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William Howard Taft was the worst US President.

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Started: 2/12/2015 Category: Politics
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He literally did not do anything, he hated people, and he didn't even want to be president. I mean, the thing that he is most famous for is getting stuck in a bathtub!
Debate Round No. 1


Okay so he told Teddy Roosevelt that he would follow what Roosevelt had In mind. His wife basically always told him what to do. He was awful at press relations and could barely make a statement to the press. He supported a czar like speaker of the house (Joseph Cannon) who controlled Congress and barely let them discuss bills. He would have been bad even if the nation didn't have as high of expectations as they did for him.


Lets start with the successes of William Howard Taft

1.Dollar diplomacy allowed the US to strengthen its influence in the western hemisphere by offering to but south American debt. I also garnered the best relations with south America and helped settle the growing paranoia of South American countries after the roosevelt corollary was issued.

2.Taft was a bigger trust buster than roosevelt and broke up double the Trusts that roosevelt did in half the time. THis included famous cases such as the standard oil court battle.

3.Won from congress the power to conserve land and used this power to conserve more land than roosevelt did.

4. Was able to work with democrats to pass important measures the authorization of the income tax amendment, the women suffrage amendment, and the direct election of senators amendment.

Onto presidents worse than Taft
Franklin Pierce who allowed the Kansas Nebraska act to pass, throwing the north and the south back into tension. He also encouraged the Dred Scott ruling that made slavery technically legal in the entire United States.

Richard Nixon who with his indecisive economic policy threw the US into a recession and was the only president to step down from office to avoid impeachment.

George W Bush Jr who incurred massive deficit spending with his tax cuts and got the Us involved in two protracted wars. He also committed perjury to the US congress by saying that the US knew that Iraq was building nuclear devices.

Onto rebuttals

1.His wife basically always told him what to do
Though it is true that his wife encouraged him to become president when he took office her health rapidly declined and thus was not in any position to advise her husband.

2.He was awful at press relations and could barely make a statement to the press
No he was actually a very out going president and often campaigned over bills and reflections

3.He supported a czar like speaker of the house (Joseph Cannon) who controlled Congress and barely let them discuss bills
No he merely stopped attacking him politically. Their is a difference between supporting and not attacking.

Thank you for this debate I look forward to the next round.
Debate Round No. 2


jmswainston forfeited this round.


I extend my arrguments
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheJuniorVarsityNovice 2 years ago
doing nothing is better than ruining things
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