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Will BJP win the elections?

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Started: 12/30/2013 Category: Politics
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I accept this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Today in the world's largest democracy we are still lacking of basic public facilities. Facilities like water power etc. don't reach out to the people living the rural areas. In this case we can hold the government responsible. And the government is non other than the Indian National Congress. Since their coming into power in 2004 there have been developments in certain aspects. But I am sure that we all expected more from this government. We all look for leaders during our lifetime and we surely select and hope he does better for the society. Such an example will to Gujarat. The Chief Minister of Gujarat has been Narendra Modi for the past 11 years and he was elected back for a 3rd consecutive term.

As all Indians are aware of the massive amounts of corruption caused by the Congress workers, the Swiss bank has revealed that all the money stored in the Swiss bank account can be brought back to Indian it would be free of poverty a became one the global powers. In this time of distress we seek out a leader or a group of intellectual people who will do for the betterment of the society. Narendra Modi was readily named Badger prime ministerial candidate for the upcoming elections. We have witnessed on Facebook Twiter and other social networking sites about his rallies in different stateof our country and that people re gathering for these rallies in large numbers simply because they want change for something good. Narendra Modi is a humble person and truly will work for the betterment of our country. He has proven it in Gujarat. He has banned liquor. He has develope the state out of the dessert into a developed state than just imagine what good he would do for India. He has promised to bring the rupee to 38 rupees against the dollar and fires correct accusation against those in the congress. Recently I had been to Bangalore and there were rallies in support of Narendra Modi and in the Chinnaswamy stadium all were chanting for Modi and the MODI WAVE has certainly taken effect.

People are supporting him because he was a humble tea seller and joined politics with a vision and he has certainly fufilled his promises. His charisma and apply of right knowledge has helped him.

I would like the Con to keep his argument in round 2 and I certainly do have many points to cover but will highlight them in the following rounds.



Thank you con for your arguments. I will now post mine and refute cons.

Con says the people understand the mass amounts of corruption caused by the congress workers, but that does not mean they will vote for the BJP Party.

Also, the BJP Party lost 22 seats in the last election, and voting for the has decreased by 3.36 points [1]

The BJP Party also has not gotten many votes from the people. They have gathered only 18.80% of the popular vote in the 2009, down from 22.16% in the 2004 election. Also, voting in favor of the BJP Party has decreased in each of the previous 3 elections.

Also, of the 13 prime ministers of India, only 1 has come from the BJP Party, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who had 2 separate terms. [2]

My opponent has listed the issues surrounding the election, but has not given reasons as to why the BJP Party will win. He also does not have sources to back his arguments.

I eagerly await his round 3 response.

Thank you.


Debate Round No. 2


Hi First of all I was laughing at the first sentence of your argument."Thank you con for your arguments. I will now post mine and refute cons."

Hey I am the Pro and you are the Con. You sure you want refute yourself??
I would like to discriminate incomplete phrases such as “Also, the BJP Party lost 22 seats in the last election, and voting for the has decreased by 3.36 points [1]” . "For the" WHAT?. Ther correct word there should have been "for the Party". Anyway there were other grammatical errors such as "The BJP Party also has not gotten many votes from the people.” Seriously, GOTTEN" that word is so rotten in this context!!.

Okay now getting back to my debate, I appreciate you trying to tell me that I have not yet put the sources which I will be after this argument. Also that was just a introduction and the reasons for the topic are as follows:

