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Started: 8/19/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Should Windows 7 or older Operating Systems be put back onto the market?


For what purpose?

Putting theses OS' back on the market wouldn't really serve Microsoft in anyways because they don't update them. Pre-7 they would be incompatible with a lot of hardware that we use today and pre-Vista would not be compatible with x86 architecture (as well as some other modern hardware components ). The biggest problem is that video game software is moving to direct X12 which is not compatible with any other OS except 10 - the latest GPUs also don't work with these OS'.
The other thing is security. By having all these different OS' floating around it become very difficult to make them all secure as opposed to just one and, the longer an operating system stays out (with the same version) the more likely it is to be exploited in some way.

The number of people that want the older OS' are very few. This means that they would be creating the various problems above to accommodate for a very small number of consumers - which is not what a global cooperation has as an interest.
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