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Winter is a Better Season than Summer

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Started: 3/6/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I firmly believe that the merits of winter strongly outweigh those of summer, and therefore make

it the better season. Not only does personal preference contribute to my opinion, but the multiple

evidences that exist for such a prejudice are quite convincing. I believe that you will find them

as such and will come to believe as firmly as I do that winter is the better of the two seasons.

In what other season do you have snow and the wonderful exercise that it provides in the activity

of shoveling? In the occasion of a large snowfall, you may be allowed the day off of school,

which adds to the joy and beauty that can be found in an accumulation of snow. During the

summer months, there are so many tiresome tasks that are constantly required of you. If you

would like your yard to look presentable during the summer, you will need to be constantly

watering, mowing, or weeding it. During the winter, there is no lawn to keep up as it is all

covered in snow. No other season affords the delight to be had in snow because the other

seasons are all almost identical in their coloring and scenery. In addition to this, winter contains

far more holidays and celebrations than summer. While summer has the 4th of July as its only

significant holiday, winter celebrations range from the festivities of Christmas and New Years to

the fun celebration of days such as Groundhog's Day and Valentine's Day. All of the different

holidays that winter has provide good excuses visit with friends and relatives and to renew

relationships with them.

For those of you who enjoy sports, winter provides quite a bit of variety from the sports that

dominate the rest of the year such as football, soccer, and baseball. Sports such as skiing and ice

skating and their many variants cannot be enjoyed during the summer months, as it is to warm.

If you love clothing, winter brings an added bonus. During the summer it is way too hot to

wear all of your comfy sweaters and cozy boots. The winter provides the right temperature and

atmosphere in which to wear them. Scarves and other such accessories are a fun and easy way to

show off your style. For the guys who love food, all of the holidays provide plenty of occasions

for tasting different dishes and enjoying some of your winter favorites. Summer weather makes

it way too hot to eat soup or drink hot chocolate. Even drinks such as tea and coffee are harder

to enjoy in the summer because of their warmth. The unique opportunities to be had in winter in

the area of sports, clothing, and food make it by far the better season.

Summer is probably one of the most expensive seasons. Aside from the exorbitant cost of air

conditioning that a particularly humid summer brings, there are summer camps, vacations, and

extra activities to be paid for. The cost of summer quickly adds up. In winter, school provides

not only an excellent education that will be of great use to you in the future, but included in it is

the entertainment and extracurricular activities that cost so much during the summer months. As

much as you may not enjoy going to school, I am sure that as an adult you will be grateful for the

education that you received. One of the best parts of winter is the extra sleep that you are able

to get because of the longer hours of darkness. With fewer hours of daylight in the evening, it

makes us more willing to relax and take a break from the constant activity of our schedules. Not

only is a break from our stress good for your health, but it is an enjoyable time to reconnect with

your family. Getting more sleep will help you to have more energy and be more productive in

your school work.

I hope that you have found winter to be the better of the two seasons. I believe that the

advantages of winter far outweigh those of summer and that a little thought on the subject will be

enough to convince you of the benefits of the season of winter. Thank you.


P1. Yard Work; Vista; Celebrations

1 – Yard Work. Pro claims that shoveling is a wonderful exercise while yard caring is not. This claim is not backed up with any reasoning other than a personal opinion. Researchers have found that shoveling can be hard on the heart and bad for you back due to added strain.[2][3] While yard activities such as gardening is good for your health by enjoying fresh and healthy produce, eased stress, keeping limber, and improving your mood. [4]

On the same topic of yard work, Summer is an excellent time to produce crop, while in the Winter the weather is too harsh and just as Pro mentioned, covered in snow. For these reasons our ancestors worked all year, to be able to endure the harsh cold Winters.