1. We have witnessed on Facebook & Twiter and other social networking sites about his rallies in different states of our country and that people are gathering for these rallies in large numbers simply because they want change for something good.Gujarat’s industrial development has attracted the entire world and it has become the growth engine of nation. Having 5% population of India, Gujarat’s achievements are exemplary and commendable. For entire country’s share, the state contributes around 98% of soda-ash, 80% of diamond polish and exports, salt production 75%, petrochemicals 62%, crude oil 53%, chemicals 51%, cargo handling 35% and natural gas (offshore) 30%. Because of an investor friendly environment Gujarat has been able to attract investment for over six Vibrant Summit. BJP party is ruling here under leadership of him. IF he could do that much with just 5% of the population imagine what he would do with 100% of the population.
2.Because of its all-round development, it is not just the country but countries from around the globe are looking at Gujarat.Entire nation’s agriculture growth rate is around 3.5% while Gujarat is marching ahead of all over 10.7% rate of growth. In the beginning 40 years of Gujarat, only 6.30 lakh agriculture power connections were given while in last one decade it has given 4 lakh new connections.
On the IT front, Gujarat has made strides taking major initiatives on e-governance. It has laid over 1.5 lakh km of fiber cable network and linked majority of government functioning under Gswan making it Asia’s largest network. Chief Minister Mr. Modi handles people’s complaints online using Gswan while state has also become hub for green energy where so many projects have been implemented under solar, wind and canal-bed power production systems.
4.Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is the most preferred choice for the post of Prime Minister in the four Assembly election-bound states - Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Rajasthan.A total of 35 per cent voters want him as the PM as against 17 per cent support for Congress Vive President Rahul Gandhi as the next prime minister.When a CNN-IBN, The Week and CSDS survey in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Rajasthan asked an open ended question without giving choices Narendra Modi came first. Rahul Gandhi came second followed by his mother and the Congress President Sonia Gandhi with 5 per cent popular support.
5.Modi is way ahead of Rahul Gandhi in Delhi and Rajasthan.In the national capital of Delhi, Modi has got 42 per cent support as against Rahul Gandhi's 15 per cent. In Rajasthan, Modi has got 40 per cent of the support as against Rahul Gandhi's 19 per cent.
6. New York: Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is among Time magazine's shortlisted candidates for its 'Person of the Year' title and has emerged as an early favourite among the readers in an online poll.On Mr Modi, Time said "the nationalist and Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat is the most likely candidate to unseat India's ruling Congress party in the world's largest democracy."Mr Modi is the only Indian in the shortlistSo far Mr Modi has got over 2650 votes and with about 25 per cent, is leading the online readers' poll. Mr Modi is way ahead with Snowden, who garnered the second highest number of votes at about 7 per cent as on November 20.

7.The man who wants to be India's next prime minister has been voted as the Newsmaker of 2013 in an India Today Online poll.

Narendra Modi, BJP's prime ministerial candidate, has secured the most number of votes in the web poll held from the middle of December till the 31st.
8. You can see polls results in front of ya eyes. Link:
9.Later in the by-elections for six seats, the BJP won all the seats in Gujarat which consisted of four assembly seats and 2 Lok Sabha seats. Interestingly, BJP won all these seats although Modi never campaigned for its candidates and all the seats were held by the Congress prior to the by-elections. This brought up the number of seats held by the BJP in the state assembly to 119.In the 2012 Gujarat legislative assembly elections, Modi won from the constituency of Maninagar with a majority of 86,373 votes over Sanjiv Bhatt's wife, Shweta, who was contesting for the Indian National Congress. The BJP as a whole won 115 of the 182 seats; it has formed the government in Gujarat since 1995 and has had an absolute majority throughout Modi's time in office.

Conclusions: Shri Narendra is the most trending politician in India today he even has his own website which clearly displays his achievements in Gujarat. Even in the congress ruling states he has tremendous support for example
In the congress led state government in Maharashtra we see people of Mumbai boo for Rahul and chant Modi. Link:

When we see so much of POPULARITY for BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate we are sure to get him as PM.

I have many more points to share and i request the Con the put forward his views.



Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to post a good, detailed argument. I will have to conceed this debate. I would love to debate this topic again sometime, when I have time to post arguments. Thank you pro for debate, and good luck to you in your future debates.
Debate Round No. 3


Ok No Problem! YES! YES!! YES!!!


birdlandmemories forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


anibuni forfeited this round.


This debate is now officially in the voting period.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by birdlandmemories 3 years ago
Um, excuse me, but is posting sources in the comments section allowed? That doesn't really show good conduct.
Posted by Bullish 3 years ago
Indian political party:

A significant portion of our users are subcontinental Indian.
Posted by kbub 3 years ago
BJP? What is that?
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