean "popularity" or "respect?" Pro seems to imply it's popularity, but these days Russia seems to get more respect. In any case, Pro never got beyond an anti-Trump rant unsupported by evidence, so Pro failed to meet the burden of proof. Con also failed to provide evidence for his assertions, but since Pro had the burden of proof, Con did not have to do more than contradict Pro. Forfeits at the end cancel.