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Will Isis cause ww3

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Started: 3/4/2016 Category: Politics
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Will Isis cause ww3 because why wouldn't they seems to be what there going for I mean they've made so people mad like France a Russia which is scaring people to tough positions to tough positions of beliefs. Also on that topic it's not the first Time either. Like allquida and hiltler both started small and gained strength. They also have an advantage through posting things on Twitter and Facebook codes like the Eagle has landed. Thank you


ISIS is too isolated in their worldly influence to be a trigger in World War 3. You will need more major powers at odds in order to push all countries to a point where they openly declare war. Maybe when they were first gaining momentum, they might have been able to grow to the influence they'd need to draw the world into another World War but since aligning themselves with terrorist tactics, they are too extreme to be accepted by mainstream society.
Debate Round No. 1


That is true but there are gaining in power and many more people are going through like training camp and they will brain wash many.


Glad I could sway your thinking over to the right side. :)

ISIS is done for. The governments supporting them will not have enough influence to cause enough discontent and fear in order to drive nations and their peoples.

Although, if ISIS was better at infiltrating nations and organizations with spies, they would be able to manipulate world events and governments to cause wars and confusion. Yet their singularity in their over all goals is actually self-defeating...which is a comforting thought to our way of life.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Theunkown 2 years ago
If America, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Saudi and Iran are allied against the Islamic State. You know that there ain't gonna be any world war 3 anytime soon.
Posted by matt8800 2 years ago
I think ISIS is more of a world uniter than divider
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