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Will China surpass the USA as the #1 superpower? take into account economy, military, etc...

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Started: 2/26/2013 Category: Politics
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Will China surpass USA as the number one super power in the world? What do you think?

After the first Cold War between USA & Soviet ended in the late 80"s, the American Think Tanks started to think what country will be the next USA foe. China was on the top of the list, and they hoped that China would be a lovable and peaceful Panda rather than an angry Dragon that could blow fire all over the world. At the time they predicted China would surpass USA as the top super power at the end of this century or earlier of next century based on the GDP growth of 4% for USA versus 7% for China. Due to two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the weak GDP growth in USA versus the strong one in China, several think tanks revised their predictions recently (2012), and they predicted that China could surpass USA within a decade for the economy and 20-30 years for the military. One of the predictions even predicts that China will surpass USA as the number one in economy in 2016.

look on the following facts...

History tells us that no country or empire can be on the top forever; soon or later it will fall. Pyramid in Egypt, Roman Empire in Europe (Italy), England/France/Span/Portugal in the last millennium and Our Angkor Empire are the examples.
China population is one of the main factors that will make China surpass USA as the super power. And time will be on her side too if she does not act erratically.
It appears that USA was at the top of the world in 90"s when things went well for her people. Jobs were plenty and also high paid. People enjoyed their easy life style like roman did before they declined. At the same time, they started to move high technology jobs to overseas especially to China to compete with others in the global economy. To my opinion, moving jobs to China was a mistake.
Right after September 11 2001 event, USA declined gradually by fighting two wars, and higher paid jobs was moving faster to overseas. This put the stress on the economy, and the great recession occurred in 2008. The federal debt gradually climbed higher and higher. Now the debt is about 16 trillion dollars, and China holds part of it for about 1 trillion dollars.
The conservatism and individualism tend to decline gradually since the great recession. People depend more and more on the Federal. This was the path the western European countries had been through.
While USA is declining in all areas, China is growing faster especially the economy and military. -

I look forward to debating my oppenent. i hope this will be a great debate.


1. have fun
2. watch language
3. no personal attacks.
4. don't just copy your argument online n paste it. if it something u want to quote go ahead.


Since the are no round settings, I will set the rounds.

Round 1: Opening Debate (No arguments or rebuttals)
Round 2: Air Force Arguments (No rebuttals yet)
Round 3: Army Arguments and Air Force Rebuttals
Round 4: Navy Arguments and Army Rebuttals
Round 5: Army Rebuttals and Closing Debate

I wish instigator good luck!

Debate Round No. 1


Over the past decades we have seen the growing persence of China. With the US at wars and its economy is growing slow, while China is making alot of reforms and growing faster than the US one may come to ask "Will Chinna surpass the USA as the #1 superpower?"
Militarily, there is no question that China can surprass the US in military. China is a communism country, and it's an compulsory military country. It can simply sent more people into the military if it wanted to. After all it's population is larger than that of the US. As decades go by, it seems that the US military is declining, its military forces are spread too thin to hold all of them up this time. The US is at wars that just don't seems to end and it keeps on looking for more. With UScommand in europe, africa, and Asia, it's no question that with this it military are spread all over posing a threat to the military in these country that can get kill. The US is the most heavily debted country in the world as it's debt states at a straggering 16,621,283,344,597.10. With all this there is a constant battle in our government about spending cuts. Spending cuts will effect ever department from the defense to education. The US spend so much on defense that if it cuts military spending it presence will starts to fade away in countries it oporates in with its UScommand. And it's war on nations. If there is a spending cut we will see a dramtic decrease in defense. Becaus the things we need to oporate military is so costly and the US pay its military the highest than any other country in the world.