2 – Vista. I’m not sure how Pro can claim that almost all other seasons are identical when during Fall the trees are orange, and the life of the plants that Winter took are beginning to sprout back in Spring. All seasons have their flowers which have a wide variety of colors to enjoy and bring life into ones home.[5] Winter has its own set of flowers, but if the land is frozen, this will be the scenic view.[6]

3 – Celebrations. The celebrations brought up by Pro are only based on their personal preference. In reality, Summer has more festivals than Winter because the season allows for it. There are 50+ music festivals alone in Summer.[7] Let’s not forget Burning Man.[8]

P2. Sports; Apparel; Food;

1 – Sports. Some sports mentioned by Pro are available all year around, with the exception of the Winter sports (hence Winter). Likewise, Pro conveniently forgot to mention sports thoroughly enjoyed throughout Summer – water sports. This boils down to personal preference again, while the sports shared between the two months may be more enjoyable in Summer with some lemonade rather than two feet deep in snow.

2 – Apparel. This comes down to personal preference again, although, you are not limited in Summer to thick clothes. If anything, there may be more in Summer. Such as swimwear, skirts, the ability to walk around in undergarments even if the heater isn’t working, tank-tops, open shoes, and basically everything being worn under the heavy winter coat.

3 – Food. There is no such thing as food that cannot be enjoyed all year around. For example, Puerto Rico is a distributor of coffee and a heavy consumer.[9] In which Pro claims is too hard to enjoy.

P3. Pricey; Education; Extra Sleep

1 – Pricey. Pro claims that AC has exorbitant prices and ignores the price of a heating unit when heating units are more expensive. [10][11] The costs for Summer spike due to various reasons, not related to the season itself. The number one factor is that there is no school. This is because the general population can agree that Summer is a great time to spend outside and get more things done, in comparison to Winter. In which many studies will show that resting periods are good for the brain. This is not to say that a child cannot pick up a book and read, other way around, a child can pick up activities in which they personally enjoy rather than be forced at school.

2 – Education. Entertainment and extracurricular activities are dominated in Summer, Pro even mentions how cost rises due to the extra activities. The entertainment can be seen in P1.3. As for the “excellent education” received in Winter, that would imply that other seasons do not match the level of education as Winter, in which Pro has provided none. While this debate is about Summer, it is an earned break, one a student could learn at his/her own pace and learn skills that school cannot provide.

3 – Extra sleep. Pro claims that Winter is a shine in our education system and there are activities galore, yet there is time for over-sleeping. This is exactly what Summer is for. A time to do everything you could not do in Winter. This argument goes against her own position.

While Winter has its benefits, Summer is the season where we are set free from many of our duties (as children) and are able to enjoy the full length of our capabilities. And if it’s snow you want, you could always go North and find it during Summer.

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Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, Zhege for accepting this debate.

Con claims that my personal preference of shoveling to yard work is the only reason I have that shoveling is good exercise. Certain studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise can actually damage your heart health. (1) Shoveling can be used as a cardiac workout, if you are particularly excited about it, but it usually just builds muscle. In an average 150 pound person, shoveling for forty-five minutes will burn approximately 300 calories. (2) Con claims that summer is an excellent time to produce crops. There are many varieties and species of different plants to be started during the winter months. These plants will already have begun to grow by the time we reach spring. (3)

Yes, all seasons have their slight varieties, but they all consist of trees, grass, and flowers, no matter what color. Winter gives a drastic change to the landscape of the rest of the year.

In relation to holidays, winter truly does outweigh summer. If you look at Wikipedia's article on winter holidays, you will see that in relation to the nonexistence of an article about summer holidays on Wikipedia, there are many more.
I did not mention festivals. The definitions of festival and holiday according to Webster's dictionary are completely different. (4) (5)

In reference to sports, Con obviously enjoys water sports. Water sports can be easily enjoyed during the winter without the presence of snow. Indoor pools provide a perfect place for this. Although there are indoor ice rinks available during the summer, who would want to put on warm clothes to avoid freezing in the ice rink in the middle of summer?

