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Will Donald Trump be a good U.S president?

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Started: 1/3/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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By accepting this debate, you realize that-

1. This is a controversial topic, relax, and let's have a nice debate.

2. I will be arguing that Donald Trump will be a bad president.

3. BIASED and UNRELIABLE sources are not allowed (philosophy, statistics, logic, and everything else is allowed.)

4. That you must clearly label parts of your debate speech so your points are understandable.

5. Finally, just so we both know what we are getting into, your first post or argument would be accepting these terms and the stance that you have chosen.

Thank you for your time,

- Faust


Hey my first post ever on this site!

Personally, I think Trump will be a horrible president, but I will try to understand the other side of view by debating on this topic.

Debate Round No. 1


You misunderstood, you just agreed to debate for Trump

Did you read my warning?


My point is that my personal opinions have nothing to do with the points I will lay out
Debate Round No. 2


No, you misunderstood, in my first debate post, I said that I will be against Trump in the debate round. So now you just accepted a debate where you have to support Trump.


I understand that, and because of your misunderstandings we only have one round left. lmao
Debate Round No. 3


Stance - Trump would be a bad U.S president?

M1 - Trump has no leader qualities or actual plans

Donald Trump has no patience, is not willing to think, etc. He has the characteristics of an arrogant child, and can't take criticism. (He also has no plans to execute the promises he made he only says that he will do something and it will be great.)

Here is an instance of him not being responsible and being childish. He tried to sue a comedian for making a joke.

He is either very idiotic and angry or he is not as rich and successful as he says he is.

So this proves, that Donald Trump doesn't have the temperament of a president.

He also has no actual plans on how to keep his promises, he just simply says he will do it.

M2 - Trump has not made any good decisions in his campaign, instead, what he has done threatens to destroy America.

- Build a wall - Would destroy America's funds. (Not a surprise since he has filed bankruptcy many times)

- Ban Muslim immigration - Would destroy the first amendment.

- Wants to torture terrorist families - Torture is a war crime and would enrage so many people.
(It doesn't matter that they are related to the terrorists, they are still people, and torture is cruel. And some of them might be innocent.)

- Called Mexican immigrants rapist and criminals after assuming that most of them are illegal - Created racial divide.

- Wants to ban Chinese trade and wants them to fight North Korea - Destroyed relations with China.

- Grabbed women by the vagina - Created gender divide.

- Wants to repeal Obama Care with no plan.

And MUCH more
Are these decisions well thought out?
No, they are made by an impatient man who glorifies dictators. (Vladimir Putin)

Look-Up - Trump On The Issues.

M3 - Despite Trump campaigning for a wall and multiple other things, Trump will not keep his promises.

Recently, he repealed most of his statements and his promises of his campaign. Now it doesn't matter, that they were terrible choices. What matters is that he lied to people, and is expanding his own pockets with rich people that are supposedly working for the middle class.

(Donald Trump had one redeeming quality, the fact that he would say whatever he wanted and needed to say and now he has even lost that because he does not act on his decisions All bark but no bite.)

So in conclusion, Donald Trump is not going to be a good president, because he doesn't have the temperament, decision-making skills, experience, and most importantly, he lied to the people that carried him to where his now- his followers.
(I want Trump to be a good president for the sake of the people, but from what everybody is seeing, that isn't happening.)

Also, before I conclude, I would like to extremely apologize for any misunderstandings, I tried to message you privately, but I was unable to. I tried to warn you because in the debate you just agreed with me in your first post. By agreeing with me you concede the argument and lose the debate. I wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into.

Thank You -

This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
I'm not saying that you don't have a right to say any of those things. But all of those stories about trump are literally being covered every day. In the topic of Hillary, there are flies. No one in the MSM is willing to admit that Hillary is a moron, and Trump is a good person. The only thing I hear about Trump is oh he's racist, oh he's sexist, oh he's an islamophobe. I totally agree with you that Hillary is worse, but Trump is actually good, it's not a case of "the lesser of 2 evils."
Posted by FaustThe21st 1 year ago
To ILikePie5 - I have criticized all candidates, since day one of the election from Ted Cruz to Hillary.
If you are going to deconstruct and criticize my case, please don't do it on a hypocritical and illogical premise.

Thank you
Posted by FaustThe21st 1 year ago
Response To ILikePie5 - I was rushed we wasted three rounds on a misunderstanding, so I could not develop my case.
Also just because my points may be unoriginal, doesn't mean they aren't valid. When I talk about a person's actions, I can reference what they have done if it is factual. (Notice how I DID NOT bring up Trump supposedly raping women, (because it probably wasn't true.) ) A person's actions aren't like data that need to be updated, and I am certainly not writing some sort of report on Trump which would prevent from talking about scandals covered in media. (And even if that was the case I would still be able to talk about.) There are a lot of things I like about Trump that made me prefer him over Hillary. However, this is ridicoulus. Why can't I critisize Trump for things that are established as FACTS? (By the way I had my own way of critisizing him in a cause effect manner.) (Should people who have done terrible things not be critisized by people because they were critisized by the media?)
I am afraid I also have to point out hypocrisy in your statement I was looking at one of your debates, and I quote : "Hillary Clinton lied to Americans about her email server and put America in danger. According to FBI Director James Comey, Hillary's email server contained 110 emails in 52 chains which contained classified information at the time they were being sent." Isn't that being covered by millions of media outlets, (which led to her downfall) I also quote :" Hillary has called millions of hard-working Americans that support Trump "deplorable" and "irredeemable." She has insulted millions of Americans by calling them "racist, sexist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic."
Wasn't that also covered by the media?
I could look at your debate and apply the same logic.

I would cover more but I am running out of space if you want you can challenge me to a debate of some sort. I am eager to hear your response.

Sincerely, Faust.
Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
All of your arguments are from the MSM.....get something new!
Posted by Spud 1 year ago
Np, and than thanks. I'm not usually interested in politics, but it was actually quite fun to watch the US election unravel; it was a bit of a circus to be honest; probably why I enjoyed watching it so much.
Posted by FaustThe21st 1 year ago
You know, I want Trump to be a good president for the world's sake, I liked him over Clinton anyway.
And thanks for the props, but it's nothing, I am not one of those types of people to boast about reading, but thank anyway.

Also well said, for being foreign you sure know a lot about how we feel about our candidates
Posted by Spud 1 year ago
My bad for second comment, as I can't PM Faust, but damn. Hi-5 to Faust; Dante's Comedy - took me ages to read Longfellow's translation. Serious props to you for liking that.
Posted by Spud 1 year ago
I personally don't think that Trump will be a good president, but if I were American I would have voted for Trump anyways; he had the stellar quality of not being Clinton. This would have been an interesting debate to watch, but unfortunately, the beginning of the debate didn't go as planned.
Posted by FaustThe21st 1 year ago
I tried to he is not accepting messages.

I just wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting into.
Posted by Jocularly_Solemn 1 year ago
I think jony just wanted to play the devil's advocate guys could have talked over personal message or the comments, why chat in the debate? xD
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