Economy: There is no question that the US economy is shrinking. Growing at short rate compare to China whose Economy is growing it seems that the "Chinese are coming." The United States is a nation that cares so much for it nations and its posteirty it doesn't care much about other country noting that if it trades with other nations those nations will benefit. So war is the answer to grip the benefit. China is the opposite. It have been heavily investing in Africa (resources rich) and it seems there is no end as China expand from countries to countries. Building some of these African countries infranstructure, helping with their education system, healthcare, and other valuable human needs. There is no question that many of America corporations are shifting oversee. mainly China. Some of these big corporation were the pioneers of America economy, the backbone of the strongest economy nation in the world. Over the past several decades China as been reforming opening up a world of opportunities, escaping from the communism socetiy to captalism. The US is heavily indebted to the People Republic of China, imagine if the Chinese government says they want the US to pay its debt or it will take concrete actions. Let's say the US get scare and they start paying such debt, there will be budget constraint to recovery the broken economy the US has faced in the passed decades. In debt the US own 16T, with Interest per year: $392,629,847,030! That is a high amount! While China debt stands at 14T With an interest rate of: $76,667,500,000. generally speaking 14T in US currency is 2T! The US is a heavy exporting countries and a heavily oil consumers. While China is a heavy export would know that because almost everything you see in your house today is "Made in China." and a growing still much developing so it is not oil consuming compare to the US.

History: If theres anything History has taught is that "Nations will rise and nations will fall."And surely the US is falling while China is growing, Napoleon once, and i quote: "China,?" "There lies a sleeping gaint. Let him sleep! For when he wakes he will move the world." there is no doubt that China has wake up. ANd he is moving the world one nation at a time. The giant has weaken up! Let me give you an example of history: Great Britain once had the "most powerful navy force in the world." today the US hold such title. France, Germany were the most powerful nations in European today under European Union things have change. History tells us that no country or empire can be on the top forever; soon or later it will fall. Pyramid in Egypt, Roman Empire in Europe (Italy), England/France/Span/Portugal in the last millennium and Our Angkor Empire! So what makes the US the country that can stay on top forever.

Future: China is growing and it will continue to grow. The US debt is growing ever day and it will keep on growing everyday because politicians cannot find common ground into reduce the nations debt but rather keep spending and borrowing! Our greed for resources keeps on taking us to war and we will one day pay the price if we continue. Because as nations realize what is going it it will turn against the US. As less and less educating people try to get jobs and can't get it Corporations we find better place to do their work. And there is no questions with cheap labor in China and Mexico. The US has a free trade agreements with Europe and North American free trade treaty, which could pose threats to the US economy (already is) when these countries keep shifting stuffs in the US with no barriers. As these countries continue to bring more stuff in the country some business people will practice bring cheap stuff into the country.
This bring me to my final statement: China is a resources rich country. Endeavor with a high population, land, water, and other resources that if reforms are made and the government keep on tapping them it economy will grow to go pass the US. Nations will rise nations will fall. no nation will stay on top forever. "The giant has weaken up and his is moving its nation and other nations forward." While the US continue to keep on spending and not cutting, constant battle in the government, and its war raging acts! The Chinese are coming and in a few decades to come they will surpass the US!

*I'm not Chinese so they use it as an argument to your claims for which i stand for the Chinese!*


Pro has still not fulfiled his burden of proof of why China has a better Air Force than the United States! Vote con!
Debate Round No. 2


We are aruguing if China will surpass the USA as the #1 superpower. Take into account economy, military, etc. its mean talk about those in your arguement as that China will surpass the US. you got no argument you should have not accept this


Pro did not set each rounds' topic, so I set them, and therefore you still have burden of proof. Vote con!
Debate Round No. 3


you only want vote don't you. so desperate! it's OK you can take it. you didn't read the whole thing so you didn't see the part when i talk defense


Hey Instigator,

When I read your opening debate, I did not see ANY round settings.
Round 1- Blah Blah
Round 2- Blah Blah
and so on...........

So I set the rounds and if you dont follow them and you are not following them, it will be an automatic win for me because you still have burden of proof.

Vote Con if you did not see any round settings from pro!
Debate Round No. 4


hilton16 forfeited this round.


Pro has not fulfiled ANY of his burden of proofs! Vote Con if you don't see any round settings from pro!
Debate Round No. 5
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