There seems to be a lot of personal preference in your opinion of clothing. If being able to walk around in your undergarments without turning on the heat is your idea of fashion, then obviously there is no basis on your side for arguing that summer is better than winter. Simply being able to have a change of style in the winter should be enough to make anyone appreciate the season. For those who would like to, they can easily wear open shoes, swimwear, and skirts in the winter with the assistance of a little heat.

I never claimed that warm foods were too hard to enjoy during the winter months. I believe that for the most enjoyment, warm foods are best eaten during the winter.

The cost of summer may increase because of the absence of school, but so does the crime rate. School not only provides a wonderful education, but it keeps kids out of trouble. Studies have shown that with the increase of warmth in the weather, the crime level also increases. With the absence of school, this effect can only be multiplied by the large amounts of free time that many teenagers have. (6)

Con mentioned that the summer is a well earned break after having pushed your mind to learn during all of the winter months. Summer can be used to learn and improve your mind if you would like, but because there is no education required of you, there is usually a very low motivation for bettering oneself during the summer.

There is not often time for oversleeping in the winter, but because of the longer hours of darkness, sleep is more restful and more easily obtained.

Summer can be a nice time to relax, but too often there is too much time on our hands and we abuse it and end up in bad situations or getting in trouble. Winter is a time for improving yourself and becoming a better educated person.



It’s my pleasure to accept!

1 – Yard Work. Pro shows that cardiovascular exercise can damage a heart’s health and I am not disputing this as cardiovascular exercise can be done all year around. However, to clarify, the source for this statement mentions that the study is done on those who have excessively done cardiovascular exercise, such as Olympic runners.

My original statement on the relationship between shoveling snow and cardiovascular risks stems from the warm up. As Pro has mentioned before, Winter is a great time to rest, the idea of warming up before tasks would be reluctant and is a problem that many face. Shoveling snow is also falling out of practice in some areas as people are using more snow-blowers[1] and this can be reflected in that most people do not like to shovel snow[2].

I’ve claimed that Summer is excellent times compared to Winter to produce crops because Pro defines the landscape of Winter as “a drastic change.” This implication is once again that we are considering a Winter Wonderland and in such settings greenhouses are needed to effectively produce crops, which holds great limitations for quantity. UKs provisional crops at June last year mentions the decrease due to the harsh Winter months[3]. A harsh Winter cannot only deteriorate its own time frame for crops, but of further seasons as well.

2 – Celebrations. In Pros original post the Winter celebrations were mentioned and I quote “...range from the festivities of Christmas and...”. I’ve included festivities as Pro mentioned them first. Holidays in essence are festive and as Pro has linked to the definitions we can see that festival as a noun is “a special time or event when people gather to celebrate something.” Making the amount of time to gather with friends and/or family much larger in Summer. The list provided by Pro of winter activities is biased as it is a list dedicated to Winter and also contains events not celebrated any more (times of old such as Roman, Saxon, and old Germanic festivals).

3 – Sports. Sports such as water sports and Winter sports may be enjoyed throughout seasons by artificially creating the proper environment, this is true for ice rinks in Summer and indoor pool usage during Winter, but respectively they both have events that would be incredibly difficult to reproduce outside of their perspective seasons. Which ones again boils it down to personal preference.

4 – Food. Warm foods are best enjoyed during the Winter and cold foods are best enjoyed during Summer, this is not mean warm food is not enjoyable or as enjoyable in Summer (vice-versa for Winter). Pro did claim that “Summer weather makes it way too hot to eat soup or drink hot chocolate. Even drinks such as tea and coffee are harder to enjoy in the summer because of their warmth.” The idea that soup or hot chocolate cannot be eaten during Summer is nonexistent, while tea and coffee are still very much enjoyable as most locales (such as homes and business) are temperature controlled. I’m doubting that during Winter Pro drinks heated water, all fruits microwaved, and melted ice creams during Winter, and regardless if Pro does, this would boil down to preference.

