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Women being drafted for the military.

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Started: 3/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1st round acceptance, 2nd round 1st point, 3rd round closing debate and paying our respects to each other.


It's a pleasure to be able to debate you again, Doom Guy.

Personally, I do believe that women should be put into selective service, but I will thoroughly research the topic and such to produce a fairly good con argument.

For my argument, I will discuss why women should not be in the army for the following reasons: women are less physically adept than men naturally (and because of so, standards may be lowered), force women into a role that most of them are, whether by nature or socialization, not suited for and be detrimental to morale.
Debate Round No. 1


My pleasure to debate with you as well, some back story on why a started this debate, my little cousin turned 18 yesterday and i dropped him off at the recruitment center, while waiting i went to go grab a coffee and i struck up a conversation with the barista, somehow she brought feminism into a conversation about me being impressed at the design she did, i then asked her if women should also be drafted, after all, feminism is all about "equality" and you also well be getting your free college you have been crying about, it ended with her tossing really f*cking hot coffee in my face and having the manager put some ice on my face while a ambulance arrived, she lost her job, and i well probably have even more scars,
But, this is my argument, the more hands we have on deck, the better, they don't have to be front lines, they can be engineers, lab rats, even field medics, but it is just good to have that much more help.
And a answer to a question you asked me a month ago, i am not active duty, that picture is 10 years old.


Point One: Physical Ability
It is a known fact: on average, men are conventionally stronger than women. This can be backed by many biological studies such as a publication created by the Department of Physical Education of McMaster University. It concluded that approximately women were 52%-66% as strong as the men in terms of upper and lower body strength (S1).

Point Two: Standards
This leads me to my next point. Because women on average have less physical strength and agility than men, standards would be lowered if there was a draft. Already, women have lower quotas in the military. They are called "gender diversity metrics." Additionally, women get promoted at a rate greater or equal to men. No, this is clearly not because women naturally make better soldiers, but for inflated reasons of "equality," (S2).

Point Three: Morale
I apologize for what happened to you with the coffee incident, Doom Guy 666. But just imagine: World War Three has just been declared, and a draft has been called. Then imagine that half of your battalion consists of female hardcore feminists and baristas with a stick of lipstick in one hand, and a cup of boiling hot coffee in another. It'd be the military's worst nightmare.

But in all seriousness: women can be detrimental to morale. As the political news website, Forbes, says, "recruits who want to serve and succeed are likely to perform better than draftees who want out, the sooner the better," (S3). Additionally, according to Congressional reports on how our all-volunteer force, "Even when the army was reducing its requirements during the worst of the Iraq years, its quality standards remained well above those of conscript forces….The end of the draft also has dramatically improved commitment and morale in the armed forces," (S4). Currently, a fair amount of women, even feminists raving about equality, do not anticipate a mandatory draft for women. In summary, women involuntarily conscripted into the army will deter morale and hamper the ability to work as a team and the success of missions (S5).


Debate Round No. 2


There are more than one job in the armed forces, my little brother was a 91Z, (yes i had to call him) he was a supervisor, he never saw combat, and perhaps you can use the feminists as psychological warfare, station thousands of them outside towns and have them do what they do best , they well win that war for us because 99% of the enemies brain well be on the wall or more people hanging from rope than the magician industry. (sorry i got to keep this short, these sedatives makes it hard to think)


I will 110% agree with you on one thing: feminists can be used for psychological warfare. Just imagine: instead of using extreme torture tactics to get information out of terrorists, you get feminists who will nag at the terrorists saying "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE," and such. The terrorists would certainly do anything just to stop listening to this feminist talk.

In all honesty, I do agree that women can fill roles outside of combat, but the biggest reasons a draft is called is because of the lack of combatants. As I have stated before, standards would be lowered for women, morale would be hampered, and the quality of soldiers would be decreased dramatically. As of this moment, the American Army is prospering well. Our tactics are getting smarter, weapons are improving in ease and effectiveness, and we're even finding less of a need for human volunteers as technology is gradually ushering an age where drones and robots will fight on the front lines.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CosmoJarvis 9 months ago
Good debate.
Posted by subdeo 10 months ago
I saw your other debate, Doom guy. Is that coffee thing a true story?
Posted by CosmoJarvis 10 months ago
I'm sorry for your encounter with the feminist who threw coffee in your face. That was uncalled for.
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