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Will No Man's Sky Be Good?

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Started: 5/2/2016 Category: Games
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With the game close to release on June 21st, I personally am very hyped for this game. But I see around the internet that people question the game play element of this game. They believe that all you do is fly around and look at the different planets. Recently more game play has been shown off and It has some good game play elements. Being able to trade and mine the surface of a planet just to name a few. Furthermore people have to keep in mind that the creators of the game want to keep some things hidden from us. They want to surprise everyone when the game releases and we haven't even gotten a clue to what is at the center of this massive universe. The game play that they have shown I believe is very exiting and i can't wait for the release of this game. Every time I hear something new about this game I get even more exited.


Please let it be known, I am a fan of what NMS will be offering, but I'm going to come at it from a bigger fan of Star Citizen's point of view. First off, I know that NMS and SC are very different games, but they can be compared, so I will now try to attempt this.

Things NMS will do right:
-Space-to-planet transitions are amazing
-Cell shaded visuals that work
-Open-world sandbox

Now it's time to rip NMS a new one.

-First off, let me say that sandbox games are fine, Minecraft's sole claim to fame is it's replay ability. BUT this should come as no surprise that the lack of story may hinder the enjoyment for some people, Star Citizen has the Squadron 42 storyline to help balance the narrative and free-roaming aspects of the game. NMS has nothing in the way of progression, there's no characters to interact with, no interesting events happening in the universe, it's just static. You need something to do every now and again besides fishing and shooting randomly-generated sheep. In Star Citizen, you can take part in an epic galactic war, fly spaceships for leisure, explore for leisure, race in a Wipeout-HD style minigame, the Arena Commander part where you can use a space-combat simulator and so on...

So negative one is the lack of stuff to do.

-Secondly, the multiplayer aspect seems to make the world an empty place in NMS. The lack of friend parties makes it very difficult to find your friends. No wreaking havoc on some innocent planet with your buddies, you'll be alone for the majority of your journey. In Star Citizen, there are public and private servers for your friends to join you in your epic exploring or space battles, a system which is wayyyy better than no man's sky.

So negative two is the lack of a good multiplayer aspect.

-Thirdly, the content you get for the money. In NMS you seem to be stuck with one type of general ship, in random environments fighting generic bad guys one every so often. In Star Citizen, it is possible to fly ships with multiple friends on board all controlling a different system or whatnot, not to mention all of the ship classes in the game. There will be tonnes of different ships ranging in size from one-man fighters to freighters with a crew of four. Also, the first person shooter storyline is like a second game wrapped in one.

So, the third and final con is that NMS seems light on content for a $60 game on launch.

I do agree that No Man's Sky has potential, but compared to another PC space sim like Star Citizen, it seems to be outclassed for the time being.
Debate Round No. 1


In all respect, I don't believe you have done your homework on this game.

-First, they have just revealed 21 minuets of new footage that IGN released. They showed off interacting with various things on a planet and show off some things you can do n space. You can not interact with alien NPC's and there is a story line. The creator of the game has said that they don't want to shove a story down your throat if you don't want it. There is a story line that is like a mystery. The more you explore the universe, the more you will uncover about the lore and how the game universe was created. For example, it will explain who created the sentinel robots that inhabit every planet.

So there is a story line and there is game play that they just revealed.

-Second, the creator of the game has said at first he does not want people to be with friends. This game is about exploring the universe by yourself. Yes it would be cool to fly around with your friends and the creator has said a couple years ago that they do plan to add traditional multiplayer after the game is released (Although development plans may have changed since then). But the creators vision for the game is for you to explore the stars by yourself and get a sense of the scale of the universe and how vast it is.

So there is not suppose to be multiplayer, but multiplayer may be added in the future.

-Third, there are literally thousands of different types of ships that will be procedural generated. The whole engine of the game allows for vast types of different ships, planets, and aliens. The creator is actually trying to hide most of the cool things to keep it a surprise when the game is released. Most games today are hyped up because the developers show all they got. So when the game comes out you already saw all the cool stuff with nothing new to see. There are things we can't even imagine that are in the game right now.

So being light on content is far from the truth

I understand the appeal of star citizen but personally I prefer the vast universe of No Man's Sky. For me, it satisfies my desire to explore a universe, traveling between stars and exploring new worlds. Something that we will never be able to do in our lives.

But you should look at some of the recent footage that has just been released, It shows off a lot more of the game part of the game.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nomansskyhype 2 years ago
I tried to make this an opinion debate but I couldn't' start a new opinion :/
Posted by 42lifeuniverseverything 2 years ago
I would have debated for this on Pro, but no way will I talk bad about this game. It's going to be so good.
Posted by lwittman 2 years ago
I'm half tempted to buy a PS4 just to play it.
Posted by thebestdebate 2 years ago
I don't think arguing Con is a legitimate option.
Posted by SkyLeach 2 years ago
you should complete your question.

will it be universally good? nobody can say, unless they are god or measuring statistics from the future.

will it be good for you? depends on what makes a game good for you.

will it be good for me? Not unless I get a PS4 because it's not on xbox. This is most definitely bad for me, because I want to play the game. So no, from my perspective NMS will be very bad because I'll get left out. It's a selfish opinion, but it's my opinion.
Posted by nomansskyhype 2 years ago
I am interested to see how this debate will turn out :)
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