5 – Summer Cost. Pro associated crime rate with the absence of school and the source for this claims that this could be a factor and continues to say that it is speculation as juveniles already contribute to a large portion of violent crime, that there is nothing special about summer that may cause an increase in offenses. Another factor that the article brings into play is that it may be due to the large interaction between members in society that brings people together, such as potential wrongdoers. This goes to show that Summer is a time where people truly get together (regardless of their reasons).

6 – Stress & Crime – As mentioned in Summer Cost, Summer brings potential wrongdoers together and this makes July the highest murdering month (Summer) and then followed by December (Winter). The idea that Winter is safer than Summer by far is nonexistent as they are two of the most criminally active months. July being a month of personal vendettas and December peaking for murders based on property. Additional to this, robbery and burglary are highest in December and January tops the list for auto theft[4].

The stress levels are at all time highs during Winter with December, January, and February peeking as the most stressful months of the year based on a 2,000 people survey[5]. Additionally to this, traveling is most stressful during December[6] and couples face the most stress in this month[7]. A time that is meant for reuniting the family and bring joy along with them shows that stress is what’s really happening in their lives.

7 – Health. From Wikipedia Humans are sensitive to cold, see hypothermia. Snowblindness, norovius, seasonal depression, slipping on black ice and falling icicles are other health concerns associated with cold and snowy weather. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is not unusual for homeless people to die from hypothermia in the winter[8]. These are strictly due to cold weather rather than extracurricular activities conducted during cold weather as humans have evolved in tropical climates.

Pros claim that Summer is not beneficial to improve one’s mind because people may not want to and this is no different than any other season, including Winter. The holidays of Winter are actually a distraction towards one’s goals. While the longer hours of darkness may provide a more restful sleep, the stress levels of the holidays do not.

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Debate Round No. 2


As we have seen, a lot of this comes down to personal preference. Unfortunately, I have not found much, if any, support on con's side of his points. Con seems to try to find continual fault with the points that I have made yet does not make any case for why he believes that summer is superior than winter.

I think that we can safely acknowledge that cardiovascular exercise is good for your health, no matter the time of year. Winter just provides the benefit of accomplishing a necessary task at the same time as getting exercise.

Whether you include holidays that are not commonly celebrated or not in the list of winter holidays, winter still has more celebrations than summer. Personal preference may decide your favorite holiday, the number of holidays is not decided by it.

Both winter and summer sports have their downsides, but once again, personal preference will help you to decide your favorites.

If you would like to enjoy your favorite warm foods during the winter, Con points out that you can do so in an environment that is temperature controlled. While this is true, the cost of obtaining and maintaining an temperature in which it is comfortable to eat warm foods in the summer will probably outweigh your desire for soup, hot chocolate, etc.

Cost of air conditioning and heating depends on your personal temperature preference. There is no denying the fact that travel and summer activities quickly add up in cost.

Overall, your preference between winter and summer will come down to personal opinion. I hope that you have been able to see the clear advantages of winter over summer from this debate, and will be able to make an informed choice of your favorite season.


As Pro concluded, preference is the biggest deciding factor.

Winter has snow-shoveling, Summer has gardening; In Winter warm foods are more enjoyable, in Summer cold foods are more enjoyable; In Winter there are exclusive sports, in Summer there are exclusive sports; In Winter there is a heating cost, in Summer there is a cooling cost; Winter has more holidays, Summer has (much) more festivals; and the list goes on and on.

What we have showed our audience is that both seasons have their pros and cons. What I'm here to say is that Summer is not necessarily better than Winter, but at least just as good in its own ways. Which goes against Pro's claim that Winter is better than Summer.

Pro used Round 3 to conclude and not refute any new evidence brought in by me in Round 2 (I was unaware that Round 3 would be only closing statements). I encourage Pro to use the comment section to refute my points on health issues such as our natural development in the tropics and Winter stress as I feel these are strong deciding factors for many who preference either Winter or Summer. Also, I will consider it as part of the closing argument and not respond back to it (unless directly addressed to).

Thank you for the opportunity of this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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