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Will there be a World War 3? and who would be the cause?

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Started: 3/1/2012 Category: Politics
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I would love to debate with someone on whether there will be a World War 3.... i personally think that there will be and i think that North Korea or China would be the cause.

I would very much like to find someone to debate this topic with :)


I believe that Iran would be the start of world war 3. i accept the challenge and await ur response.
good luck comrade

Debate Round No. 1


Ok may i ask why you think IRAN would start it?

Because i think North Korea are already gearing up their nuclear weaponary and while Iran are doing it aswell it could be possible that they will both start it but i think North Korea wilbe the main instigators.

I look forward to hearing your reply :)


North Korea just said they would STOP nuclear enrichment s that the US can send food to them.
Iran would start it because they have no intention of stoping their nuclear program. also, if they close the Straight of Hormuz that will drag us into the war because thats where or gas comes from
Debate Round No. 2


Well im not personally from the US but if you go to war that would mean we will go to war with you (UK)

But anyway.... Iran may not cease their nuclear program but they still have things to straighten out with their program where as North korea has all but lanched theirs... They are ahead of iran in the rank of nuclear technology and they havent agreed to stop.... just cease.

Also Iran wont go to war with the US.... Not on their own anyway.

Iran has Basic nuclear weaponary AND a decent sized army.
North Korea has Advanced nuclear weaponary AND a well equiped army thats one of the biggest in the world.


North Korea has Advanced nuclear weaponary AND a well equiped army thats one of the biggest in the world.

Yes, they have a large army, but its equiped with old Soviet Tech.

Iran has been threating to engage the US carriers operating in the Strait.

If your looking for WWIII, look at Iran being a cause of it
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by THEBOMB 5 years ago
Overall a bad debate...
Posted by DevonNetzley 5 years ago
I could see North Korea starting WW3.
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